7 Non-Cheesy Outfits for Every Valentine’s Day Occasion

Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of stressors — making plans with friends, waiting to see if the Tinder guy you’ve seen a few times is going to lock down your night — but what you’re wearing shouldn’t be one of them.

It definitely is no ordinary day, and you probably want to take a step up from your go-tos for an average Saturday night — even if you’re just having a movie night with your friends. But then another question arises: how do you look festive without simultaneously looking cheesy?

You don’t have to incorporate red or pink into your look to feel extra festive come February 14. We’ve styled outfits for every possible Valentine’s Day scenario, from a movie night with your friends to a date with someone new (good luck!). Spend time stressing about how much chocolate you’re going to eat, not scrambling to find a last-minute look:



For a fancy date 



For a GNO

satin pantsheelsgold hoopstop


For a casual date with your long-term boo



For a date with someone new

skirttopbootiesbaggold hoops


For a wine night with the girls

cardiganleggingswhite sneakerspom hat


For a night in with you and your takeout

sweatshirtjoggers  / socksscrunchie


Dinner with your parents (no shame)