The Best Architectural Digest Tours of 2022 And How to Steal Their Looks

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As 2022 comes to a close, most people like to end the year with a bit of reflection. Some year-end traditions might include watching Google’s heartwarming Year in Search video or sharing your Spotify Wrapped on your Instagram story to prove you’re either A) cool and underground or B) shamelessly proud of the fact that you listened to Harry Styles for 30,000 minutes. This year, however, I found myself asking a question that scarily reflects the fact that I’m very much becoming an adult: What were this year’s best Architectural Digest home tours?

Binge-watching these star-studded videos became one of my newfound obsessions this past year, so reflecting on the best ones that 2022 had to offer is only natural. There were several showstopping homes I could see myself living my best life in, but for now, I’m only dreaming about them from my shoebox-sized apartment. So if you’re like me and don’t have the funds for a million-dollar listing or your own personal design team—but still want to pull some inspo and fulfill your AD dreams—we’ve got you covered.

With the help of lots of internet digging, I present to you seven of this year’s fan-favorite Architectural Digest home tours, plus some 10/10 dupes for the standout pieces to help you re-create that A-list look.


1. Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow’s stunning farmhouse sanctuary is just as beautiful as you’d expect from the Goop queen herself. The tranquility and airiness of this tour made me want to put on a face mask, chug a green juice, do some yoga, and get my entire life together. Although I, unfortunately, don’t see myself purchasing an ocean-view home in Montecito, California (complete with a Four Seasons-esque spa in the basement, BTW) anytime in the near future, these pieces could get the ball rolling in that direction.




Imperial Round Dining Table

A perfect dupe for the gorgeous round table perched in the middle of Paltrow's oh-so-grand foyer.


Grey Cement Ball Planter

Greeting you as soon as you enter the home is this modern yet aged-feeling cement planter, with others similar in shape and style found throughout the tour.

Joss & Main

Belvidere Floral Wallpaper

This floral wallpaper is strikingly similar to the one in the powder room, and it captures the same vibe as the other black and white wallpaper in Paltrow's dining room.


Oval White Dining Table

A viable match for Paltrow's dining room table, but this option runs at a fraction of the price.


Porcelain Dinnerware Set

While we may not all be rocking with an entire wall of china like Paltrow, these blue and white plates can still add a coastal-grandma pop to our kitchen decor.


Marble Bar Cart

I don't know about you, but I'm personally not in the place to install a gold and white marble bar in my tiny apartment. However, we can still achieve a similar look with this compact, movable bar cart.


2. Chlöe Bailey

As I watched this tour, I couldn’t help but look up from my computer screen and around my own apartment thinking, “Damn… I really gotta upgrade this place.” The ever-so-talented Chlöe Bailey’s abode, which overlooks all of Los Angeles, is the epitome of clean, chic, and tastefully timeless. Her impeccable design skills and unique personal touches show us we don’t need to overcomplicate our decor or own a mega-mansion in the hills to have an AD-worthy space. 




Blue Velvet Sofa

This small space-friendly blue sectional is a great match for the West Elm pull-out in the living room that Bailey raves about.


Bad Bitch Neon Sign

"I always look at this when I need to remember I'm a bad bitch."- Chlöe Bailey, in reference to this sign perched on top of her purse collection. Slay.


Velvet Throw Pillow Covers

The throw pillows on Bailey's bed feature this deep shade of yellow, which adds a pop to the white and neutral palette.


Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Here to compliment said pillows, obviously.


Round LED Wall Mirror

This wall-mounted vanity mirror is yet another West Elm dupe for a favorite item of the tour.


Shoe Cabinet

Thank you, Chloë Bailey, for showing me I don't have to shove my shoes in a pile on the floor of my closet to work with my teeny bedroom.


3. Kacey Musgraves

First, Kacey Musgraves delivers the absolute masterpiece that is the Grammy award-winning album Golden Hour. Now, she gives us one of my favorite AD tours to date. What can’t this woman do? Her serene Nashville home is the perfect balance between simple and feminine with plenty quirky vintage flair. The whole home is filled with estate-sale finds and one-of-a-kind antique store pieces (a framed joint that Willie Nelson gave her is probably her most priceless possession, though). If you too want to create your very own Zen Den (yes, that’s what she calls her house), look no further.




Quartz Geode Crystal

Musgraves has these all over her home and raves about the good energy and touch of nature they bring to her Zen Den.


Velvet Upholstered Headboard

Although her headboard is one-of-a-kind customized, this pastel piece nonetheless captures the same cozy, vintage vibe.

Lulu & Georgia

Minimalist Nude Wallpaper

The wallpaper in her bathroom was already there when Musgraves purchased the house, but this wallpaper features a similar design of elegant nude bodies. It also ties into the multiple other art pieces that depict women's figures throughout her home.


White Orb Pendant Lamp Shade

Spherical, orb lighting is a consistent theme in almost every room in the house. Musgraves sees these fixtures as a symbol of her growth and a representation of a big period of change in her life. A character arc queen.


Glass Ball Table Lamp

Here's another way to incorporate an orb lighting moment without installing an entire light fixture.


Pink Wine Glass Set

Maybe I'm just a sucker for fun glassware, but I couldn't stop staring at the wine glasses on her bar. The blush pink shade just adds a subtly feminine touch in a tasteful way, you know?


4. Demi Lovato

If you’re in the market for any and all things bold, eclectic, and maximalist, Demi Lovato has got you covered like no other. Taking the cake for the most unique of this year’s Architectural Digest home tours, every single detail in this Los Angeles home undoubtedly has a wow factor. I mean… have you heard of anyone else having a Shroom Room? I haven’t. It’s already one of the coolest places I’ve seen, but the fact that Lovato wanted to ensure that all the artwork in the home was created by artists from under-represented and marginalized communities makes it that much more special. While pretty much everything drops your jaw, these dupes will help you get the look of the most stand-out pieces. 




Yellow Velvet Sofa

Even though Lovato wholeheartedly admits she never uses her formal living room, this yellow sofa is a 10/10 accent piece.


Banana Leaf Wallpaper

This is a perfect match for the wallpaper that covers the entirety of Lovato's glam room. Although I do not have a glam room to decorate, a gal can dream and start with this.


Full Length Curvy Frame Mirror

Lovato had this funky statement piece custom-made, so it's safe to assume it ran some big bucks. Lucky for us, this adorable Etsy dupe is pretty close to the real deal.


Cloud Pendant Light Fixture

In my humble opinion, the piece that ties Lovato's entire Shroom Room together is the cloud light fixtures just like this one.

YaYa & Co.

Cotton Abstract Pouf

There isn't a piece exactly like this in the Shroom Room, but it immediately caught my eye while browsing. I feel like it perfectly embodies the space's entire vibe without the commitment of a full-blown rainbow sofa.


5. Ashley Tisdale

This is most definitely a home Sharpay Evans would approve of. The vibe of Ashley Tisdale’s estate (which she decorated completely on her own) is classy yet fun. It combines aspects that appeal to basically every interior design style and is surrounded by peaceful trees that impressively mask the never-ending noise and crowds of L.A. She also admits during the tour that she filled her massive bookshelf with books just days before filming solely because she knew AD was coming. If I had the funds to buy approximately 300 books on the fly, I’d do the same thing. We love your candidness just as much as your immaculate taste, Ms. Tisdale. 




Gray Upholstered Sofa

Sometimes dupe-hunting can be quite the stressful task, and the search for a decently priced sofa similar to the one in Tisdale's living room had me sweating. Alas, this gorgeous option from AllModern provides a similarly chic look as the Mario Bellini piece in the tour.


Marble Coffee Table

Shoutout to Amazon for this killer lookalike that's a fraction of the price of Tisdale's coffee table.


Glass Globe Bubble Chandelier

I couldn't do this round-up and not include a dupe of the jaw-dropping chandelier that hangs in the dining room.

Urban Outfitters

Faux Leather Bean Bag Sofa

This living room lounger immediately caught my eye for A) how cool it looks, and B) how badly I want to take a nap on it.

Best Gift Shoppers

3D Moon Wall Lamp

This super cool light-up art piece has a spot in Tisdale's bathroom and will add a special touch to any space of yours.


6. Rita Ora

I don’t know what I thought Rita Ora’s house looked like, but it definitely wasn’t this. And I mean that in the best way possible. She kept intact all of the antique, 100-plus-year-old details that originally came with the home like the tiny door frames, faucets, tiling, and more. However, she manages to bring in funky, modern details like animal print and bright colors that somehow tie it all together seamlessly. I feel like if I tried to decorate this style of home the way Ora did, I would flop beyond belief. Luckily for us, she hit the mark perfectly.




Upholstered Armchair

I'm absolutely living for the burnt orange chairs in Ora's living room and even more so for the fact that these much more affordable options exist.


Zebra Print Ottoman

Ora's living room ottoman game? Strong.

Etsy | Lampatika

Female Body Vase

Why have a normal, boring vase when you can have this dupe for her dining room piece that's way more fun?


Leopard Head Rug

I am 99.9% confident this is the exact rug Ora has in her bathroom, so no dupe needed, baby.


Floor Sofa Bed

Similar to the one in Ora's bedroom, this cozy piece is perfect for lounging or for guests to crash on if they spend the night.


7. Emma Chamberlain

And last but certainly not least, the 2022 reigning champ of Architectural Digest home tours: Ms. Emma Chamberlain’s newly renovated Los Angeles dream of a home. As you peruse this gorgeous structure, just think about the fact that Emma is only 21 years old… It’s truly a girl-boss moment like no other. And that kitchen? I’m still thinking about it. While we actually wrote an entire story on how to get this look for less, this round-up wouldn’t be complete without this top-tier video. Here are some of the best finds gathered. 



Emma chamberlain painting
Etsy | Melixah

Golden Gate Bridge Print

Chamberlain's dad actually painted the Golden Gate Bridge piece himself, but this Etsy find has a similar look and feel.

Generation Lighting

Milk Glass Pendant

I've truly never seen anything like Chamberlain's incredible chain link chandelier, so forgive me if I struggled to find something similar. This is about the best I could do.

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore

Programmable Touchscreen Coffee Maker

Chamberlain's sage green kitchen had my jaw on the floor. If you want to achieve a similar palette without replacing all your cabinets and countertops, including a few sage green pieces like this coffee maker can still get the job done.

Emma chamberlain step stool

Acrylic 3-Step Ladder

For a step stool, this is pricey. However, it is still cheaper than the one Chamberlain has and offers the same unexpected pop of color.

Emma chamberlain lamp
Soho Home

Silas Table Lamp

This lamp picks up on the burnt orange and marble detailing that repeat throughout the home.

funky cups
Etsy | POWFinds

Colorful Glass Ripple Cup

These cool rippled glasses have a similar vibe to the funky glassware Chamberlain has on display.


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