32 Home Projects to Tackle This Weekend

If you’re anything like me, you have a laundry list of home projects and vision board ideas that you just can’t seem to get done. Our dear friend procrastination (or, you know, good old anxiety) can make it all too easy to push these sorts of things aside for another day. But as we head into the colder months, holiday gatherings and cozy nights at home are right around the corner—which means it’s high time you and I both give our respective homes the pampering they deserve. To help transform your house or apartment ahead of the busy winter months, here are 32 of the best home projects and DIYs you can tackle this weekend.



Long-Awaited Tasks to Check Off Your List


1. Replace your cabinet hardware

If your kitchen is looking boring and dated, I’d be willing to bet your hardware is to blame. Old or unattractive pulls and knobs can make the whole space feel lackluster. Luckily, switching out the hardware is a simple, inexpensive home project you can easily get done in a day. Opt for a new shape or finish (brass is super popular right now, while matte black is great for a sleek, modern look) and simply screw them in. If you’re changing the style of hardware, you may need to create new screw holes, but a drill makes this super easy. 


2. Roll out a new area rug

Out of all the decorative elements in a room, I would argue that area rugs have the most impact. Swapping out your rug is a bit more subtle than, say, investing in a brand-new sofa, but this change can still have a transformative effect on a room. Whether you go for a classic neutral or a bold, colorful pattern, the right rug can make the space. Because this swap typically entails moving around a bunch of furniture, home projects like this are best left for the weekend. While you’re moving stuff around, you might even want to try out a new furniture arrangement. A new perspective can work wonders, too. 


3. Organize your drawers and cabinets 

I’ll be frank, this is something I always dread doing and will put off for months. Then actually doing it only takes a couple of hours, and I roll my eyes at myself after I’m done.  

For the kitchen, begin by sorting out your mail/junk drawer, and shred any papers, letters, and receipts you no longer need. Look through all other drawers to organize similar things like silverware, take-out menus, or stationery. For your bathroom or vanity, go through your makeup drawer and beauty cabinets to toss out anything old and expired, swatch your makeup to decide whether you want to keep something, and bring in some organizers to make everything nice and neat.

Some organizations to donate any unused beauty or hygiene products to:


4. Clean your makeup brushes 

We all love to hate doing this, but now is the perfect time to give our makeup brushes a nice little beauty sesh of their own. Brushes can gather a ton of bacteria and buildup over time, which can often cause our skin to do less-than-ideal things. So if you haven’t made it a habit to clean your brushes regularly, now’s the best time to start. 


5. Deep-clean your bathroom and kitchen

You might give your countertops a quick wipe-down on the regular, but every once in a while, you should go in for a deeper clean. Get into all those spots you’ve been pretending are fine (but are really more like Ross Geller’s version of “fine”). Scrub down your shower, tub, bathroom and kitchen sinks, drains, toilets, cabinets, and kitchen appliances. Toss those bath and kitchen mats into the washer, get out the vacuum, and shine up those wood floors. Bonus: All this cleaning can easily double as a workout! You’ll end your cleaning ritual with a rush of endorphins and, ultimately, a satisfying sense of calm.


6. Clear your fridge and pantry of expired or stale foods

If your pantry and refrigerator are starting to look like they’re overflowing, it’s time for a clean-out. Dig through the stuff in the back and toss out any expired foods or opened items you know you won’t finish. If you have any unopened, unexpired, and non-perishable foods left that you can spare for those in need, don’t hesitate to find a local food bank or organization to donate to. 


7. Start a windowsill herb garden

For those of you who love cooking at home and are avid herb enthusiasts (myself included), now is a great time to create your own herb garden! Many grocery stores and hardware stores sell herb seeds and small plants that can quickly blossom and thrive—you can also order these online. Start a collection of small pots on your windowsill so you can enjoy fresh herbs whenever you want. 


8. Paint that accent wall you’ve been thinking about forever 

Got a wall or two in your home that could use a little livening up? You might consider adding in some accent colors, painting the whole room a crisp neutral, or even applying some amazing wallpaper—and now is the perfect time to do so. These types of home projects can often feel intimidating, but worry not! With a little practice, you’ll be a pro in no time.


9. Sort out your wardrobe 

We Everygirls love our fashion. We’ve been known to add in some new seasonal trends to our usual capsule wardrobe—but with that comes the responsibility of having to declutter and reorganize our existing collection of items. Start by going through all of the things you own and sorting them into piles to keep, donate, or toss (for items that have been heavily worn out). Then, organize what’s left by color, function, season, or whatever works best for you. For donations, some amazing organizations we recommend are:


10. Give your outerwear some TLC 

Outerwear truly goes through some tough times, especially as colder weather brings all sorts of snow, salt, and mud to wade through. This season, take some extra time to lay out all of your wool coats and puffers, lint roll and de-pill them, and freshen them up with some fabric spray. Give your shoes some love by polishing them and thoroughly scrubbing out the muddied bits.


11. Tackle your pet hair problem at the source 

Got mounds of fur flying all around your home? That’s a clear sign that it’s time to give your dog a grooming. Depending on your pooch’s personality, they may consider this a pampering and luxurious experience, the most mundane thing in the world, or a chance to make you their worst enemy. Since professional grooming services can get pricey, tackle this one at home. Clip their little nails, give them a subtle trim to freshen up their coat, wash them with some pet-friendly shampoo and conditioner, and top it off with a nice blow dry. They’ll be wagging their tails again in no time.


DIY Projects You Can Finish in a Weekend


12. DIY Basket Pendant Light

Got a light fixture you’re not crazy about? Cut a hole in the bottom of a basket and slip it over the bulb socket! This DIY could not be simpler and it’ll look like you spent way more money than you did.


13. Velvet Wrap-Around Headboard

An extra-wide headboard that wraps your entire bed and the surrounding wall in cozy velvet? Sign me up.


14. DIY Peg Shelf Tutorial

Source: I Spy DIY

Add storage and display space to your kitchen with this cottagecore-esque shelf DIY.


15. Gallery Wall 

Source: Homey Oh My

Sourcing the art may take longer than a weekend, but once you’ve collected all the pieces, hanging them is easier than you’d think. 


16. DIY Plaster Table Lamp

Great lighting can be difficult (and expensive) to find, but this DIY project makes it easy to customize any cheap or hand-me-down lamp with a gorgeous textured finish.


17. DIY Blanket Ladder

Piece together a few wooden dowels to create this beautiful blanket storage ladder. You could also use it for towel storage in a bathroom!


18. Leather Jewelry Roll 

Need a better solution for your tangled mess of jewelry? Enter this travel-friendly organizer you can make using a few pieces of leather.


19. Front Door Paint Makeover

A cool fall day is the perfect time to tackle this front-door painting project. Go classic with a neutral color, or choose a fun accent for a pop of color.


20. Modern House Number Planter 

Don’t forget the exterior of your home! This planter box makes a fun alternative to traditional house numbers.


21. Minimal X-Shaped Coasters 

These DIY minimalist coasters are a beginner-friendly project that would make a great gift!


22. DIY Dowel Dresser

If you’ve got an old dressing lying around that doesn’t quite fit your aesthetic anymore, we’ve got the solution. With a few items from the hardware store, this IKEA hack is simple but transformative.


23. DIY Channel Tufted Headboard

With a few yards of fabric and some foam, you can DIY a trendy tufted headboard to revamp your bedroom.


24. DIY Dutch Door

There’s something about a Dutch door that just feels so quaint and charming. And as it turns out, you can make one yourself! Brush up on your woodworking skills and try this super impressive DIY.


25. Painted Window Frames

Are the frames around your windows looking a little beat up? A fresh coat of paint can fix that.


26. DIY Mid-Century Plant Stands

Elevate your plant collection with these cute stands you can make using furniture legs.


27. Linen Office Organization Board

Create a space for your next vision board with this linen-wrapped cork board project.


28. DIY Pom Basket

Add some texture to a plain fabric bin with these DIY pom poms.


29. DIY Thrifted Chair Makeover

Source: I Spy DIY

Paint can work wonders, especially on wood furniture that’s got great bones but a dated finish. 


30. How to Style a Bookshelf

Styling bookshelves is an art in and of itself, but this tutorial makes it so simple. 


31. DIY Acrylic Dry Erase Board

Want to add some extra organization to your home office? This acrylic dry-erase board is perfect for jotting down reminders or keeping track of important dates. 


32. DIY Leather Dresser Handles

Sourcing new hardware can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. This tutorial shows you how to use an old belt to create leather drawer pulls. 


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