7 Hairstyles to Try This Spring


I’m all about a transformation. I’ve dyed my hair more times than I can count, I change my style pretty often, and I have minimal stress over a haircut—what can I say, I love change. However, I know I’m in a very small of camp of people. And even if you love a solid change-up in your look, it’s not feasible to do all the time. So, how do you spice up your look without going in with the closest boxed-dye you can find or getting your hands on a pair of shears? (Please, I’m begging you, put down the boxed dye!) Well, honey, you just need a new style. 

Changing up your hairstyle doesn’t take a professional stylist to achieve. You can easily get the look at home. From the biggest trends of the season to classic looks everyone should have mastered, here are the seven styles you should try this spring and how to achieve them.


1. A Piecey Pixie

This look is easy AF but makes such an impact. Using a hair wax or gel, rough up the texture at your roots, placing the hair exactly where you want it to go. This is a great look for anyone trying to use less heat on their hair because you can do it with any texture.


2. Brushed-out Loose Curls

This style is gorgeous for spring and summer, and you can achieve it whether you have naturally curly hair or not. If your curls are natural (lucky you), simply touch up any curls with a small curling iron and brush them out with your fingertips. If you need to fake the look, you can do it in two ways: curling all of the hair with a small curling iron with a 1/2 or 3/4 in iron (this look will last very long but can take a very long time depending on your hair texture/length) or braiding your hair before bed and adding in curls in random pieces. Brush through the curls with your fingertips once it’s done. Add a light hair oil to make sure the hair doesn’t get frizzy.


3.  Sleek and Straight

Yes, ma’am, your 2007 straight hair is back, time to pull out your flat iron again! If you haven’t straightened your hair in a while, here are my best tricks:

  • Always section your hair to make sure you get every piece (especially those hard-to-reach pieces in the back)
  • Use a hair powder at the roots to add volume without getting rid of the shine on the ends
  • Use a light-hold hairspray to keep the look all day, but brush out the hair immediately after to keep the hairspray from getting sticky


4. Flipped-In Ends

Rachel Green‘s famous blowout has been seen on dozens of celebrities and will continue to be a huge trend throughout 2020. Our favorite way to achieve the perfect blowout is the Revlon One-Step Dryer, but use a flat-iron to really flip the ends in to get the full look.


5. Flipped-Out Ends

Whatever way you flip, it’s chic AF. This look is done pretty much the same way but flipped out instead of in. This look is extra cute with a headband or a half-updo. To keep the style all day, use a high-hold hairspray. If your hair doesn’t hold a style well, make the flip ultra-big right at first—it’ll fall quickly to exactly what you want.



6. ’90s Updo/Ponytail

An updo will never go out of style, but the look gets an update with hair accessories and pieces pulled out at the front. Do whatever updo you love (a half-up bun, a half-up pony, a sleek pony, a messy bun, etc.), and then pull pieces out at the front. These pieces can be really thin or you can go full-’90s and pull out a little more. Add a scrunchie or hair scarf to give the look a modern flare.


7. Textured Bends

If there’s any hairstyle everyone should know how to do in 2020, it’s this one. The textured, wavy, “just a light bend” hairstyle has been trending for years, and once you finally have the look down, it’ll change your life. This is the easiest look that looks equally effortless and put-together. You can do this with a flat-iron, but my favorite way to achieve the look is with a curling iron (at least a 1 in. but if your hair is longer or takes a curl well, bigger is better). Using the clamp (this is important!), start a few inches from where you normally would. Turn the clamp and do half of a curl, holding for about 3-5 seconds. Remove the iron from your hair and just grace the ends to straighten them out. Complete across the whole head (no need to section for this look), and finish with a texturizing spray.