10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Get on Amazon

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It happens time and time again: You don’t know what you’re doing for Halloween so you don’t plan a costume, then two days before the big day, you get a text for plans and have to scramble to come up with a last-minute Halloween costume in 48 hours.

The solution? Our trusted Amazon Prime. With a little creativity and the glory of Prime shipping, throwing together a last-minute, semi-decent costume isn’t so hard. 

Don’t let your costume stress you out—no matter how last-minute your Halloween plans are, these 10 costumes can get to you in no time and will fool everyone into thinking you did a lot more planning than you actually did.


1. An animal

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As absolutely basic and predictable as it is, sometimes you just need to pull out the black bodysuit and animal ears. With animal prints being all the rage as of late, you can also incorporate your go-to animal print apparel to take it up a notch (if it’s cold—which it usually is on Halloween—pair them with your wubby). Pick your animal of choice and Amazon-Prime the ears to you for the last-minute costume that never fails.


2. Sandy from Grease

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Sandy’s a costume classic for a reason: You can throw it together with things you already own. Order faux leather leggings or put those Spanx leggings to good use, and pair them with this off-the-shoulder shirt and a coat of red lipstick with extra curly hair.


3. Makeup-only costumes

Lucky for us, there are plenty of costumes that require no clothing purchases at all—just some creativity with makeup. Check out The Everygirl’s tutorials on easy giraffe, cat, and pirate costumes that you can execute last minute and super inexpensively (probably with makeup you already own!).


4. A vampire

Similar to the makeup-only costumes mentioned above, a vampire costume can be achieved with an all-black outfit, your favorite dark lipstick, and a little fake blood—and you’ll look like you were probably planning your costume for months. Bust out your leather leggings, a black bodysuit, and follow the tutorial above.


5. The Bachelorette

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Maybe the easiest costume of all time, the Bachelorette only requires a rose and one of the dresses sitting in the back of your closet that you haven’t looked at since sorority formal. Do your makeup like you’re about to go out, curl your hair into big, bombshell waves, and carry around a rose all night—there will be no confusion on what you’re supposed to be.


6. Risky Business

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For a Tom Cruise moment, order big, black sunglasses, this long, white button-up, and a pair of white socks. It’s easy, effortless, and, dare I say, pretty sexy when it’s put together. Bonus: You can wear the shirtdress and sunglasses on days other than just Halloween.


7. Cher Horowitz

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This usually would require at least enough effort to get your hands on a plaid skirt, but given that plaid is such a big trend this fall, you might already have a plaid skirt in your closet. If not, Prime will save the day—just top this skirt with a white tank. Finish the look by giving your hair a straight blow.


8. Daphne from Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo’s certified hottie Daphne has a look that’s pretty easy to replicate with a couple of items, but it’s recognizable and different from your average cat-ear look.


9. A fairy

One of the beauties of Amazon is that you can mix and match pieces that don’t come from a costume set, so it’s cohesive but doesn’t look like it’s straight out of Spirit Halloween. Exhibit A: an easy three-piece fairy look.


10. Edna Mode

The best Halloween costumes are always the ones that are a bit unexpected yet still recognizable, and Ms. Edna Mode falls under that umbrella. The best part? You can wear the black trench in your normal life after Halloween is over.


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