Jessica Friedhoff

Senior Lifestyle Editor
Jessica Friedhoff is the Lifestyle Editor at The Everygirl, where she oversees the home and living categories of the site. She pitches, writes, and edits stories across a broad range of topics including decorating, food, entertaining, travel, and more. With a pulse on the latest trends, she uses her eye for detail and design to create timely, inspiring content for our readers.
  • Location: Des Moines, IA
  • Education: Iowa State University
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Although her interests span books, travel, food, and much more, Jessica’s true passion–and much of her expertise–lies in interior design and decorating. She’s the first person friends and family call when they need help picking out a rug, choosing a wall color, or styling a shelf, and she’s happiest when perusing a thrift store for the perfect find. Jessica stays up-to-date on the latest home trends by scrolling Instagram and chatting with industry experts, but she loves flipping through magazines for some good old-fashioned inspiration. To build on her skills in this space, she is currently pursuing an interior design certificate from the New York Institute of Art + Design.


Jessica has more than five years of experience in both digital and magazine journalism. Before joining The Everygirl, she worked as the digital assistant home editor for Better Homes & Gardens, where she honed her skills writing and editing across topics including decorating, home improvement, cleaning, and organizing. She also gained experience testing and reviewing products ranging from skincare to cleaning tools and flexed her attention to detail while styling photo and video shoots. Previously, she worked as an editorial apprentice and later as a staff writer for Better Homes & Gardens’ special-interest magazines, and her writing on decorating and interior design has appeared in 16 national print publications.

Fun Stuff

Jessica is a budding (get it?) plant aficionado whose collection spans more than 30 different varieties. She loves all her plant babies deeply, but her pride and joy is the fiddle-leaf fig she bought for her first apartment. Other than that, Jessica lives her life according to the principles of Rory Gilmore: armed with lots of coffee, a pro/con list, and big ambition.

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