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I Finally Tried a Direct-To-Consumer Bra Brand—Here Are My Thoughts


As a size DD in bras—or even DDD in some cases—I’ve always had a very, very hard time finding bras that fit me correctly. Ones that are flattering, cute—nothing crazy, I’m just talking not looking like my grandma’s bra—not extraordinarily expensive, and most importantly, that are comfortable. Underwire is one of my least favorite things on this planet, and I will do anything I can to avoid it. So, as I’m sure you can imagine, finding a bra with no underwire that could still support my double-Ds seemed like an impossible task. 

Thankfully, we’re living in an age where bra and lingerie brands are becoming much more inclusive and consumer-driven. An industry that was once unfittingly ruled by male executives is becoming dominated by powerhouse women founders and CEOs with goals of wide size ranges, affordability, and representation for everyone. Many of these brands have a huge social media presence, making it easier for them to get feedback from their customers and continue improving their products. 

It’s hard to even imagine a world where Victoria’s Secret was just about the only place women shopped for bras. L Brands, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company, saw a 60 percent decrease in stock in 2018, as reported by CNBC. Meanwhile, although they still represent a small percentage of the market in comparison, companies like Aerie are growing quickly. The Aerie brand, which is one of those leading the charge in inclusivity, has increased its revenue from around $310 million in 2015 to almost $650 million in 2018, according to Forbes


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In the past year or so, I’ve been bombarded by sponsored Instagram posts and ads on all my favorite podcasts about tons of new direct-to-consumer and mostly exclusively online bra brands that swear to be the best and most comfortable bra you’ve ever worn. Brands like Savage X Fenty, ThirdLove (which has the claim to fame of over 70 sizes), Harper Wilde, and LIVELY (just to name a few!) all claim to be the best of the best when it comes to bras. 

There was one brand, and more specifically, one bra style, that caught my eye more than all the others: the True&Co True Body Lift. True&Co has a fit quiz to match you with your top three recommended styles, based on your answers to questions about your chest shape and size, as well as how your current bras fit you. The True Body Lift was one of my top matches.

I truly despise underwire and have been on the hunt for a comfortable bra that also has support for years. The True Body Lift grabbed my attention right away because it seemed to be an option that checked both of those boxes. In searching through all of the new and promising bra options for a few months, I never found another that compared to this style.

It comes in sizes XS-2X, which fits 32A-42DDD, is wire-free, and is made from a blend of nylon and elastane, according to the True&Co website. Described in many of its reviews as “a life-changing bra,” I knew that I needed to try it out. There are a few different versions, including V-neck, scoop neck, and options with thinner, adjustable straps. Coming in at $58-$64, it was still a bit of an investment for me, so I had my eye on it for a long time before my mom kindly gifted it to me for Christmas (thank you, mom!).



I chose the True Body Lift V Neck Racerback Bra in a size large—based on their size chart—and in the color dulce (very important information, I know). And now, after owning it for a couple months, my mind is made up: this bra is seriously amazing. 

I’ve been wearing it probably an alarming amount in between washes, but I’m not even ashamed. It’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn, yet it still supports my larger chest in ways that bralettes and other lightly-lined or wireless bras don’t. One of the biggest issues that I have with most bras is that spillage over the top (no matter what size I’m wearing), and that issue is completed eliminated when I wear the True Body.

I also really appreciate that because it’s seamless and clasp-less, it doesn’t show through my shirts, so I don’t have to worry about unflattering lines when I wear fitted tops. The best way I can describe it is that it’s like wearing an elevated sports bra that accentuates rather than squashes.

If I had to choose one con of this bra, it would be that the pads are removable, so they move around a bit—but that’s more of a personal preference, as some people love the option of padded or not. The only other minor criticism I have is that this specific racerback style tends to show a bit around the neckline of your top if it’s slightly wider. Again, however, this could be solved by choosing one of the other styles (aka, I need to order another ASAP). 

Overall, I can highly recommend the True Body Lift, especially for my other large-chested ladies out there. There is also the option of the regular True Body which, as the name suggests, doesn’t have the promised one-inch lift and fits cup sizes A-D. 

I can’t wait to try more styles from True&Co and brands like it, and I am overjoyed about the direction the industry is moving in. After all, it’s about time women get the options, inclusivity, realness, and consumer focus that we deserve when shopping for bras—and that an industry catered to women is run by women. 

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