What You Should Manifest This Year, Based on Your Enneagram

written by TWYLA ADKINS
Source: @lifew.erin
Source: @lifew.erin

Manifestation isn’t anything new (nor is it magic!). In a very practical sense, manifesting is about living a life of intention because the more energy and intention you direct toward your desires, the more results you see. I keep a manifestation journal where I envision the specific changes I want to see in my life in great detail that I often revisit and use to intentionally make those outcomes a reality. And to help with manifestation, you can turn to your Enneagram, which can tell you about your deepest desires, fears, and core motivations. As a Four, it’s how I realized that creativity was important to me in my career. To make this your best year yet, read on to find out what you should manifest and where to focus your manifestation powers, according to your Enneagram.


For the ambitious and hardworking Ones, this year’s manifestation is all about self-acceptance. Envision the version of yourself outside of what you think others expect of you and give yourself your own stamp of approval. Ones are loved and worthy, regardless of whether or not they fall short of their goals. Choose to be happy now, not just when the next goal is met. Repeat an affirmation like “my value goes beyond my achievements” and be intentional about infusing joy into your life wherever and whenever you can.


As selfless caregivers, Twos are ready to manifest a caring relationship because they are always giving. Intentionally seek out relationships that are about a balanced give and take, like a partner who will always check on you or ask about how you feel. Think about what relationships with people who support, encourage, and inspire you would feel and look like, and define what the boundaries around your time and energy mean to you. Manifesting balanced relationships will help you create the connections that leave you feeling appreciated.


For Threes who put a lot of pressure on themselves, this is the year to manifest peace. Focus on the things in your life that prioritize relaxation and soothe you. Recall a memory or visualize a place that makes you feel the calmest. For me, it’s the sounds of rain falling outside my window or waves crashing on the beach. Close your eyes and take yourself to the place that lets you relax any tension in your body.


As a Type Four, you are always finding new creative outlets and are only fulfilled if you’re truly imaginative. Manifest greater inspiration and a career opportunity that will allow you to be more creative. Picture exactly what it would feel like to get up every day and do work that excites you and allows you to express yourself creatively, learn a new skill that gets you closer to that goal, and look up your dream company that encourages individual creativity and see if there are any opportunities available. Feel a little underqualified? Fight the career FOMO and apply anyway.


If you’re a Type Five, 2022 is your year to manifest abundance. This can be an abundance of new information to learn in a career that challenges your critical thinking or more income to feel more freedom and indulge in the things that make you happy. As the minimalist of the Enneagrams, Fives often believe that they have more than enough. Picture life without the feeling of scarcity and the steps you can take, like practicing gratitude. Start a gratitude journal and pick one to three things every day that you’re grateful for in your life. This will help you have a more positive outlook and manifest more abundance in your life.


Sixes are acutely aware of all the things that might go wrong. This Enneagram type would benefit from manifesting all good things because Type Sixes are motivated by their need for security. Try drowning out the worst-case scenarios that can play out in your head and replace them with positive ones. Believe that good things are coming and picture what the feeling of safety feels like. Be intentional about not creating self-fulfilling prophecies and make decisions based on the feeling of safety, not fear. Focus on trusting that you’ve done all that you could to create safety and that you can handle anything that comes your way. 


For the Enneagram that loves fun and exploration, manifesting the trip of their dreams is what this year is all about. Take little steps to bring you closer to ziplining in the Caribbean or dinner overlooking Santorini, Greece: research how much flights would cost, look up where you would stay, or just make a vision board of the destination you want to visit most. Even the tiniest acts can help you move toward your goal and manifest an exciting new place to discover. Even if your dream destination isn’t a reality for 2022, you’ll be manifesting more adventure, whether it’s a weekend trip every month or spending your Saturdays exploring places in your own city you’ve never been.


Eights are natural-born leaders who love making an impact. Since Eights can sometimes feel disconnected from others, try manifesting community this year. You’re already passionate, so why not find a group of people who also care about the causes that matter, and use your assertiveness and influence more intentionally. Envision what it would feel like to be a part of something bigger and what a supportive, collaborative community looks like for you. Search for local opportunities to volunteer or take the lead by organizing a food drive.


Nines use their communication skills to bring peace amongst their loved ones, often at the cost of their own. Nines can step into their power when they not only think of others but also think of themselves. Manifest main-character energy to make yourself a priority, and shift your perspective to consider that it’s OK (and necessary) to sometimes be the center of attention or romanticize your life. What would it look and feel like if you said how you felt, regardless of any potential conflict? Journal about situations where future you put yourself first.