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3 Stylish Ways To Use This Unexpected Furniture Staple in Your Living Room

written by SARAH LYON
Source: @ispydiy
Source: @ispydiy

As someone who has basically always lived in a small apartment, I understand the importance of maximizing storage space. Over the years, I’ve had to rely on some creative ways to sneak in extra storage. One of my favorite ways is by using dressers throughout the home. That’s right. The classic three-drawer dresser is by no means just for the bedroom. There are so many ways to style a cute chest of drawers and make it shine in your living space. Below are a few of my best styling tips for making a dresser work in your living room.


1. Use a dresser as an entry table

No formal entryway? No problem. As you step into my New York City apartment, you basically walk directly into my kitchen. While this isn’t a huge issue, I do like to have a spot to toss my keys and check my reflection before heading out the door. To fake a front hallway, I placed a wooden dresser in the corner of my living room closest to the front door. I set it up as a stylish “entry table” of sorts. I found a vintage mirror to lean on top of the piece, which I also outfitted with a lamp, candle, and stack of coffee table books.

The best part is that the drawers can stash all kinds of essentials. For example, one drawer houses all my reusable tote bags, so they’re easy to grab on my way out. Another stashes small decorative pieces that need a home when they’re not on display. It’s a win-win!


2. Place a dresser below the TV

Can’t find a media console you love? I’ve been there. Or maybe you’re short on space, and a traditional, large console won’t quite fit below your television. Why not opt for a three-drawer dresser instead? I did this in my previous apartment in Washington, D.C., and it worked seamlessly. The dresser hid the cords from my Samsung Frame TV and cable box. And, once again, it served as valuable storage. I used it to hold living room essentials like linens and coasters for entertaining, as well as stray magazines, papers, and the like.

The key is to source a piece that will complement the rest of your living room and doesn’t look too bedroom-like. The dresser shown above is actually a piece I picked up on Facebook Marketplace. I already owned a marble slab that happened to fit perfectly on top, which majorly elevated the look.


3. Turn a dresser into a bar cart

Don’t get me wrong—I’ll never tire of the traditional rolling bar cart. But I do think a bar setup using a wooden chest can look super sophisticated, too. The dresser I used in this apartment featured two small drawers that were perfect for storing bartending basics like napkins, bottle openers, and more. The larger bottom drawer held miscellaneous decor items. (I’m a collector, but I can’t stand clutter!)

I’ve seen bar dressers pop up more and more over the years. They’re so fun to style with a tray or two, a vase or decorative sculpture like a bust, and eye-catching liquor bottles. I always received compliments on this setup and would 100% replicate it the next time I have space to do so.