The 20 Registry Gifts Couples Can’t Live Without

Take it from couples who have already been through the process. Here are their favorite items they registered for and haven't stopped using.

Obviously, being with the love of your life is the best part about getting married. However, there are a few small luxuries we can’t forget about. Getting all dolled up, spending time with loved ones, and of course, getting a few gifts from our friends and family are on that list.

The wedding registry is surprisingly one of the hardest things in your long list of wedding planning duties. Traditionally, couples put together a registry to stock up on items for their first home together. This usually means cookware, bedding, kitchen appliances — you know, the essentials. It may be easy to write off these items as things you already own — but starting a life together is a great reason to upgrade from those plates or bowls you’ve been collecting since college. Whether or not you lived together before your wedding (or lived on your own for a long time!), a wedding registry is a great opportunity to obtain pieces you’ll have for years to come (and even some extra cash!) — that reflect you as a couple and your life together. 

We recommend Zola, an online registry and wedding planning site. They offer over 50,000 gifts from all the brands you already love (or lust after) such as Le Creuset, KitchenAid, and Sonos. They also know that not everyone needs a new set of cookware or wine glasses when they get married. While you can find all of the newlywed home staples on Zola, the site still has you covered if these aren’t the ONLY items you need. They offer airline and Airbnb gift cards, fitness classes, and personalized cash funds, which are perfect if you’re saving up for a honeymoon or a pet. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Most of the item’s on Zola’s site ship free, making it so easy for your guests to click “add to cart” without having to pay insane shipping fees or wait forever for their items. They also offer controlled shipping, so if you’re moving right after your wedding, your guests can send the gift straight to your new address or simply prevent your mail from being bombarded with packages the couple weeks after the wedding. PLUS: anything left on the registry after your wedding date is 20 percent off for six months. Woohoo!


We polled our readers on their most-used and favorite gifts they got from their registry. Scroll to the bottom to see their number one favorite!


20. Luggage

Whether you’re about to take the honeymoon of your dreams or anticipate a lifetime of travel together, a new set of luggage for you both will certainly come in handy. You could go for something higher end that will last forever or opt for a set that includes all the essentials. 


3-Piece Luggage Set

4 colors available


2-Piece Luggage Set

3 colors available

19. Garment Steamer

This is one of those items you don’t realize you need until you finally have it in your life. No more putting your clothes in the bathroom while you shower or worrying about getting those last-minute wrinkles out with a flat iron. (We’ve all done it, right?) All of you and your partner’s dresses, button-downs, and dress pants are about to get a serious makeover.


18. Nice Dishes for Entertaining

Even though it will probably sit in a cabinet for part of the year (looking all sorts of gorgeous, of course), it’s a special gift that will remind you of that person every time you have people over. Who’s excited for the holidays at your place?

ED Ellen Degeneres

Serving Bowl

17. Smart Thermostat & Doorbell

Obviously, we love the Nest thermostat and doorbell system because they’re just gorgeous. (Yeah, I know, I did just call a doorbell gorgeous. Sue me.) However, they are also an incredibly practical gift to ensure the safety of your home. Know when packages are being delivered, if someone is at your door who shouldn’t be, or when your in-laws are just “stopping by” (for the third time this week).

16. Vitamix

From smoothies to sauces to soups, a good blender is a necessity in your kitchen. The Vitamix is a fan-favorite for good reason because you can make smoothies, juices, nut butters, soups, non-dairy milks, sauces, dressings, and more with it. If the Vitamix is too big a splurge for you, Ninja makes a great professional option at a lower price.

15. Crockpot

That small crockpot you got for yourself in your first college apartment won’t cut it when you’re cooking meals for the both of you. Register for something that will last the test of time and has enough space for meals for the both of you and for parties or entertaining. No matter if you’re going gourmet or whipping up the usual buffalo chicken dip (a true classic), you’ll use this one A LOT. We love using the Crockpot for our weekly meal preps!


14. Something Precious

Some of the best things to receive as gifts are the ones you’d never buy for yourself. Some of our readers suggested a keepsake frame, a nice decanter, and a Waterford crystal vase as items they had on their registry (or were gifted by surprise) that mean so much to them now. Instant family heirlooms! It’s a reminder of the loved one who purchased it for you, and obviously, it’s gorgeous.

Kate Spade New York

Hinged Double Frame

13. Comforter/Bedding

It’s time to toss the bedding you’ve had forever and upgrade to something you and your partner can love and share (or fight over who’s hogging more of the blanket!). Asking for an uber soft, plush set of white sheets or a white duvet will go with any decor you have in your space and are quite easy to clean.

12. Glassware

Whether for entertaining or for your usual at-home wine nights, you’ll get so much use out of these. Opt for something timeless that will look just as good on your bar cart in a few years as it does now.

Source: @alainakaz


11. Roomba

A robot vacuum will absolutely change your life, especially if you have pets or anticipate owning a pet in the future. Some might be wary of putting an expensive item on their registry, but fear not! This is a gift friends and family can easily go in together on to make the bill more bearable for them all while giving you a gift you’ll love.



10. Espresso Machine / French Press / Coffee Bar

Adding one of these machines to your kitchen will save your commute time, reduce your weekly Starbucks bill, and maybe increase your appreciation and love for some java. If you think you can’t make your morning cup of joe as good as the barista, think again. These machines make it so easy to get the coffee shop taste without the price. Here’s our tips for making the best cup at home!

9. Le Cruset Dutch Oven

This is a piece that will last forever. If you love slow-cooking (who doesn’t love some homemade chicken noodle soup?!), this will become your new favorite kitchen tool. You can put it on the stovetop or right into the oven, and it makes all sorts of meals. From soups, stews, and sauces to braising meat and frying chicken, there isn’t much a dutch oven can’t do. A little-known secret is that a dutch oven makes amazing homemade bread! You can forgo Keto just this once. 


Round Dutch Oven

11 colors available


8. Instant Pot

Your registry is a great place to ask for those kitchen appliances you’ve always wanted but haven’t purchased for yourself. The Instant Pot is an Everygirl (and Everymom!) favorite because of its ease. Just got back from the gym and need dinner on the table in time for The Bachelor? The Instant Pot it is! Here’s a list of some of our favorite Instant Pot recipes to make for the week ahead.


7. All-Clad Pots and Pans

While we’re on the topic of cooking, you’re going to need some good pots and pans to get you started. We love All-Clad for it’s usability — these cook evenly around, make you feel like a real chef, and they’re dishwasher safe. Win, win, and win.

Stainless Steel 5-Piece Cookware Set



6. Good Knives

A good set of sharp, high-quality knives will take your cooking to the next level. Whether you’re whipping up one of Joanne Gaines’s recipes from Magnolia Table or just the usual taco night, you’ll feel more confident than ever in the kitchen. Here’s to eating in more!

5. Dyson Vacuum

If you can’t tell, the best registry items are the ones you might not want to budget to purchase yourself. Enter our (and yours!) favorite vacuum of the century: the Dyson. There are multiple different options to choose from, such as if you want a cordless or corded option. It’s a great gift for a group of friends or relatives to go in on together. Thankfully, Zola makes that easy.


4. Electric Kettle

With our Keurig and Nepresso, it can seem counterintuitive to bring an electric kettle into your kitchen. However, a good one will change your life. Boiling water was never so easy, and you’ll go crazy for all the uses you never knew you needed. A cuppa never tasted so good.


3. Everyday Dishes

While receiving a gorgeous setting for holidays or special occasions is nice, it’s even better to get a high-quality set of dishes that you can use every single day. Go for a matching set in a place-setting that seems reasonable for you. If you have company over a lot, you might want to go for a place-setting of 10 or 12. If that’s not the case, eight is probably perfect for you both.

Crate & Barrel

Dinnerware Set

Black and White Collection

Crate & Barrel

Hue Low Bowl Set

6 colors available


2. Honeymoon

After all the wedding planning stress, the first thing on your list should be some good ‘ole R&R. However, with all that money we just spent on a wedding, it can be tricky to fit the perfect honeymoon into your budget. Putting the airfare or hotels/lodging onto your registry is easier than you’d think. With Zola, you can register for Airbnb, Delta, Southwest, Hotels, and Uber gift cards to help with the travel and lodging expenses of a honeymoon. 

Because there are so many other small travel expenses you might need for a honeymoon, Zola offers honeymoon and cash funds. It basically puts cash to put straight into a (virtual) honeymoon savings jar. There are larger cash funds to fund your entire honeymoon, as well as smaller funds for excursions and various things you might do on your honeymoon. If couples yoga, surf lessons, backpacking gear, or a beer tasting are on your honeymoon to-do list, there are options to start a cash fund for it on Zola. Jamaica, here we come!

If a honeymoon isn’t necessarily in the cards for you right now, you can also register for cash funds for experiences in your city. Museum memberships, sports tickets, cooking lessons (a great idea to learn how to use all these new cooking utensils!), a down payment on a house—the possibilities are endless.



1. Kitchenaid Mixer

You had to have known this was coming up somewhere! The Kitchenaid mixer has been a staple in kitchens forever. I mean, could we ever forget Monica Gellar’s orange one? Not only is this mixer super Instagrammable and looks gorgeous on your kitchen counters, but it’s also practical, especially for anyone who likes to bake or entertain.


Artisan Stand Mixer

10 colors available




What was your favorite item you registered for? Let us know in the comments below!



This post was in partnership with Zola, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.