Sex Positions

8 Sex Positions That Will Turn Up the Heat During the Cold Fall Months

no space heater necessary

There’s a reason this time of year is known as cuddle season: The desire to keep your clothes on and stay bundled up under the covers is stronger than ever. As temperatures drop, cuddling tends to be more enticing than sex. After all, nothing will kill the mood more than begging your partner to cover you with a blanket because you’re freezing. Plus, being cold and uncomfortable will make it more difficult to orgasm.

If there’s one thing we all know by now, though, it’s that our sex lives shouldn’t be dictated by the weather. And much like we need to adjust our sex positions accordingly when it’s too hot to function, we need to do the same during fall. This is why we set out to find all the moves that are sugar, spice, and everything nice. These positions will keep you and your partner cozy while still delivering maximum pleasure. Read on to learn eight sex positions that are perfect for fall.


1. Pumpkin Spice

What kind of a fall list would it be without a reference to pumpkin spice?! This spicier version of the standard cowgirl will give you more clitoral stimulation and deeper penetration, which can come from a penis or strap-on. This also gives you a chance to control the speed, depth, and angle of penetration.

Find a flat surface with some extra room to spread out—preferably a bed. Straddle your partner with your legs outstretched in front of you while they’re seated upright with their legs stretched out flat in front of them as well. Next, hold on to their shoulders and have them lean back slightly to create some added resistance. Stay like this, and from there, rock back and forth accordingly.


2. Riding the Broomstick

A bewitching twist to girl-on-top—this gives vulva owners a chance to take charge and receive some ultra-deep penetration and G-spot stimulation. Grab two chairs and have the partner with the penis or strap-on lie flat on their back across both chairs, mimicking a plank position. Their elbows and upper torso should be on one chair, and their feet should be on the other. Then, keeping your feet planted on the ground, climb on top and ride them cowgirl style. Total disclaimer: The witch costume is totally optional, but it might be a good way to introduce some role-play into your sex life if you’re up for it.


3. The Mixing Spoon

Perfect for doing under a blanket, on a lazy Sunday, or while you’re watching Netflix—the mixing spoon is like spooning but better. It throws a vibrator into the mix and grants the giving partner direct access to the erogenous zones. So, grab your favorite vibrator and set yourself up like you normally would for spooning. Then, have the receiving partner splay their legs wide open, bringing their knees up to their chest or wrapping their legs behind their partner’s legs behind them. From here, the giving partner can place the vibrator accordingly.

For vulva owners acting as the little spoon, you’ll want to have your partner put the sex toy directly on your clitoris. You can also up the ante and add in some penetration, though that’s totally optional. However, direct internal stimulation combined with external stimulation from the vibrator is a surefire way to climax.


4. Under-the-Covers Classic 69

There’s a reason this oral sex position is a beloved classic: It works for everyone regardless of sexual orientation and gender, and both partners are simultaneously receiving and giving pleasure. This fall, take the classic 69 under the covers to create a sense of intimacy and amp up the coziness between the two of you.

If you’re doing this with a penis owner, then you’ll obviously want to be on top. If you’re not, though, then you can be either top or bottom. Either way, the warmth from your bodies combined with the weight and warmth from the blanket will definitely bring you both to orgasm. Of course, you can always throw a sex toy into the mix if you so wish.


5. Lotus Lust

Is there a better way to get heated than with a sex position that’s all about skin-to-skin and direct eye contact? The lotus lust is essentially a seated hug and works best if you’re having penetrative sex with a penis or sex toy, but fingers can certainly be used as well.

If your partner is doing the penetration, have them sit cross-legged on the floor. (You might want to grab a blanket for extra comfort on their tailbone.) Then, climb into their lap, wrap your legs around their waist, and curl your arms behind their back. Next, have your partner wrap their arms behind your back to ensure you’re close to one another. From there, grind slowly and together until one or both of you climaxes, looking into each other’s eyes the whole time.


6. Pretzel Missionary 

If you have a vulva, set yourself up as you would as a bottom for standard missionary. Have your partner lean over you, placing their hands on either side of your face, then wrap your legs around their back, crossing your legs at the ankles to resemble the salty snack (hence the position’s namesake). This slight change in positioning will give the penetrating partner deeper access, which in turn will provide you with more internal G-spot stimulation. Plus, you’ll be able to cozy up to each other more, ensuring you both stay warm.


7. Sexy Snuggle

This move is all about savoring each other, building intimacy, and maximizing skin-to-skin contact. And much like the mixing spoon, it can be performed under a blanket while you’re binge-watching your favorite thriller. Lie on your sides so you’re facing each other. Then, start by making out. Touch each other and take things slow as a way to build tension and desire. Finally, when you’re ready, hook your leg over your partner’s and have them penetrate you. This penetration can be whatever you want: fingers, a strap-on, a vibrator or dildo, a penis, etc.


8. Fireside Smolder

Is there anything more romantic than making love beside a lit fireplace? If you don’t have a fireplace, don’t worry. Instead, light some candles and place them around the room (far away from where you could knock them over, of course). Then, dim the lights and create a makeshift bed on the floor with some blankets, sheets, and pillows that are soft and washable.

Lie face down on your makeshift bed with your knees slightly bent, legs open, and your hips propped up under a pillow. From there, your partner will kneel and enter you from behind via a penis, fingers, or a toy, pressing their torso onto your back as they go in. This will put them close to or right beside your ears and neck. So make it even hotter by having them kiss said neck, bite said ear, or whisper dirty, lovely things into it.