Your Fall Uniform Based on Your Zodiac Sign


THE TIME IS HERE, PEOPLE! No, not crinkling leaves under your feet (however that is coming). No, not peppermint mocha just yet. No, not a sale. The time has come again where I live my slightly arrogant, planning-obsessed Sag sun, Virgo moon dreams and tell people what they should buy this season based on their Zodiac sign. You know what makes it better? FALL CLOTHES. Sweater weather is the four days in October we dream of all year long, and we’re going to keep dreaming regardless of what the weather has in store for us. (Can’t wait for polar vortex number two!) 

Without further ado, I present to you: the outfits you’ll get loads of compliments on, that follow all the biggest fall trends, that never feel “too much,” and always make you feel like yourself.



Camo Jacket / Black Skinnies / Booties / Leather Backpack / Bodysuit / Pearl Clips

Aries doesn’t hold anything back — they’re fearless and comfortable with who they are. Aries is always on-the-go, so a go-to fall jacket is a staple in their closet to pop over every outfit this season as the weather gets colder. Opt for a statement jacket this season that brings your closet favorite black skinny jeans (I see you, Aries) to life.



Faux Leather Leggings / Cozy Sweater / Fall Perfume / Booties / Beret

You can always expect a Taurus to overdress. It’s in their nature. If you’re looking for some new ways to update some of last year’s fall and winter splurges, try pairing two luxe fabrics. Whether it’s leather and cashmere (both faux here — because a Taurus can ball on a budget too!) or silk and wool, try putting fabrics and textures you wouldn’t normally consider wearing together. 



Floral Dress / Statement Earrings / Slouchy Booties / Crossbody

A Gemini loves flowy silhouettes for their flexibility and ease. The boho trends of this season (such as floral dresses in darker fall hues, cognac and shades of brown, and ruffles) fit the Gemini aesthetic to a T. Make your floral dress seem a little more fall (and match the weather) by pairing it with boots.



Dress / Turtleneck / Headband / Patterned Loafers / Gold Necklace

One of the biggest summer trends this year was utilitarian, and it’s not going out of style this season. These summer babies find a way to add a little brightness to every season, and fashion is a great way to do it. Instead of buying into all the dark, moody shades this year (because we’re not giving into the “Cancers are emotional” stereotype today!), keep it light with beiges, ecru and eggshell tones, and bright whites, and add a pop of color (we love jewel tones here) through your accessories.



Statement Trench / High Waist Jeans / White Tee / Loafers / Bold Lip

Showstopping Leo (like Kelly, the woman who made all of these outfit graphics because she is a #queen!) is willing to take the trends from the catwalk and rock them IRL. However, they also know how to pair it with basics to show off the trends without scaring anyone away. Leather trench coats are everywhere this season, and in this blush shade, you’re bound to turn heads. Style it with your favorite jeans and a white T-shirt, and you’re ready to go. 



Sweater / Plaid Pants / Black Booties / Leather Work Tote

Leave it to Virgo to take a fall trend and make it business casual. Virgos are always trying to improve the people around them — they’re all about keeping organized and getting things done. So, their outfits have to get them from day to night stat. These leggings pass as pants for the office, but they still look cute and different for a night out.



Leather Jacket / Graphic Tee / Leopard Print Skirt / Gold Hair Clip / Mules

As much as Libras love to stay away from drama and keep neutral in conflict, they sure do love to look good. They have a natural charm that makes people flock to them, and their sense of humor and breezy personality makes them the life of the party. Wear this fall ‘fit to one of your many social events this fall — add tights under the skirt when the weather gets cold!



Turtleneck / Plaid Skirt / Loafers / Necklaces / Matte Lip Color

Scorpios were all most likely emo kids in high school. They’re a water sign, so they’re in-tune with their emotions, but they are also mysterious and love things like true-crime, abstract art, and scary movies (AKA they thrive in fall!). They’re known for their sex-appeal without even having to try, so try a mini-skirt in a fall print (like plaid or snakeskin), and pair it with sophisticated accessories for some balance.



Ruffle Blouse / High Waist Jeans / Combat Boots / Blush & Glow Palette

Hello, it’s me! That was a very Sag thing of me to say because Sagittarians are outgoing, happy, confident, and a little arrogant and outspoken sometimes (me!). They love to try new things and adventure — the last thing they want is to feel boredom. Keep your closet up to speed by adding in some new trendy pieces, such as a Victorian-style blouse and combat boots. (Bonus points for pairing them together — that’s where your adventure comes out!)



Mock Neck Satin Top / Jeans / Leopard Heels

The Goat (aka the symbol of Cap but also the G.O.A.T. because Caps are amazing) is intelligent and goal-oriented, and they reflect that in their style. They dress for the job they want, not the job they have. Spice up your daily work wardrobe with a stylish silk blouse and animal print heels. Who said Capricorns don’t get wild sometimes?!



Stripe Sweater / Flare Jeans / Leather Belt / Booties / Hoops

Aquarians are the weirdos we can’t live without! They have no problem making friends and always show their wit in a crowd. Bring out your funky side with the perfect pair of flare jeans, and pair it with a comfy sweater in a fun fall shade.



Button Up Blouse / Mom Jeans / Mules / Faux Croc Handbag / Chain Studs

Although most people group the fire signs as being the overdramatic signs of the Zodiac, Pisces sure can bring the drama. Their creative and empathetic nature makes them excited and interested in trying new trends and playing with fashion as an art. Try investing in quality basics this fall (like the perfect mom jeans) that you can easily pair with trendy tops and accessories.