11 Products From Amazon Our Editor Recently Bought and Loved

written by BETH GILLETTE

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In an effort to be a little more sustainable and focus my hard-earned money on ethical businesses, I’ve limited my Amazon purchases immensely. Instead of ordering my toilet paper, socks, candles, pillows, pens, and more, my Amazon cart strictly contains items I can’t find anywhere else. Because let’s be honest: the Amazon selection is unparalleled, but that doesn’t mean I’m buying any old willy-nilly thing on there. This has allowed me to curate quite the list of favorites, especially in the beauty category. Here’s a peek into my Amazon beauty orders:

Face and Body Moisturizer

While this body wash/oil can be purchased elsewhere in the large size, I ordered it on Amazon because I was able to get a much smaller size that fit my shower better.

That aside, now let me wax poetic about this cleansing oil, the best body product I've used in a long time. Like many, I have dry, itchy skin all over my body, especially on my arms and chest where I have eczema and keratosis pilaris. This easy-to-apply cleansing oil makes my body feel so soft and smooth and has actually made a noticeable difference in my skin. Plus, I swear by this to use for shaving—especially shaving my bikini line! It makes the skin super soft, so the razor just glides right over it.

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Travel Makeup Train Case

Finding a good travel makeup bag for a makeup lover is a challenge. I need something that will hold a lot, keep my products contained, and make doing my makeup on a trip easier. I snagged this after seeing the rave reviews, and it's making me want to plan trips left and right. I love that there are compartments to organize everything, but if that's not your style, you can remove them and just use up all the open space.

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Reusable Cotton Rounds

I use micellar water to gently cleanse my face every morning, and I was using up about a million cotton pads to do so. I'm trying to limit some of my single-use products to limit some waste, so I grabbed these, and they've done the job so well. They actually make my skincare routine feel extra luxe, but that's just an added benefit.

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No Orange Shampoo

Many have possibly heard of the magic that is the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo (which, if you haven't, is famed for being one of the best purple shampoos on the market for keeping blonde locks neutral and icy), but on a hunt to find a shampoo to keep my honey/golden blonde staying really warm-toned, I found this. I like the yellow tones in my hair; heck, give me more yellow. But orangey brass is a no-go, which led me to try this shampoo that brightens my golden tone and neutralizes any orange. It's non-drying, actually cleans my hair, and is so affordable.

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Acne Cover

Sometimes, I really just want something to cover up my zits simply so I don't pick at them in the mirror all day when I have sh*t to do. But ya girl gets a lot of acne, so I can't be spending $20 here and there on a package of, like, 10 acne dots. I tried these, and they work tremendously. They don't suck out the soul of my zits, but they stay in place for hours and don't bother me, which is a total win.

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Terez & Honor
Natural Eyelash Growth Serum

In an effort to get eyelashes like this girl in a TikTok beauty hack, I ordered a second eyelash serum to use alongside my GrandeLash, but I've occasionally been using this on its own (simply because the price is SO good and I want to test its powers), and I really like it. It's easy to apply and doesn't make my eyes feel as dry as GrandeLash, so I could see myself repurchasing this one once I run out of both.

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Eyebrow Razor

We've been posting about these facial razors on The Everygirl since the beginning of time. Whether you use them to clean up your brows or remove peach fuzz on your face, they're ultra-sharp (without cutting you, of course) and easy to use. At this price, you can't beat having them in your arsenal.

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6 Pcs Silk Hair Scrunchies

I wanted a good set of silk hair scrunchies that were inexpensive so I didn't feel so bad when I'd inevitably lose them (like I did with all my expensive Slip scunchies). These are great to just keep in my bag at all times to pull my hair up, but like I said, they're inexpensive enough that I'm not afraid to keep one in every bag, even that means losing sight of them sometimes.

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16 Pcs Eye Makeup Brushes

I've had these brushes for a little while now, and they rival all of my high-end ones at a mere 1/87th of the price. They're all super soft and never scratch my eyes (the biggest pet peeve), and even after washing them a bunch of times, they don't shed. I love the varying sizes and shapes this comes in. With this set, I truly never feel like I don't have the right brush for an eye look.

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PowerGlow Peel

Amazon is great for finding cool products you maybe never would have spotted otherwise, like this peel. It's a one-minute peel pad with salicylic and glycolic acid that exfoliates to reveal brighter, glowier skin. I love that it's only one minute and it contains chamomile to calm and soothe the skin, so it's perfect to use in the morning, especially on a day you really want your skin to look good.

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