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The Everygirl’s 31-Day “Spring-Clean Your Life” Challenge

written by JOSIE SANTI
Source: @laurenireland
Source: @laurenireland

March means spring cleaning: when you change the pillows, flip the mattress, and deep clean your shower. It’s that magical time of year to reassess what needs to go and reorganize what’s staying. But this challenge is not just about cleaning your home; it’s about cleaning your life. Detox” and “cleanse” are buzzwords that have become associated with diets, but we’d like to reclaim those terms to be less about juicing and more about what they’re supposed to mean: removing anything that isn’t serving you and replacing it with alternatives that support your well-being.

Cleansing your life isn’t just about detoxing the habits, practices, and clutter that don’t make you feel like your best self; it’s just as much about replenishing with whatever makes you happy, healthy, and whole. The purpose of this cleanse is to gain awareness about how your daily habits and environment are affecting you, so that you can make room for your best possible life. For every day in March, you’ll be challenged to simplify, cleanse, de-stress, and clean out your home, bank account, mind, body, and spirit, so that you’ll be that much closer to your best, happiest self come summer. Happy spring cleaning!

The Everygirl’s 31-Day “Spring-Clean Your Life” Challenge

Week 1

1. Simplify your diet by opting for whole foods
2. Reevaluate finances: Eliminate the expenses that don’t bring you joy and budget for expenses that do
3. Replace any exercise you don’t enjoy with workouts that you’ll look forward to
4. Reorganize your pantry: Toss out what’s old and get storage containers for easier access (and more sustainable living)
5. Notice emotions and record the ones that aren’t serving you (without judgment)
6. Clean your shower while you’re in it
7. Cleanse your mind: Don’t complain all day (not once!)

Week 2

8. Evaluate recurring charges on your bank statements and cancel what you don’t use regularly
9. Detox your social media by unfollowing every account that does not inspire you or make you happy
10. Clean out your closet and donate clothes that no longer spark joy
11. Stick to a sleep schedule by waking up and going to bed around the same time every night
12. Make an action plan when negative emotions like stress, loneliness, or anger come up
13. Organize your junk drawer (finally!)
14. Meal prep all of your lunches for the next week

Week 3 

15. Practice journaling to help the mind let go of whatever it’s holding onto
16. Clean out contacts, documents on your computer, and pictures on your phone by deleting what you no longer need
17. Make your bed first thing in the morning
18. Detox your relationships: Make a list of everyone you come in contact with (that includes friends, family, and coworkers you see IRL, but also the groups chat and social media accounts you look at most frequently), and then reflect on who deserves more time and energy and who deserves less
19. Limit light in the evenings for better sleep
20. Get sweaty, whether it’s in a cozy cardio sesh or a steam shower
21. Deep clean one room in your home

Week 4

22. Reassess your schedule to replace wasted time with activities that will make you happier or calmer
23. Clean out your skincare and makeup by tossing anything that’s expired; replace with non-toxic alternatives
24. Designate a tech-free space in your home
25. Buy some indoor plants that purify the air
26. Come up with a go-to outfit formula to limit decision-making in the mornings
27. Track your water intake to make sure you’re hydrated enough
28. Forgive the people you haven’t forgiven yet (including yourself)

Week 5

29. Make a list of your 10 most common stressors and come up with solutions to solve each one
30. Detox your habits: Evaluate the ones that are not serving you and replace them with habits that will 
31. Choose to forgive someone–a parent, a friend, or yourself–and then really truly let go of whatever anger, resentment, or stress you’re holding onto