How to Protect and Clean Your White Furniture

There’s not much that can beat an airy, crisp, all-white room. It’s calming, classic, sophisticated and, yes, seemingly impractical. It might be easy to dismiss and think this style is best left for magazines and formal living rooms that are never to be touched, but that’s exactly the nonsense that I’m here to set straight. The heart wants what it wants, people!

I’ve done some serious research to find the best tips to protect and clean your white decor, from dressers to sofas, making it completely possible to turn your airy white living room dreams into your actual reality — pets, kids, messy roommates, and all!


How to Protect and Clean White Upholstered Furniture

Source: The Everygirl


Protect from Spills

I think it goes without saying but the best way to keep your white upholstered furniture clean is to do your best to prevent stains in the first place! Have your sofa treated with stain guard. Most carpet cleaners will be able to offer this service if you’re willing to pay a bit more to have a professional step in for the best results. Otherwise, you can easily purchase Scotchgard for your furniture online.


Use Slipcovers for Ease

I saved all of my pennies in college for my $399 IKEA white slipcovered sofa in my first solo apartment. I’m telling you, the fact that it was slipcovered absolutely saved my life. I washed mine fairly routinely just to keep it extra white, but it’s also great to just do on the fly when you have a spill. Toss it in the wash and you’ll be back in business by morning!


Be Prepared to Spot Clean

Still, there are some things (looking at you, red wine) that even the washing machine can’t fix without a little extra help. Be sure to keep an upholstery spot cleaner on hand for all spills, because time is of the essence when it comes to all tough stains.


Lint Roll the Cushions

This is one of the easiest daily maintenance routines you can do for your sofas and chairs, and it makes all the difference! I usually lint roll mine a couple of days a week (more often once I acquired fur children) to help keep all pet hair and fuzzballs from my sweaters or throw blankets at bay.



How to Protect and Clean White Bedding


Remove All Makeup Before Hitting the Sheets

I fall in the camp of people who are v lazy about their nighttime skincare routine, but I try to keep a pack of cleansing face wipes on my nightstand and remove all makeup before bed nomatterwhat. The last thing your delicate sheets need is mascara and foundation stains night after night. Being diligent about this small thing will make a big difference in the long-term discoloration of your crisp white bedding, mark my words.


Wash Weekly and Separately 

For a long time, I was washing my white sheets with my white towels, not realizing that washing with dissimilar textures can also cause pilling and breakdown of fabrics. Who knew?! I know it’s tempting to save the extra time by combining the two separate loads (no one hates doing laundry more than me) but sticking to this rule will go a long way in keeping your white bedding up to snuff, mark my words!

Another sad but very real reality: Washing your white bedding once a week is a complete necessity. I know. Tragic. But on the upside, is there anything better than crawling into fresh sheets? No, ma’am.


Skip the Bleach

I know, right? This seems crazy. It wasn’t until recently that I learned that bleach can actually cause yellowing over time on white bedding because of the way that it reacts with, well, sweat. Lovely, isn’t it? Instead, spot clean any necessary stains before your weekly wash. If you DO need to use bleach for a more intense wash down the line, wash everything first without bleach to get rid of any sweat or bodily fluids that might be lingering, and then do a second cycle with bleach. You’re welcome.

To help maintain the crisp color of your sheets, you can wash with baking soda (I knew that was for something) and, remember, always wash in cold water!



How to Protect and Clean White Wood Furniture


Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Did you know that direct sunlight on white wood furniture will cause it to yellow over time? YEAH. Make sure that you’ve placed your white wood pieces in an area that can be covered by window treatments or is out of the direct sunlight altogether to avoid discoloration.


Clean Monthly

In addition to regular dusting, you’ll want to actually clean your white wood furniture on a monthly basis to keep it bright and crisp. Just mix 1 cup of white wine vinegar with 2 cups of warm water and cleanse with a soft towel. It’ll be good as new in a matter of seconds.


Remove Fingerprints Weekly

Did you guys know that there is literally nothing that a Magic Eraser Sponge can’t do? Seriously, I used to work at a bridal shop and we used these bad boys to clean our sample dresses! Fingerprints show up on my white furniture like nobody’s business (especially after I’ve applied makeup with my fingers) so I do a quick once over with these on a weekly basis to remove any fingerprints that have creeped up. It’s the fastest, easiest way to make a huge difference.


A few of our favorite white pieces…




What other tips do you have for taking care of white furniture? Share them in the comments below!