New Year, New You: Your 2024 Horoscope Is Here!

written by LAUREN E. TAYLOR
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

It’s hard to believe that it’s once again the start of a new year, but 2024 has arrived. As you recover from New Year’s Eve parties and start working on your resolutions, one thing you don’t want to miss out on is your 2024 horoscope. The major events happening this year are Pluto entering Aquarius, Jupiter moving into Gemini, and Aries and Libra eclipses. Another thing to be aware of is Saturn transiting through Pisces. The planet entered Pisces in March 2023, but you’ll still feel the effects (hard work, making lasting habits, challenges, structure) in the part of your chart associated with Pisces. Keep reading to find out even more about what all that means for your sign. 

2024 at a Glance

January 20: Pluto moves back into Aquarius on January 20. Pluto first entered the sign in early 2023, but then it went retrograde, AKA moved backward, into Capricorn in June. Society as a whole is more impacted by Pluto than people are on an individual level because the planet spends so long—up to about 30 years—in one sign (aside from retrograding back to the previous sign). To paint a picture, the moon spends only around two days in a sign, meaning that people born only a few days apart will have different moon signs, but you’ll have the same Pluto sign as nearly everyone in your generation. Since Pluto was in Aquarius for part of 2023, the same themes still apply: We can look forward to scientific, medical, and technological advances and developments related to humanitarian causes.

March 25: There’s a lunar eclipse in Libra on March 25. This is the first eclipse of the year—and it will be carrying on the same themes that you experienced in April and October of 2023 when the Aries and Libra eclipse series began.

April 8: There’s a solar eclipse in Aries on April 8 that will be closing out this eclipse season until September.

May 25: Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25. The planet of growth and expansion is shifting into the sign of communication, which will likely lead to lots of idea sharing and exchanges of information, and people might be more open-minded. On a personal level, this means luck and opportunities in a new part of your life.

September 17: There’s a lunar eclipse in Pisces on September 17. We’re starting to wind down the Aries/Libra eclipses at this point, which is why there’s an overlapping eclipse in Pisces. The next series will be taking place in Virgo and Pisces, so you’ll get a preview of upcoming 2025 themes for yourself.

October 2: There’s a solar Eclipse in Libra on October 2. This is the final eclipse of the year and the second to last in the Aries and Libra series (there’s just one more in Aries in March 2025). You might be starting to see a resolution in the changes that have been happening over the past year since the eclipses in October 2023.


With the eclipses in your sign this year, you’ll be dealing with personal changes. Maybe you’re revamping your style, or you might have the urge to try out a new haircut. You could also be rethinking your goals and the best way to go about them. Your relationships will be a major theme in 2024, too. When it comes to romantic relationships, consider whether the person you’re with is right for you or try to have deeper conversations with your partner. You could be dealing with shifts in close friendships, as well. Communication will come more easily to you when Jupiter enters Gemini, whether it’s with people in your life or when it comes to work. This is a good time to try creative writing or journaling.


You’ll be focused on mental and physical health in 2024. Try to set personal boundaries with coworkers or with friends and family so you’re not stressing about everyone else in your life. This could be a good opportunity to consider going to therapy or trying out meditation. As Jupiter enters Gemini at the end of May, you could start to see success with a side hustle or get more recognition at work. Think about trying to earn additional income from hobbies if you’ve been looking for a way to make more money. You also may find that you’re being more responsible with your money and not wasting it on impulse purchases or on things you don’t really need.


Optimistic Jupiter is moving into your sign in the spring, so you’ll be feeling lucky. Take advantage of the prosperous planet in your sign by going after your crush, applying to your dream job, or looking for houses or apartments in your ideal neighborhood. With Saturn in the section of your chart associated with work, you might be getting more serious about your career, or you could be going through challenges at your job that will be helpful in the long run. You’ll be making new friends or networking this year as well, so branch out from your usual crew to expand your circle. You could be dating more or putting more of an emphasis on being romantic with your partner, too. You may feel more creatively inspired, or you might be trying to make time for hobbies.


In 2024, think about whether you’re happy living where you are or if you see yourself moving somewhere else. You could be making changes to your home, like rearranging the furniture or completely redecorating. This is an important career year for you, as well. You could be job hunting or beginning a new job, or there might be changes happening within your team at work. Use this time to think about your career path, too. With Saturn in Pisces, you might be finishing up long-term projects if you’re in school, or you could be considering going back to school. Head to the bookstore to pick up something to read just for fun or to learn about a new subject. This is also an ideal time to step outside your comfort zone and travel to new places or take a solo trip.


It’s a good year to work on your communication skills with the people in your life, from family members to coworkers. You could have more writing and speaking work at your job in 2024, as well, so your improved communication skills will come in handy there, too. A new subject might pique your interest and push you to learn more about it, whether it’s through your own research or taking classes. As a Leo, you’re already the star of most social situations, but you’ll be especially popular in 2024. If you’ve been wanting to make new friends or work connections, use this opportunity to sign up for networking events, volunteer for a cause you care about, or join a group, such as a book club or a sports league, to build a community.


You’ll be focusing on your money habits in 2024. Try to be more careful about what you spend so that you’ll have money to save or invest. You might be honing skills to apply at work or that you can use in a new role, too. Jupiter in Gemini (at the end of May) is a fantastic career transit for you. You’ll receive more recognition at work, and it’s the perfect chance to ask for a promotion or a raise. You could also be offered a position that has a higher salary. 2024 will be a big year if you have a partner, as well. You may experience a rough patch or otherwise experience big changes, like an engagement or marriage. Now’s a good time to talk to your partner about your relationship to make sure you’re on the same page.


Saturn in Pisces means you’ll be developing long-term healthy habits, such as finding a workout routine you enjoy, cooking for yourself, or keeping your house tidy. To make the most of this transit, try to be more disciplined at work by staying organized or better managing your time. This will also be important for you personally. There are two eclipses in your sign, which means you’ll be working towards your goals. But be sure to carve out time to spend on hobbies you enjoy. You might be feeling unsure about your current wardrobe, making it the ideal time to try out some new trends to discover what you like (and hate). The eclipses mean changes in your close relationships, too, so be extra clear with your partner and friends to avoid unnecessary drama.


You’ll be trying to find time in your busy schedule for self-care, even if that means turning down plans sometimes to rest and recharge. Consider trying something like meditation or yoga to clear your mind. This is also a great opportunity to cook for yourself more and to be more consistent with a workout routine. Even if you usually hate exercising, test out different classes or try working with a trainer to find something you like doing. Saturn in Pisces is a good time to set dating or relationship goals for yourself, too. You’ll be thinking about what you want in a partner, or if you’re dating someone, you might be getting more serious with them.


2024 will bring an emphasis to dating and your network. You’ll be feeling optimistic about your relationships this year, but make sure you’re clear about your expectations with your S.O. or with people you’re seeing. Plan quality time with your significant other, and reach out to friends you haven’t seen in a while to catch up. This is a great time to forge a new business partnership, such as a mentorship, as well. The eclipses will also highlight your fun side, so attempt to make time outside of work for hobbies and activities you enjoy. You’ll want to prioritize family this year, too, and you could be thinking about moving.


2024 will be a major year when it comes to your career. Be on the lookout for job offers in a new city, opportunities to take on more responsibility at work, or new roles you might be interested in. You’ll also be making changes at home, whether it’s moving to a new house or splurging on new decor. When Jupiter moves into Gemini at the end of May, you’ll be feeling more organized and less overwhelmed by all the necessary tasks you have to do, making it a good time to create a daily schedule, keep up with things like errands and laundry, or get caught up on doctor appointments.


Aquarians are always looking to learn new things, but you’ll feel especially compelled this year with the Aries/Libra eclipses. Look into classes you can take online or browse your local bookstore for new genres. Saturn is moving through the part of your chart that deals with personal finances and values, so you may be struggling to develop better habits with your money. You’ll be figuring out what’s actually necessary to buy and what you can live without. Plan out a budget so you can work on saving more and not blowing cash on nonessentials. This year you’ll also be lucky in love. It’s a perfect time to put yourself out there more or discuss a relationship timeline. You may find yourself tapping into your creative side this year, as well, so lean into any hobbies you may have that allow you to express yourself.


Since Saturn is in your sign, 2024 might feel like a challenge for you, but everything will lead to positive changes in the future, so try not to worry too much. You might be trying to be more responsible, or you may be getting serious about your long-term goals, so it’s a perfect time to plan out what you want to achieve this year. The Aries and Libra eclipses are a great opportunity to try investing, ask for a raise at work, or recognize bad spending habits as well. You’ll also have a lot of ideas about how you want your house to look and could be redecorated. This year could be your chance to move to your dream home, so be sure to keep tabs on your favorite neighborhoods or cities.