‘Latte Makeup’ Is the Internet’s Latest Craze—Here’s How To Recreate It

Let me be the first to say that I’m all for ending the internet’s obsession with naming beauty and fashion trends after seemingly random foods (tomato girl? blueberry milk nails? SOS). However, if there’s one food-or-drink named trend that I can get behind, it’s latte makeup. Aside from being admittedly aptly named, the viral look is easy to recreate and is uber-flattering on all skin tones and eye colors.

The latte makeup trend is essentially exactly what it sounds like: a sultry, bronzed makeup look created with shades of brown. Warm coffee colors are highlighted through a creamy bronzer, a smudged brown eyeliner, and a juicy but neutral-toned lip. For those of us with perpetually rosy cheeks, latte makeup is a win due to the fact that it eliminates bright pink or red blushes and instead focuses on more bronze, neutral tones. The term was coined on TikTok by beauty guru Rachel Rigler, but the look itself originated from Australian makeup artist Tanielle Jai (who, for those invested, has stated that she is totally behind the “latte” name).



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♬ original sound – Rachel Rigler


How To Recreate the “Latte” Makeup Look


The bronzy, glowy base

The base of the latte makeup look includes a sheer-coverage foundation or skin tint, cream bronzer, concealer, and a powder bronzer to seal it all in. To achieve a natural, sun-kissed effect, Rigler recommends putting your foundation or skin tint everywhere except your nose to let your natural freckles come through; you can also use a freckle pen to create freckles after finishing the base. Add a healthy amount of cream bronzer or contour to your cheeks, a little bit of concealer wherever you need it, and blend well. Finish with a powder bronzer, and you have a latte makeup base.


The shimmery brown eye

After watching dozens of latte makeup tutorials, I can confidently say that there is no “wrong” way to achieve a latte eye. For an everyday recreation of the look, you can blend your powder bronzer into your crease, add a bit of smudged brown eyeliner to your lash line, and call it a day. If you want to make your latte makeup look to be a bit more glam, use a darker brown eyeshadow in your crease, add a smudged brown eyeliner to both your lash line and water line, and pop a bit of gold eyeshadow on your inner corner for a sexier iteration. Regardless of how you opt to create your latte eye look, minimal mascara is key for allowing the brown tones to shine.

The glossy-but-neutral lip

To finish your latte look, a neutral lip is the way to go. Grab your favorite nude, caramel-toned, or brown lip liner, and finish with a gloss that contributes to the melted effect of the makeup. In her original latte makeup tutorial, Rigler takes the excess bronzer and foundation left over on her beauty blender and pats it over her lips before applying liner for an even more neutral look.

How To Recreate “Latte” Makeup on Different Undertones

If your initial reaction to latte-inspired makeup looks is “no way, that’s not for me,” think again. Many of the original pictures and videos of the viral trend are used on people with bronzed, olive complexions, but the look is just as flattering on fairer and deeper skin tones alike. (That’s right, fair-skinned gals—you don’t need to self-tan to high heaven in order to achieve the look).

Jai has released several follow-up videos explaining how to recreate latte makeup on different undertones. People with cool undertones should lean into ashy, taupe-y browns, while those with warm undertones should seek out browns with a pinker undertone. Prioritizing shades of brown that will compliment your skin tone—rather than wash it out—is the key to making latte makeup work for you. 


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♬ original sound – Tanielle Jai


For cool undertones


For warm undertones


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