New Year's Eve

7 Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home

Source: Stocksy
Source: Stocksy

As much as I love any excuse to wear something sequined and totally glam, I love my cozy clothes more than anything, which is why spending New Year’s Eve on the couch is my favorite way to ring in the new year. Now, some may think that is totally boring, but hear me out: you don’t have to fight everyone else for dinner reservations, go out in the freezing cold, figure out something special to wear, spend a bunch of money on overpriced cocktails, or stay out way past your bedtime. Staying at home means you can catch all of the celebrations on TV, cook a delicious meal, and go to bed as soon as 12:01 strikes.

After many years of staying in, I have come to the conclusion that there are countless ways to make NYE fun from the comfort of your own home, so I am sharing them all here for anyone who plans to stay in this year:


1. Host a dinner party

Fancy dinners can be really fun, especially on NYE when everyone has an extra excuse to get all dressed up, but dinner reservations are hard to come by and most menus are limited on New Years Eve. Instead of navigating that, host your own fancy dinner party! Come up with a menu that includes delicious appetizers, an impressive entree, and decadent desserts, create a gorgeous tablescape with florals and place settings, and send out invitations (physically or via text!) to friends and family to get dressed up, have a cocktail, and celebrate the beginning of a brand new year with you. 


2. Host a game night

Whether you want to host a traditional board game night with Scrabble and Yahtzee! or you want to host a murder mystery party, a game night with friends and family is a fun and unique way to ring in the new year. Simply choose the style of game night you want to have, prepare some snack and drink options to have on hand for guests, and let it be game on! You can even make it a tournament and have prizes at the end. The laughter, opportunities, and competition will be endless.


3. Have a solo celebration

If you still want the party vibes, just sans people, then throw a solo celebration. Decorate your apartment with all the glitz and glam of a traditional NYE celebration and dance the night away.  Getting in some movement through dancing or having a little lighthearted fun may be just the thing you need to bring positivity and good energy into the new year. Before your solo party, create a fun playlist, prepare (or order) some of your favorite dishes, and wear the dress you’ve been dying to wear. It’s not just a NYE party, it’s a celebration of you, for you, and by you. You’ve done a lot this year. You deserve to be celebrated. 


4. Make a vision board

What better way to start the new year than with clear goals and aspirations? Spend the evening thinking about what you want for yourself, your career, your relationships, and anything else in the year coming up, and manifest it by adding it to your vision board. Then, hang it up in a place where you will see it regularly. You can totally do this by yourself, but we recommend inviting some friends over so you can all dream together and support each other. Don’t forget the poster boards, magazines, glue sticks, and wine—lots of wine!


5. Reflect and meditate

With all of the joy, change, and experiences that each year brings, it may be more important to you to take some time away from everyone to just sit with yourself, meditate, and really process what has happened this year. NYE would be the perfect night to grab a glass of wine, your favorite journal, and a cheese tray and really reflect on this past year. What good happened?  What do you wish was different? How have you grown? What do you hope for next year? There are many introspective questions you could ask yourself. Take this time to check in on your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health


6. Host a movie marathon

Who says you have to watch the celebrations on TV on NYE? Instead, pick a favorite movie franchise, a favorite actor, or a favorite movie location (New York? Italy? Chicago?), and plan your own movie marathon for yourself or some friends. Order takeout, pop some popcorn, open a bottle of bubbly, and park yourself on the couch until bedtime—whether that’s before or after midnight.


7. Do nothing

If you want to rest, do that. Don’t feel pressured to put on a production to celebrate the new year. Sometimes, the simplest option is the better one. Veg out on the couch. Fall asleep before midnight. Watch re-runs in your pajamas while eating pizza. If this is what will bring you joy, then do that. I know some people usually associate ushering in the new year with an extravagant event, but especially as the holidays come to a close, resting and recharging can be the best way to welcome the new year. So if you don’t have the energy or even the desire to celebrate in a traditional sense, don’t. Get your rest and relax.