20+ Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones for the Sexiest Valentine’s Day Ever

The gift-giving doesn’t stop just because December comes and goes. Valentine’s Day is as commercial as Christmas, if not more. The stores are filled with red and pink, hearts, candy, and so. much. lingerie. And we’re definitely not against it! In our minds? The sexier the gift, the better. If there’s anything your partner or friends are going to “ooh” and “ahh” over, it’s gonna be sex toys, lingerie, and the like. We don’t blame them!

But how exactly do you give a sex-related gift without it being weird? Instead of buying your partner those courtside seats or your best friend a new lipstick, we’ve got some sexier options to make the absolute most of the month of love. Also, we didn’t forget about you either, single ladies—it’s all self-love, baby.


For your significant other…

Love Honey

G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

3 colors available

Nasty Gal

Velvet Vibrator

3 colors available

Bare Necessities

Floral Lace Garter Belt

A classic black garter belt can take all of your bra and panty sets to the next level.


For your BFF…


The Sex Gel

Sexy, minimalist, aesthetic lube is everything we're dreaming of this V-Day. Your BFF will go all "OMG, you get me."

Nasty Gal

Ribbed Wide-Leg Pants Lounge Set

3 colors available

Moon Juice

Sex Dust

What else would you give your wellness guru friend for Valentine's Day? This adaptogen blend goes in smoothies, tea, or coffee to make you feel calmer and more creative. 😉


Satisfyer Pro Clitoral Suction Vibrator

If the wand vibrator was the vibe of the '90s, this will be it for the 2010s and '20s. This is the vibrator I tell all of my friends about, and if you buy anything on this list, make it this. I feel passionately that your life will not be the same.


Sexy Audio Story Subscription

read our review of this sex-positive, women-owned audio erotica app!


For yourself…


Moonlight Dolman Nightshirt

Comfort. Easy access. What can I say, I'm a woman of simple pleasures.

Third Love

Comfort Stretch Bikini

8 colors available