The Stems Are Out: These Are the Best Dresses for Summer

I have never had a lot of Leg Confidence because when I was growing up tanning beds were still en vogue (though admittedly, everyone knew it was a bad idea already) and all my friends were running around with those reverse tattoos of stars and hearts and the Playboy bunny (I know, I knowwwww) you got by putting on a sticker somewhere ~ provocative ~ like your hip bone before baking in the sunbed. Mind you, we were about 12 at the time. The early 2000s, amiright.

You’re welcome for that story about my life! Thankfully I (and I truly hope you as well) have progressed from my 12-year-old self and have grown to love my legs for the righteous stems they are. Enter the heaven that is a dress in the summer — less opportunities to sweat (sweating in jeans makes me physically anxious), maximum opportunities to twirl. Here are our favorite dresses for summer, ranging from swingy minis to flowy maxis.