Your Perfect Everyday Makeup Routine, According to Your Zodiac Sign

written by EMMA GINSBERG
Source: Selena Gomez
Source: Selena Gomez

If you’ve recently found yourself on the side of TikTok that’s obsessed with doing your makeup according to your zodiac sign, welcome to the club. We’ve long been intrigued by the prospect of dressing according to your birth chart, and now, the beauty industry has hopped on the astrology-inspired bandwagon. If all of this is completely new to you, allow me to explain. Your rising sign, also known as your Ascendant, is the part of your birth chart that dictates how other people perceive you, and part of how people perceive you is, like it or not, your physical appearance. Therefore, some astrologers insist that certain aspects of your appearance, including your facial features and bone structure, can be attributed to your rising sign.

From water signs who will want to lean into the drama to earth signs who should opt for more neutral tones, doing your makeup according to your rising zodiac sign just might change the way you feel about your day-to-day routine. Above all, though, tailoring your makeup to your rising sign provides you with a fun new way to experiment with your products, which is what it’s all about, right? Here’s how you can best emphasize your features with your makeup look, according to your rising sign.

Not sure what your rising sign is? You can calculate it here.


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Aries are fire signs, which means that as you do your makeup, you should opt for looks that capture your energy and confidence. You’ll want to choose lighter, brighter colors to emphasize your features rather than leaning into darker tones; for example, you should pick a bright red or orange lip for a pop of color rather than a vampy burgundy. An Aries rising can also lean into allllll the glitter looks to emphasize their internal passion.


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A Taurus rising’s makeup should be all about perfecting a flawless base. Find a foundation that gives you that glowing-from-within feeling, plus a pigmented blush that’ll give a natural flush. Since Taureans are earth signs, opt for a more grounded color palette, meaning softer, neutral eye shadow and natural-looking nude lips.


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Ah, Gemini—the most versatile sign of the zodiac. As a Gemini rising, you can (and should) pick out natural contrasts in your makeup looks to emphasize your adaptability. A bold red lip with no mascara? Done. Two different tones of eye shadow? That’s right up your alley. Since Geminis are air signs, your makeup should highlight your overall flexibility and go-with-the-flow nature.


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Cancers are known for being soft-hearted zodiac signs, and a Cancer rising will have facial features that illustrate that softness. In order to best compliment this, choose rich, neutral tones when doing your makeup, like taupe, mauve, and brown; from eyeshadow to lip liner, these will help your makeup reflect your internal emotionality. When you put together your base, lean into the emotional intensity you naturally bring and opt for a pop of color in your blush.


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As a Leo rising, we already know that you have your hair routine down to a T, but when it comes to makeup, don’t be afraid to go for a similar level of drama. You’re a fire sign, so your makeup looks should reflect that with deep reds and oranges. Whether you choose to incorporate those into eye shadow looks, blush, or lip colors is up to you. On the flip side, if you want to just focus on your gorgeous mane and go makeup-free, that works, too.


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Virgo risings will look best in makeup that’s natural, refined, and classic—anything “old money” or “clean girl” inspired will be right up your alley and highlight your features well. As an Earth sign, you’ll benefit from using greens, browns, and greys in your makeup looks—just make sure to use a light hand when applying in order to communicate your knack for simplicity.


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Libras are known for being artistic yet indecisive, so they can afford to switch up makeup vibes frequently. When it comes to your day-to-day, though, opt for incorporating subtle, neutral shimmer for some understated excitement. Think: A pop of gold glitter on your eyelids or a soft highlighter that emphasizes your cheekbones.


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Scorpio rising signs have strong, bold features, so don’t be afraid of getting dramatic with your makeup look. This year’s grunge makeup trend is right up your alley—dark eyeliner, dramatic lips, and deep shades of burgundy and purple will look great on you. If smokey eyes aren’t your thing, lean into a subtle cat-eye or a bold red lip to capture your inner intensity.


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If you’re a Sagittarius rising, hear me out: You can rock a bold brow in a way that won’t make you look like it’s 2016, which is a rare achievement. Focus on the drama for your makeup look with over-lined lips or dramatic eyeliner. You’ll want to keep your base more simplistic and neutral to allow your bolder features, from a dark red lip to face-framing brows, to take the stage.


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Capricorn risings will want to communicate their internal seriousness and intelligence with their makeup looks. Since you’re an Earth sign, choose neutral shades of eyeshadow and blush, and opt for structured looks that are both practical and timeless. If there’s one sign that fits the “office siren” makeup trend perfectly, it’s totally a Capricorn rising.


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Remember a few years ago when face gems and super-glittery looks were trending because of Euphoria? Aquarius risings were made for that. Complement a simple, glowy base with eye-catching accents like blue mascara, a face gem or two, or brightly colored eyeshadow. TL;DR: This year’s blue eyeshadow trend is calling your name.


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Last but certainly not least, Pisces risings are the quintessential water signs; you’ll want to lean into colors that emphasize your emotional intelligence and romantic leanings. Use soft pastels in your eye shadow and blush, and definitely opt for as glowy of a base as possible. If you want to add a little extra oomph, opt for subtle falsies to emphasize your eyes.