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30 Amazon Home Finds That’ll Make Your Space Feel Like a Nancy Meyers Movie

written by MADI KOETTING

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nancy meyers
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

If your love language is cuddling up on the couch and watching The Parent Trap, Father of the Bride, or The Holiday (even if it’s not actually the holiday season), you’re in the right place. Nancy Meyers films aren’t movies to simply watch and passively admire—they’re a form of escapism that invites you to steal away to a cozy getaway and live vicariously through the romantic exploits of the main characters. Because of this, I am completely enthralled with the Nancy Meyers home aesthetic. Her movie interiors feel warm and welcoming with just the right dose of vintage charm. Most importantly, these spaces feel real and lived in as opposed to an idealistic movie set. So, in an effort to live my main-character-in-a-Nancy-Meyers-rom-com dreams, I scoured Amazon for home items I could buy to cultivate this homey, inviting aesthetic we all know and love. Keep scrolling for the Amazon home decor that perfectly suits the Nancy Meyers vibe.

Amazon Home Decor Inspired by Nancy Meyers

1. Chinoiserie-Inspired Lamp

Whether we’re talking about the dreamy coastal escape from Something’s Gotta Give or the gorgeous Santa Barbara kitchen in It’s Complicated, Nancy Meyers’ set designs just scream “coastal grandma.” Featuring gold accents and blue-painted details, this elegant lamp masters the effortlessly classy vibe we all know and love. And at least for now, it’s the closest we’ll get to channeling Diane Keaton in the Hamptons.

Chinoiserie Table Lamp

3 colors available

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2. Taper Candle Holders

Candles are a decorating staple in any Nancy Meyers film—right alongside fresh florals, of course. Set the mood (and the dinner table) with these vintage-looking taper candle holders available in gold or black. Or use them to add some height to your coffee table or fireplace mantel—they’re endlessly versatile.

Amazon | NUPTIO
Set of 3 Candle Stick Holders

2 colors available

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3. Wicker Frames

If you’re going for the coastal grandma look, there’s truly no such thing as too much wicker. Introduce woven materials through baskets, serving trays, and yes, even picture frames—we subscribe to it all for the sake of re-creating the Nancy Meyers look. These handwoven rattan frames will bring a splash of timeless character to any room.

Amazon | Two’s Company
Rattan Photo Frame Set
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4. Linen Throw Pillows

Nothing goes together quite like linen fabric and Nancy Meyers interiors. These neutral throw pillow covers offer endless possibilities while cultivating a soft and relaxing vibe.

Amazon | Foindtower
Linen Fringe Throw Pillow Covers

9 colors available

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5. Wall Sconces

A great pair of wall sconces can make small spaces like a hallway, bathroom, or even the bedroom feel “rich.” Not in a monetary way—though that doesn’t hurt—but in the sense that sconce lighting can instantly elevate an otherwise ordinary space. Not to mention, they’ll help you master the Nancy Meyers mood lighting while adding purpose to blank walls.

Amazon | Pathson
Set of 2 Vintage Wall Sconces

2 colors available

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6. Rattan Serving Tray

Speaking of all things wicker, this rattan serving tray is an entertaining must-have. If Meryl Streep’s character in It’s Complicated had to pick one vehicle for serving margaritas to her guests, it would no doubt look something like this decorative tray with mother of pearl inlay.

Amazon | Kmelep
Round Rattan Tray

5 colors available

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7. Vintage French Prints

Because blank walls and minimalist vibes simply won’t do, it’s time to invest in some timeless art. While thrifting is my preferred option for finding cottagecore decor, Amazon’s handmade section is also a smart bet when you don’t have the time for endless hunting. This 10-piece set of art prints is just the thing to infuse your home with vintage charm.

Amazon | Lucky Numen
Vintage French Art Prints
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8. Decorative Flower Vases

Fresh flowers and greenery are basically supporting characters in Nancy Meyers films. One gorgeous arrangement simply won’t do, so grab a set of chic glass vases you can use to display single stems or mini flower arrangements all over the home.

Amazon | Fixwal
Set of 3 Glass Vase
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9. Cordless Table Lamp

Did we mention the importance of mood lighting? Yes, it’s a common theme in Nancy Meyers movies, but not just any lighting will do. Specifically, you often see table lamps tucked away in unexpected places throughout her set designs. To help you pull off the look, this battery-operated table lamp offers a cord-free way to add lighting to a bookshelf, accent table, or countertop.

Amazon | O’Bright
LED Table Lamp
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10. Linen Duvet Cover

When it comes to bedroom designs, Nancy Meyers has some serious range. The Holiday alone demonstrates how Meyers can effortlessly go from crisp and modern to eclectic and cozy no problem. But if you want something that’ll go with anything, you can’t go wrong with a classic linen duvet cover. Complete the look with a knit throw draped at the end of the bed and an absurd amount of pillows ready to dive into Kate Winslet-style.

Duvet Cover Set

10+ colors available

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11. Seagrass Basket

Putting away extra throw blankets? Transferring fresh linens to the closet? This seagrass basket is just the vessel for romanticizing the mundane and making you feel like the main character of your own rom-com.

Amazon | Deco 79
Seagrass Woven Storage Basket
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12. Knit Throw Blanket

Meyers is never one to shy away from layering up on cozy textiles. Drape throws across the back of the sofa, over the arm of a chair, or at the end of the bed to make your home feel similarly cozy and inviting. Choose textiles in earth tones or light neutrals like white or cream to further enhance the warm, welcoming vibe.

Amazon | Longhui Bedding
Chunky Cable Knit Throw Blanket

10+ colors available

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13. Accent Rug

I firmly believe an apartment or house isn’t a home until it has at least one rug or runner. To emulate Meyers’s collected-over-time style, choose one with some texture or a vintage-inspired design like this option from Loloi x Chris Loves Julia. It’s available in tons of sizes, so it’ll work in any room.

Amazon | Loloi x Chris Loves Julia
Accent Rug

9 colors available

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14. Wicker Storage Baskets

You can never have too much storage, and these boxes are perfect for hiding not-so-pretty things like remotes, loose papers, or even electronics like a speaker or digital receiver. Or simply stack them on a shelf for an instant styling option.

Cane and Rattan Decorative Storage Boxes

2 colors available

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15. Linen Curtains

A necessary yet easily forgotten home necessity? Curtains. Sure, you could just stick with the basic blinds or shades your place probably came equipped with, but curtains provide another element of softness and elegance to a room that Nancy Meyers would definitely approve of. These beige linen drapes are perfect for adding a dreamy layer to the bedroom, dining room, or living room.

Amazon | Nanspring
Beige Flax Linen Curtains

10+ colors available

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16. Marble Catchall Dish

Whether you use it to stash keys, jewelry, or small keepsakes, this hand-carved marble dish makes such a chic addition to a coffee table or entryway console. It’ll provide a home for loose essentials, proving that clutter can have a place inside beautiful interiors, after all.

Amazon | Hapton House
Scalloped Natural Marble Bowl
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17. Coffee Table Books

There’s a true art to making your space feel lived-in and collected like a Nancy Meyers rom-com without veering toward cluttered. If you have some space to fill on a bookshelf, coffee table, or media console, coffee table books are always the answer. If you don’t have a favorite set, we love this art history-centric four-piece set for adding visual interest to empty nooks.

Amazon | PTShadow
Decorative Book Set
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18. Candle Warmer Lamp

Cultivating the Nancy Meyers aesthetic starts with exceptional mood lighting. A candle warmer lamp is an easy yet effective way to set the mood for two reasons: It emits a cozy glow and fills any room with your favorite candle scent. Not to mention, it’s one of few lighting upgrades that requires zero effort to install. Though we don’t actually know what a Nancy Meyers set would smell like, I like to imagine a blend of sage, frankincense, and oak moss—which you can easily achieve, too, with a candle and this elegant, vintage-looking warming lamp.

Amazon | NVRGIUP
Candle Lamp with Timer

3 colors available

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19. Stoneware Batter Bowls

I can already picture myself whipping up a batch of pancakes on the weekend using these stoneware batter bowls. And if you have exposed kitchen shelves, go ahead and dedicate a spot for these bowls because they’re too pretty to stash in a cabinet. You’ll instantly upgrade your cooking and baking experience by opting for classic stone versus something a little more utilitarian, like plastic or stainless steel.

Amazon | Creative Co-Op
Set of 4 Stoneware Bowls
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20. Vintage Textured Glassware

I can’t be the only one who feels an overwhelming wave of nostalgia looking at these vintage textured drinking glasses. Maybe it’s because they remind me of my grandma’s house or because they look like they belong in a scene from Something’s Gotta Give (probably both). Whatever it is, they’re the summer dinner party essential we all need—especially when spicy margs are involved.

Amazon | Kate Aspen
Vintage Textured Striped Drinking Glasses

5 colors available

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21. Olive Oil Dispenser

With a Mediterranean-inspired design, this gorgeous olive oil dispenser will instantly give your kitchen a coastal vibe with almost no effort. Store it on a tray near the stove for easy access while you’re cooking and a simple countertop decor idea.

Amazon | Kitchen Krafts
Ceramic Oil Dispenser
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22. Concrete Fruit Bowl

If you’re still stashing fresh produce in the fridge, you’re missing out on a super-easy kitchen decor idea. Take this as your sign to invest in a beautiful fruit bowl, like this sturdy concrete pick, for displaying all your farmer’s market goodies. Keeping fresh fruits and veggies on the counter is truly the easiest way to incorporate pops of color in the kitchen, and all you need is a beautiful vessel.

Amazon | OAKOA
Concrete Fruit Bowl
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23. Wooden Serving Board

Honestly, no matter what home aesthetic you’re trying to cultivate, a wooden serving board is always a yes in my book. Serve up all the charcuterie, pizza, and appetizer spreads your heart desires and display the board on the counter as a functional decor piece you’ll use almost every day.

Amazon | Ayiaren
Large Wood Cutting Board
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24. Enameled Dutch Oven

I’m pretty sure this one doesn’t even need an explanation because a Dutch oven is a necessary tool for all those mouth-watering stews, soups, and roasts you’ll whip up in your Nancy Meyers-esque kitchen. This pick from Lodge is high-quality yet wallet-friendly and comes in tons of classic and fun colorways.

Amazon | Lodge
Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

10+ colors available

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25. Wood Pedestal Stand

Kitchen counters are for displaying beautiful treats, and I like to believe this cake stand is the exact one that Meryl Streep’s character in It’s Complicated uses to store her infamous chocolate croissants. The wood pedestal adds an extra bit of warmth and texture, while the glass dome keeps the contents fresh.

Amazon | Libbey
Footed Acaciawood Round Cake Stand
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26. Stone Dinnerware

There’s just something about watching Nancy Meyers films that makes me want to host a dinner party for all my closest friends. When the occasion strikes, this 12-piece dinnerware set adorned with a blue floral pattern is how I plan to serve up salad, pasta, a steak entree—you name it.

Amazon | Pfaltzgraff
12 Piece Dinnerware Set
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27. Herb Planters

I hate to break it to you, but it’s time to stop buying fresh herbs from the grocery store. If you really want to live your best Nancy Meyers rom-com life, grow your own using these herb planters. They’ll quite literally add life to your kitchen while taking your cooking to the next level.

Amazon | Barnyard Designs
Indoor Herb Garden Planter Set

7 colors available

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28. Linen Kitchen Towels

Linen kitchen towels are as useful as they are decorative, whether you choose to use them as tea towels hanging on the oven or for wiping messy hands in the middle of a baking sesh.

Amazon | DII
French Stripe Kitchen Towel Set of 3

4 colors available

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29. Wooden Kitchen Utensils

The trick to mastering the Nancy Meyers kitchen aesthetic truly comes down to the little details. Even the most utilitarian items, like cooking utensils, can be beautiful. These wooden spoons with white tips are just the find to take your utensil collection from ordinary to interesting.

Amazon | Folkulture
Wooden Spoon Set

5 colors available

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30. Vintage Coupe Glasses

Sure, a bottle of fine red wine might come to mind when thinking of Nancy Meyers. But if the iconic director were a cocktail, I like to think she’d be a dirty martini served up in these vintage-style coupe glasses. The shape and textured sides exude just the right amount of vintage charm necessary for crafting that timeless feel Meyers is known for.

Amazon | Pasabahce
Vintage Coupe Glasses Set of 4
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