Can’t Escape Jones Road Ads? We Tried Their Products So You Don’t Have To

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When it’s time to refresh my makeup bag, I frequently turn to Credo thanks to their crazy large selection of actually clean beauty products (2,000+ options and counting). When I discovered Bobbi Brown’s new makeup line, Jones Road, on their site, my interest was immediately piqued. I came of age well before YouTube makeup tutorials were a thing and I learned how to do my makeup by reading one of Bobbi Brown’s books. Yes, I know how ancient that makes me sound, but it also makes me nostalgic to recapture any of that Bobbi Brown magic.

Within minutes of perusing the new line, I knew good things were coming my way. My first impression? Jones Road is like Glossier for beauty lovers who have evolved past Glossier (no shade intended—their product line is very solid and an affordable way to stock up on basics). When I made my beauty-loving best friend try Jones Road, that was her first impression too.

For a more detailed review of the products I tried (and I tried a lot), keep reading.

Jones Road

Miracle Balm

I'll never miss an opportunity to rave about this product. This creamy formula creates the most perfect flush that actually looks like you’re blushing and can be used on the eyes and lips as well. I use the shade Tawny which is the perfect reddish brown for my olive skin tone and every time I put it on I feel like I look so much fresher without being overly made up. If you want that I spent too much time in the sun look, you can dab a little on the bridge of your nose.

Jones Road

The Mascara

Inky black mascara that doesn’t flake or end up making shadows beneath my eyes? That’s always a yes in my book. The fact that the formula is clean (which is pretty comforting considering it goes near my eyes) is just the icing on the cake for me.

Jones Road

Sparkle Wash

Buy this creamy eye shadow in the shade Gilded and thank me later. I love a good Korean beauty tutorial, but more often than not the videos I come across don’t highlight products that are easily found in the U.S.. For months I’ve been on the hunt for a subtle shimmery eye shadow with a clear base to replicate the light washes of shimmer I see in those tutorials. This eyeshadow delivers exactly that. You can layer it for a really bold sparkly look, but one small dab creates the effect I was looking for—light, bright, and not at all like I’m heading to a disco.

Jones Road

The Best Eye Shadow

For those that prefer a powder base for their eyeshadows, this one is pretty solid. The big selling point for me? It actually stays put and doesn’t end up getting powder in my eyes. For years I struggled with eye discomfort and assumed it was from wearing contacts. Spoiler alert—the itchiness was caused by eye shadow that wouldn’t stay put. Fun times.

Jones Road

Light Moisture Cream

If I’ve learned anything from Bobbi Brown over the years, it’s to make sure the skin is nice and moisturized before applying makeup. This light moisturizer can be used day or night, but I turn to it before applying my makeup since it absorbs easily and creates a smooth base for my makeup without making my skin too slick.

jones road skin brush
Jones Road

The Skin Brush

Another thing I’ve noticed popping up more and more in the beauty tutorials I come across on Instagram is the return of foundation brushes. I love a good wet beauty sponge, but I’m starting to wonder if the permanent dampness of my sponge is a breeding ground for bacteria (it almost definitely is). I’ve been loving the smooth look this brush gives my foundation. As a bonus, I feel like I end up with a lot less makeup on my fingers than when I use a sponge.

lip gloss
Jones Road

Cool Gloss

I’ve always been a gloss girl—which is yet another side effect of coming of age in the mid aughts. I’m very tempted to try every shade of this gloss, but for now I’m sticking with my tube of the Original shade which is a lightly sparkly clear that has a nice minty scent. It’s the kind of gloss I always like to keep in my handbag.

jones road foundation
Jones Road

What The Foundation

This foundation is getting equal amounts of love and hate on social media, but I’m here to give it all the love. Apparently if you try to use it over a silicone based primer, the formulas don’t mix well. Knowing this before I tried the foundation, I applied it directly to my skin and it blended like a dream. This foundation basically combines a super dewy moisturizer with a lot of coverage (it’s really easy to apply too much so start small). When I apply it I don’t look like I’m wearing foundation, just like I’m having a really good skin day. It provides more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but feels really fresh and glowy for summer.

jones road face pencil
Jones Road

The Face Pencil

This is the perfect concealer to pair with the What The Foundation. Because it’s not a liquid formula, it works really well under the super moisturizing foundation. I love how easy it is to blend out and that it’s not a liquid so it’s perfect to travel with.

jones road lip and cheek stick
Jones Road

Lip And Cheek Stick

Speaking of travel friendly products, this creamy formula can be applied to both lips and cheeks and creates the prettiest rosy glow. As a result, it will always have a spot in my carryon from here on out. I also don’t love to carry around cosmetics with me in my purse on a day-to-day basis, so I appreciate that I can throw this in my bag and touch up both my cheeks and lips on the go.

jones road shimmer oil
Jones Road

Shimmer Face Oil

The key to making highlighter work when you have an olive skin tone? Give up on the pearly pinks and whites and go straight for the gold (I tried the shade Midas). You can apply this face oil under your foundation all over for a really nice glow (aka the perfect summer makeup look) or can use it sparingly as a highlighter. I’ll never say no to a little extra glow.

jones road hippie stick
Jones Road

Hippie Stick

If I sound obsessed with travel friendly beauty products, it’s because I am. A few weeks ago I went on my first flight since 2019 and all the liquids I brought with me oozed out of their containers (thank you cabin pressure). Next time, I’m bringing this moisturizing balm with me so I don’t have a big mess to clean up. I never have room for both skin, body, and hair products in my carryon, so this multipurpose balm feels like the perfect solution.


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