15 Recipes to Make for Super Bowl Sunday

Listen: I’d love to be that cool, chill girl who has a fantasy football team, knows the ins and outs of NFL rules and regulations, and has even an inkling of which team to put my money on for this upcoming championship game. Unfortunately, football just isn’t my field of expertise. What’s my field of expertise, you ask? Eating.

Whether you’ve been following along all season or are jumping on the bandwagon at the last minute, these drool-worthy apps are something we can all agree on, no matter which team we’re rooting for. Let’s eat, drink, delay our Sunday scaries for as long as humanly possible, and mentally prepare for J.Lo and Shakira to rock. our. world.

Allow me to introduce the big game’s starting lineup:


1. Honey BBQ Chicken Wings


2. Chicken Ranch Wraps


3. Cheesy Artichoke Dip


4. Nacho Loaded Potato Skins


5. Pesto Pinwheels 


6. Easy Skillet Queso Dip


7. Jalapeno Popper Pull-Apart Bread


8. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs


9. Chicken Enchilada Dip


10. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Source: Foodie Crush


11. Teriyaki Turkey Meatballs


12. Black Bean Cheese Taquitos


13. Loaded Mexican Nachos

Source: Isabel Eats


14. Homemade Soft Bite Pretzels


15. Buffalo Chicken Fajita Pizza Ring

Source: Isabel Eats