25+ Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones for the Sexiest Valentine’s Day Ever

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The gift-giving doesn’t stop just because December comes and goes. Valentine’s Day is as commercial as Christmas—if not more. The stores are filled with red and pink, hearts, candy, and so much lingerie. And we’re definitely not against it! In our minds? Sexy Valentine’s gifts always reign supreme. If there’s anything your partner or friends are going to “ooh” and “ahh” over, it’s gonna be sex toys, lingerie, and the like. We don’t blame them!

But how exactly do you give a sex-related gift without it being weird? Instead of buying your partner those courtside seats or your best friend a new lipstick, we’ve got some sexier options to make the absolute most of the month of love. Also, we didn’t forget about you either, single ladies—it’s all self-love, baby.


For your significant other…


Chorus App and Remote Controlled Couple's Vibrator

What's a better gift than a couples vibrator? With internal and external arms (while you're having sex with a penis or strap-on, might I add), the best orgasm of your life is within reach. Might we suggest going halfsies?

Savage x Fenty

Glossy Flossy Bustier

The best possible gift you could give this Valentine's Day? Your hot self. In Savage X Fenty, you're guaranteed to turn heads—no matter your size or body type.

Savage x Fenty

Satin Boxers

We can't gatekeep lingerie all to ourselves, girlies. If you're in a heterosexual relationship, these adorable boxers are perfect for him, but they'd also make a great gift for a female partner too (a G-string or thing? I'm choosing this). These will take them from cooking your favorite meal in the kitchen to the bedroom for playtime.


Arousal Serum

An arousal serum that makes wherever you put it feel warm, tingly, and extra sensitive? Sign me the eff up.

Nasty Gal

Pleasure Bound Bondage Tape

Tell your partner you're ready to try something new with this bondage tape. No worries—this doesn't stick to skin or clothes (just itself!), so don't be afraid of a painful removal. Instead, just think of all the possible ways you can tie each other up.

Creative Conceptions

You & Me Intimacy Board Game

This board game will help you and your partner get closer through a variety of sexy prompts that will have you running to the bedroom in no time. Consider this your perfect at-home date night.


Soy Massage Oil Candle

Keep this candle lit on the nightstand during sex. While it fills your room with a sweet, sexy amber and cedar scent, the wax will melt, leaving you with a massage oil you can apply all over each other.


Sex Pillow

Designed to make sex more comfortable, this pillow is ideal for heating things up. Not only does it help you get into those hard-to-reach positions, but it's also just a comfortable pillow to make sex a little less of an effort, if you get what I'm saying.

Little Genie

A Month of Sex

The second your partner opens this, it's on. For 30 days, follow the prompts on this calendar for a month's worth of mind-blowing sex. We won't judge if you just *happen* to accidentally do two in one day.


Crotchless Pearl Thong

These adorable panties deserve a special night in, so wrap them up with some chocolate, and you and your partner get a little something out of it.


Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug 3.5 Inch

A simple, non-intimidating butt plug is a great way to show your partner you're game for trying something new (if you've talked about it, of course). This one doesn't have a million bells and whistles, but that's exactly why we love it for beginners.


For your BFF…


Women's Pleasure Serum with CBD

Your BFF deserves toe-curling sex, whether it's with a partner or herself. Apply this CBD serum to your clitoris and vulva, wait 20 minutes, and get busy. The best sex of your life awaits (trust me—it's editor-approved).

Nasty Gal

Heart Throb Rechargeable Intimate Massager

You can't go wrong with a cute vibrator she'll maybe consider even keeping on her nightstand as decor. This under-$30 vibe has 10 different modes, is waterproof, and is easy to charge via USB.

Fleur Marche

Sex, Plz CBD Patch

These patches make a perfect gift with a V-Day card for your best girlfriends (I'm literally planning to give them to my besties this year—shh, no one tell).


Mindful Mineral Soak

A bubble bath doesn't have to be innately sexual, but there's no harm in making it that way. This CBD soak will soothe tired, sore muscles, so for the friend who's sex life is suffering after long, stressful days, this will be the MVP.

Chronicle Books

Little Book of Sex

For a little feisty dinner conversation (between friends or partners), this book offers tons of nuggets of info, like more on Kama Sutra, the psychology of attraction, and more.


Sleep Robe

While there are definitely hotter robes on the market, none of them are quite as chic and comfy as this. Your BFF can roam around her apartment in this feeling fine and hop right into bed afterward. You're such a caring friend.


Finger Pro by Bellesa

For the best friend you know will get a laugh (and maybe a climax or two) out of this vibrator, meet the Bellesa Finger Pro. It might look like a Demogorgon from Stranger Things, but this finger vibrator has 10 different intensities to make the most of your masturbation sesh.


Womanizer Premium 2 Rechargeable Smart Silence Clitoral Suction Stimulator

This clitoral suction vibrator is one-of-a-kind. Dare we say it: The orgasms are pretty much guaranteed. It has 14 different intensity levels that mimic the magic that is oral sex—whoever you bless this with will send a loooong thank you.


For yourself…


Intimacy Suppositories with CBD

Treat yourself with something to make your sex life a lot better. Does sex sometimes feel painful or uncomfortable for you, or do you just struggle to *get there*? Place one of these CBD suppositories inside the vagina or anus 30 to 60 minutes before sex, and you'll notice more arousal and way less tension and discomfort.

Nasty Gal

Silicone Multi-Speed G Spot Vibrator

If your bases are already covered in terms of classic vibrators, you're likely missing one of the G-spot variety. This is an inexpensive way to try the vibe before investing (but you might just find this is plenty).


The Silk Restraints of Your Dreams

These are only the chicest restraints on the market for you this Valentine's Day. Imagine what a badass b*tch you'll be rolling up to your next Bumble date with these. You sexy minx, you.


Ribbed Condoms

Because we're independent, sex-empowered women, investing in a set of condoms for your apartment that are all about your pleasure is the perfect V-Day gift.


Glissenette Straight Neck Underwire Bra

SKIMS has taken our editors' closets (and wallets) by storm recently, and these bras are no exception. They're the comfortable, well-fitting style we love from the brand, just with a sexy, shiny fabric that might make us rethink what lingerie really is.


5 for $40 Undies

Yep, you read that right: five pairs of Parade’s ultra-soft, sexy, sustainable underwear for $40. How will we choose five?

Amazon | Chronicle Books

Merry Jane's The CBD Solution: Sex: How Cannabis, CBD, and Other Plant Allies Can Improve Your Everyday Life

If CBD or THC (in a legal state, ofc) and sex intrigues you (same), this is the book for you. It's also arguably the coolest coffee table book we've ever seen.


Jewel Satin Teddy

We're all about mixing sexy and sweet, especially when comfort's involved. Imagine throwing this on to binge-read a steamy romance book on Valentine's Day. My ~literal~ dream.


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