The Spring Outfits Our Editors Are Counting Down the Days to Finally Wear

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Our editors recently came to a controversial realization: Spring outfits are actually more exciting than fall ones. Yes, we said it, but before you write us off for being absolute fools, hear us out.

Fall clothes are magical because at the end of a sweaty summer, you finally get to cozy up and wear something besides the tank top you conceded to being your uniform for the past three months. But spring? Spring is the opposite in the best way. After being cooped up and covered in as many clothes as humanely possible, you finally get to strip them all away and emerge from your parka like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon after a long, hard metamorphosis. 

So as a celebration in honor of that first warm day that’s right around the corner (you know the one), our editors have picked out the outfit we’re counting down the days (minutes even!) until we can finally wear. All we’re saying is that if you happen to see us out and about on a patio drinking a margarita on that glorious day, you saw our look here first.



Over the past couple of years, something broke in me, and the result was me only wanting to wear bright colors at all times. I simply cannot put together an outfit that doesn’t have a pop of color in it—and now that spring is here, that feeling is multiplied by a million. This hot pink dress was an immediate buy for me, and I’ll be pairing it with some more pink and green sunglasses for good measure. Goodbye, Maddie Galassi; hello, fabulous. 

-Madeline, Fashion Editor



If there’s one thing I’m more than excited for when it comes to spring fashion, it’s adding some fun colors and patterns to my wardrobe. I’m usually a big neutrals girl, but this year, I have a newfound love of bright colors, especially green and blue. So when I saw this gorgeous blue bag at Target (that’s only $15!), I immediately started imagining all of the outfits I could build around it. I also can’t get enough of ’70s-inspired prints, so this top and bag were a match made in heaven.

-Jess, Associate Editor



My vibe for this spring is casual meets chic, so when I saw these trousers on our site this week, I decided that I would simply perish if I didn’t have them. I’m not fully ready to dive into the full corset trend of the upcoming season, but this bodysuit from A&F will be the perfect way for me to get my feet wet while playing it safe. Paired with a black leather bag and some white sneaks, this outfit is one I deem to be my getup of the season.

-Ashley, Branded Content Editor


button-upsunglasses | jeansbagsandals

Especially when the weather is warm, I’m constantly looking for easy outfits that make me feel put together. My go-to? A white button-up. I love styling mine with my favorite jeans and switching it up with accessories so it never feels quite the same. I love finishing an outfit off with heels, and these are calling my name.

-Jessica, Social Media Editor


blazerT-shirtbag | jeanssneakers

Blazers are my go-to come spring when we’re ready to break up with outerwear but it’s not warm enough for short sleeves. I’m really into mixing a ladylike blazer with edgier/trendy pieces like ripped straight-leg jeans and chunky dad sneakers (because come spring, I’m also preparing myself to walk everywhere to enjoy the weather, so I need shoes that are comfortable but make a statement).

-Josie, Wellness Editor


dresssunglassesbag | boots

Because I am ~ just like other girls ~, I will do just about anything I can to not wear pants—meaning if I can wear a dress, I will. Instead of filling my closet with a ton of new shoes, I’m finding ways to wear my classic fall and winter pieces (like a pair of boots) for warmer weather, hence, the ever-popular: dress with boots. I’ll likely add tights because I live in a place where it’s freezing until June and a fun bag to brighten my spirits, even on the rainiest days.

-Beth, Editor


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