6 Ways to Bring Personality to Your Living Space

Whether you’re decorating a rental apartment or currently settled into your forever home, I’ll go on record to say that the space where you rest your head is where some of the most miraculous things in your life will happen. It’s the place where you make space on your couch for your best friend who’s going through a divorce. It’s where you celebrate your new promotion with margaritas or host your new neighbors for game night. It might even be the space where you eventually grow your family. In a place where you’ll be spending so many unique and personal moments, it’s essential that your home reflects not just what Instagram tells you is beautiful but also what truly makes you tick and brings you joy. I consulted with interiors expert Lauren Meichtry, founder of Elsie Home, on the best ways to effortlessly incorporate personality into your home decor. Here are some go-to tips:


1. Art

I’m an American living in New Zealand, but if you were to guess from the wall art that adorns my living room, you might think I hailed from the U.K. I’ve always loved the charming streets of Britain, and it makes me happy to display scenes that remind me of my travels there. Meichtry echoes this sentiment: “Nothing jazzes up empty walls like art. If painting your walls is out of the question or too big a project to take on, you can instantly transform your space by either leaning art on shelves or grabbing a few Command strips and quickly sticking your favorite frames on your wall.”

2. Display your keepsakes as decor

Rather than relying on expensive or trendy styling accessories, take stock of what you already have for tabletop and shelf-styling. Add a tray of collected matchbooks to your coffee table or use linens from your grandmother’s attic to add a splash of color to your dining area. Meichtry even suggests framing an old ticket you’ve hung onto from a concert you enjoyed (Yes, consider this your permission slip to openly gloat about your Jonas Brothers obsession).

3. Greenery

Fresh flowers are always welcome, but Meichtry notes that bringing in potted plants and trees allows you to infuse color and texture into your space easily, all year round. And for those (like me) who can’t even keep a cactus alive, there’s zero shame in going faux. 

4. Switch out your hardware

I love a good kitchen cabinet hardware update, but Meichtry reminded me that you can definitely utilize this tip in plenty of other rooms. Swap out your rental bathroom vanity hardware or give your old dresser a bit of a revamp with some new drawer pulls. It’s a tiny step that takes just a few minutes but can turn anything builder-grade into a custom piece. 

5. Window coverings

Window treatments are the key to making a bland room feel warm and inviting. Before you disregard this tip for budget reasons (I know, window treatment costs can be downright terrifying), you should know that you can absolutely achieve a high-end look with budget-friendly window treatments. Even Meichtry calls herself a huge fan of IKEA’s curtain options. “While custom drapery is the gold standard, that isn’t always an option. If you’re willing to put in a little work, you can splurge a bit on a nice curtain rod and save on the curtains themselves,” she notes. If you have the budget for a more custom fabric, this can also be a great spot to showcase color, pattern, or new textures. Who says you have to stick to white or neutral linen curtains? Go velvet! Go floral! Go green, if it strikes your fancy!


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6. A statement-making investment piece 

When it comes to decor, one of the best things you can invest in is a sofa. You’ll spend a huge chunk of your time there—lazy evenings at home, boozy brunches in with friends, date nights—so finding a piece that is comfortable, durable, and stylish is key. A rich-toned velvet is a timeless option that feels statement-worthy in both small and large spaces and will up the luxury factor instantly. The Everygirl’s collection with Interior Define has been road-tested in many editors’ homes over the years, and the quality for the price is unmatched. We’re huge fans of the performance velvet fabric—and it’s pet and kid-friendly! Trust us: You won’t miss your boring old sectional. 

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