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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of obé, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

5 Ways We’re Changing Our Workout Routines for Summer

written by JOSIE SANTI
Source: Stocksy
Source: Stocksy

You go to the same gym every day, do the same type of workout class, cool down the same way, or schedule workouts at the same time. Sound familiar? If so, I have an important PSA for you: it’s time to switch it up. Not only does changing up your workout routine work different muscles and ensure your body stays challenged, but you’ll beat workout boredom and stay present instead of going through the motions. Luckily for those of us who are in desperate need of a change, summer is the perfect time for a few workout upgrades (read: more energy, more time spent outdoors, and more fun). Here are five ways we’re changing our workout routines for the summer season and how you can change yours too.


1. Switching to more energizing workouts

If you’re stuck in a rut because you only do one kind of workout, summer is your solution. Thanks to longer days, warmer weather, and brighter sunlight, we often have the most energy in the summertime, so take advantage and up your workout intensity. I love a relaxing yoga flow and soothing pilates sesh as much as the next girl, but when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, I’m ready to break a sweat and have some fun. Whether you’re typically a yogi or tend to opt for slow and relaxing workouts, summer is the season to try something different. Thanks to obé fitness, you can easily up your workout routine by adding in cardio boxing (way less intimidating than you think!), yoga sculpt (set to Drake instead of typical relaxing music), or high-intensity dance classes (see: Beyoncé-themed). Not only will you challenge new muscles and get your cardio on, but you’ll be having way more fun, all season long. 

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2. Getting outside

Is it just us, or does the warmer weather leave you with a constant itch to get outside? TBH, I’m temporarily taking a break from air-conditioned gyms or indoor studios, and I’m taking my workouts outdoors instead. Whether you’re taking your jogs from the treadmill to the sidewalks, laying out a yoga mat in the park, or taking some outdoor classes (at least something good came out of quarantine), bring your workouts outdoors this summer to simultaneously break a sweat, enjoy the weather, and get some sunshine. To make outdoor workouts work for you, make sure you’re stocked up on everything you need, from sweat-resistant SPF (a must!) to the right kind of shoes. 


3. Experimenting with different times of day

Longer days mean more sunlight, and more sunlight means more energy (think about it: waking up at 7 a.m. when it’s already bright and sunny is way different than waking up to a dark, cold 7 a.m. that still feels like nighttime, right?). Take full advantage of the longer days by experimenting with workouts at different times of the day. If you’re not usually an early riser, get to bed extra early and wake up with the sun to try out a workout before your workday. If you prefer relaxing mornings, go on an evening run while the sun is still out (good news: you have plenty of time). At the very least, you might feel less bored in your same old workout routine, but you also might find that your energy levels and endurance are better at a different time of day.



4. Turning workouts social

So you and your friends are all vaccinated and can finally be together after months of social distancing; why take a break from your social summer to work out when you could make exercise a little more fun? This season, we’re breaking out of our gym routines to incorporate some more time with friends while still staying active. Grab a friend and try a new workout class, or go on a hike or bike ride instead of your usual post-work drinks. Not only will working out with a buddy keep you motivated (we’re all about some friendly competition in the name of health!), but you’ll have way more fun with your workout routine. If we’ve all learned one lesson this year, it’s that life is too short to not enjoy time with the people we love–that goes for our workouts too.


5. Less designated “gym time” and living more actively

PSA: “fitness” doesn’t have to mean hour-long workouts at the gym or a designated time of the day; instead, it can be as easy as living more active and less sedentarily. One of the best parts of summer is that walking everywhere is not only possible, but it’s pleasant. Cue up your favorite summer playlist or a new podcast episode and vow to walk everywhere possible (bonus: it’s better for the planet). For farther destinations, get creative about your transportation: walk to the further train stop to get in some extra steps or try bike riding for a quicker method that’s still active. Also, get creative about how you’re spending your free time: take a break from your beach read to swim, or use your Saturdays to go on scenic bike rides. Why spend more time in an air-conditioned gym when you could be working your muscles and building endurance by just living life?



This post contains a sponsored inclusion of obé, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.