Not Into the Resurgence of Y2K Fashion? Here’s What to Wear Instead

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A quick scroll through your Instagram feed right now might make you feel like you’ve transported back to the year 2000. Mini skirts, butterfly clips, bright neons, and rhinestones galore are plastered all over the Explore page. While the resurgence of Y2K fashion is all some can think about, chances are, it may not be for everyone.

Fashion should be all about what makes you feel good, and if you try out a trend and it isn’t for you, don’t worry about wearing it over and over again until you finally like it. It’s OK to not participate in every fashion trend out there, but along the way, pay attention to what you feel best in. Don’t get us wrong, we’re still blasting our favorite 2000’s Hit’s Playlist on repeat, but we can still jam out without the frosty-blue eyeshadow. 

Just like the flip-phone, we’re going to keep some Y2K trends back where they belong: stored in our digital cameras from 15-years ago. If those trends aren’t for you, try out these replacements we can’t get enough of instead. 


Skip: Swirly and Graphic Patterns

Wear: Timeless Patterns 


The neon swirls and bright, checkered patterns of late may just not be your thing, and that’s totally OK. For now, we’ll leave the swirls in our lattes and skip adding them into our closet.

From polka-dots to gingham and stripes, certain patterns never go out of style and tend to adapt as times change. Take this year’s gingham resurgence as an example. Designers evolved the print to include loud colors and added them to pieces that are of-the-moment in their own right to make for a pattern that’s classic, but still modern—no smiley faces included. 


Skip: Slip Dresses

Wear: Shift Dresses


While silky slip dresses are ideal for any occasion, keeping them clean and maintained can be a bit of a hassle, and chances are, you won’t be the only one with the idea to wear a slip dress that day. While we won’t completely say good-bye to the slip-dress, we’re OK with hanging ours up and saying, “See ya later!”

Shift dresses are everywhere right now, and for a damn good reason. The color options and effortlessness they provide truly offer versatility for any occasion. Whether you’re lounging around, running errands, or going out, the shift dress offers styling options m,n that the slip dress just can’t always achieve. 

Abercrombie & Fitch

Tiered Maxi Dress

5 colors available


The Bilow Tiered Maxi

3 colors available


Tie-Back Dress

4 colors available


Waffled Jersey Dress

2 colors available

A New Day

Easy Tank Dress

8 colors available


Skip: Velour Sets

Wear: Linen Sets


While Paris and Nicole are the blueprint for Juicy sweatsuits of all shapes and colors, it’s OK to let velour sweatsuits live in nostalgia and opt for something a bit more… wearable.

We’ve been wearing our linen sets for seasons on end now, and don’t think we’re going to put them away any time soon. Wear one open with a tank underneath or buttoned-up for a uniform-esque style. As the seasons change, we can’t wait to see what new linen silhouettes pop up along the way. 


Wide-Leg Seaside Pants

8 colors available

Abercrombie & Fitch

Cropped Linen-Button Up

5 colors available


Playa Linen Tie Top

3 colors available


Playa Linen Wide Crop Pant

3 colors available


Skip: Rhinestones

Wear: Embroidery


Rhinestones are all fun and games until they start falling off of your fave pair of sunnies, bag, or sweater. We’re going to avoid the mess and stress and appreciate the sparkle that’s coming back, just from afar.

Subtle yet still packed with all the detail, embroidered accessories are as delicate as they are dreamy. If you’re looking for a way to make a statement yet still want it to be unique in it’s own way, opt for the embroidered options this year. 


Embroidered Cotton Bandana

2 colors available

Rifle Paper Co.

Lottie Embroidered Headband

7 colors available

Uncommon Goods

Woven Astrology Pouch

all Zodiac signs available

Tory Burch

Skinny Printed Logo Belt

2 colors available


Skip: Mini Skirts

Wear: Maxi Skirts 

I’m sure we all can remember the days when mini skirts were as low-rise and high-cut as possible, and while we can appreciate the fact that skirts come in all shapes and sizes, for all shapes and sizes, it’s not a crime to leave our mini skirt days with Limited Too or Wet Seal.

Romantic and breezy, maxi skirts are our favorite revival trend right now, holding the opportunities for endless outfit combinations—even when fall rolls around.


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