TikTok Taught Me: 6 Easy Hacks to Elevate Any Outfit

written by EMMA GUILLEN
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace

The best way to describe my TikTok FYP would be chaotic. Lucky girls and Goldendoodles have taken over my feed. “Bold Glamour” filters, clustercore apartments, and dancing parrots are all, apparently, relevant to my interests. The algorithm also believes I’m a diehard runner (I looked up the NYC marathon once on November 6th). But one thing TikTok is useful for, if not distracting us from everyday life? Practical—dare I say brilliant—fashion hacks.

Content creators have tricks up their sleeves that leave me taking notes several times a day. Tying basic shirts in ways that make them feel new, layering up pieces to completely transform an outfit; you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of them yourself and will thank the TikTok powers that be for bringing them to your feed. These six TikTok hacks will effortlessly elevate your next OOTD—so much so, you might just film a TikTok to show it off. Ready to go viral?


Hack 1: The three-color rule


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♬ original sound – marie | fashion styling tips

For a cohesive, “she’s so put-together” look, pretend you’re an art major and follow this rule of color theory: no more than three colors in an outfit. And yes, that includes neutrals. When you’re feeling something playful like a pop of pink, be intentional by incorporating it in multiple ways, like with a handbag, hair accessory, or an oversized blazer


Hack 2: The sophisticated turtleneck


Another day, another life-saving turtleneck tip. #turtleneck #turtlenecks #styletips #stylehacks #fashionhacks #styletok #classicstyle

♬ original sound – Mary Orton

I have an entire drawer dedicated to my turtleneck collection, but it took a 2 a.m. TikTok scroll to become enlightened: for extra polish, roll the neck inside versus out. As this fashion entrepreneur eloquently states, it makes for a cleaner neckline, which is perfect if you’re layering a necklace on top. It’s giving luxe Gossip Girl vibes, and we’re obsessed.


Hack 3: The tie-front top


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♬ No Child Left Behind – Yelbaf

Think you have tying a button-down mastered? Guess again. With a subtle change, this tying trick makes them look way more chic and seamless. Save this video just in case you have to watch it five more times to get it right—no shame here.


Hack 4: The subtle white tee


try it and see how you like it! definitely do it under crewnecks but also v-necks, plunge necks, scoop necks, etc. and bobus, add a necklace or two for more dimension and layers #stylingtips #fashionhacks #fashion #outfitstyling #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Haley Ivers


Who knew that a simple two-second decision could transform an entire outfit? Take your casual sweater-and-jeans combo up a notch by layering a white T-shirt underneath. As this TikToker notes, you’ll be creating visual interest, making your overall ensemble that much trendier.


Hack 5: The cool-girl cardigan


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♬ original sound – Lofi_lyrics – Lofi_lyrics

Cardigans: they seem straightforward enough. You button it up; you leave it open. Right? Well, not according to TikTok. You learn something new every day, and this time, it’s the idea of buttoning the last buttons of your cardigan behind your back for an elegant, undone look.


Hack 6: The undone outfit


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♬ Juless Edits – Shou

You know that moment when you get dressed, and something is just… off? It may be because there isn’t enough contrast in the pieces you’ve chosen. How to fix it? By adding an “undone” element to an otherwise put together ’fit. Whether it’s sneakers, joggers, or a baseball cap, that casual accessory could be just what you need to strike a balance between effortless and unexpected.