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Here’s What Astrologists Say To Add to Your Wellness Routine RN, According to Your Zodiac Sign

written by CAMMI YARRIS
Source: @kayla_seah
Source: @kayla_seah

Most of us set our resolutions and wellness routines based on what we think is good for us, but our astrological signs can tell us a lot about what is actually good for us. Most of us know the basics of our signs, and maybe reading about your sign even helps explain why you are the way you are. I’ve looked to my zodiac to check compatibility with friends or potential romantic partners and to explain personality traits (like how I think everything is a sign from the universe—a true Pisces through and through!). So why not use astrology to see what wellness routines we would should try to be healthier and happier? I grilled two astrologists to see what the stars have in store for our wellness routines in 2022. 


Mind: Meditation or breathwork

“Aries go hard and fast, and they rarely slow down to catch their breath,” explained Natasha Weber, Australia’s leading media astrologer. Because of their fast-paced nature, meditation is probably the last way an Aries wants to spend their free time, but they would benefit from the much-needed relaxation and focus. Aries should aim to find a balance of stillness along with their desire for action and adventure. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or before bed at night, take some much-needed time for deep breathing to balance out your high energy.


Body: Get moving

Natalie Holbrook, an intuitive astrologer and spiritual coach, explained that an Aries has “a lot of natural fire that needs to be shaken.” In other words, Aries often have pent-up energy that needs to be released. Make sure you’re breaking a sweat at least a few days a week and incorporating daily movement to release energy. Bottom line: Find balance by setting aside time for stillness and movement for optimal health in 2022. 


Mind: Balance out your budget

Holbrook explained that Taurus is the ruler of financial stability, so she recommended Taureans should create a love affair with their bank account. “Fall in love with your money, both the way you think about it and the way you make it.” This can mean you set a clear budget, and instead of feeling restricted by it, you feel empowered that you are saving for your goals and dreams or that you reassess your spending habits to spend money in ways that bring you joy.


Body: Balance out your diet

“Bulls adore rich foods and delicacies with all the trimmings, which isn’t always great for their health,” Weber said. While Taureans tend to overindulge, no one should feel deprived of what brings them pleasure. So in 2022, our Taureans should try to find a healthy, balanced diet by loading up on fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats, and clean protein sources while dressing it up in homemade sauces, dressings, and seasonings to feel more satisfying. 


Mind: Start journaling

Holbrook explained that Geminis are known to over-worry and overthink, so they can find balance and stress less by taking up a daily journaling practice. “There’s a lot that goes on in that active mind of yours, so get it all out and onto paper,” she suggested. This can include practices like daily gratitude journaling, following journaling prompts, or worry journaling.


Body: Change up your gym routine

According to Weber, Geminis can get bored at the drop of a dumbbell, so they need to constantly switch up their fitness routine, which will not only keep you excited about your fitness routine but can also challenge your body. In 2022, don’t let your gym routine become complacent or boring. Switch up the exercises or schedule or maybe try a new fitness class. The more diverse, the better. 


Mind: Go to therapy

Since Cancers can be sensitive and emotional, Holbrook suggested they make sure they’re getting the needed support to work through the emotions. “You feel deeply and a lot (and we love you for it!), so we want to make sure any old programming or patterns holding you back can be relieved,” she said. Find a therapist or look into practices like EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), tapping, and shadow work. 


Body: Try laughter yoga

Weber explained that Cancers often have a hard shell that serves to protect their feelings, locking emotions away to avoid being judged or hurt. Cancers should look for activities that can give them any kind of mental, emotional, and even physical release, and laughter yoga can do just that. It’s a positive exercise that floods the body with those feel-good hormones, and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like: laughing and yoga combined. However, it’s not a comedy show—it’s using breath work that feels similar to laughter in order to release the same happy hormones and release emotions.


Mind: Prioritize self-love

According to Holbrook, the #1 thing Leos can do to improve their wellness is to show themselves some love. “Leos need to drop the need for permission or validation from others and trust their own decisions and internal compass,” she said. Look for validation internally instead of from external sources by frequently checking in on how your body and mind feel and letting your feelings and wants guide all your decision making. Also, work on loving yourself more by keeping promises to yourself and becoming more “you.” 


Body: Fit in more cardio

Wondering what type of exercise is best for you? While having a balance of strength training and cardio is crucial for every sign, the zodiac suggests that cardiovascular health is most crucial for you. “Maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system is paramount to Leo’s well-being since Leo rules the heart,” Weber explained. Try incorporating more spin classes, long-distance running, or dance classes into your workout regime. 


Mind: Practice mindfulness

Good news: You probably are already great about eating clean and fitting in exercise. But the one part of your wellness you probably need to work on? Mindfulness. “Virgo is the sign that rules health, so Virgos are usually already disciplined about their diet and exercise regime,” Weber said. But she said Virgos can be incessant overthinkers and maybe too hard on themselves when it comes to sticking with their routines. Mindfulness is a great natural remedy for a Virgo. This can help them calm their thoughts and redirect them in more optimistic, self-loving ways.


Body: Connect with nature

Holbrook explained that the Earth is a Virgo’s place of wellness, meaning Virgos feel safest, happiest, and healthiest when they can surround themselves with nature. This year, make sure you’re connecting to nature on the reg; get connected to nature no matter where you live or what space you have by growing plants, flowers, or herbs in your home or outside in a garden or by taking more walks outside and working out outdoors when possible.


Mind: Put your happiness first

According to Holbrook, Libras need to stop prioritizing the needs of other people and make this the year of filling your own cup up first. Because of your peace-keeping nature and likability, you’re probably a chronic people pleaser and go out of your way to help others. But this often drains Libras, leaving little energy to take care of themselves. In 2022, commit to taking care of your happiness first. Pick non-negotiables (like daily movement or meditation), and say no when you want to say no.


Body: Drink more water

According to Weber, Libra governs the kidneys, so maintaining hydration is vital. Drinking plenty of water helps the body’s detoxification system work optimally as well as helps to maintain energy levels so Libras can have the energy for social plans and building connections. Bonus: Drinking more water adds to that gorgeous glow that Libras are so famous for. 


Mind: Blow off steam

“Scorpios can be super intense because they feel everything so deeply,” Weber said. While their passion is admirable, it can also wreak havoc on their stress levels, so finding an outlet that lets off some steam is crucial to their well-being. “Scorpios are complex creatures, and what works as a release for one Scorpio isn’t going to have the same effect for another.” In other words, find what works for you to blow off some steam, whether it’s meditation, therapy, exercising, or a hobby like painting.


Body: Prioritize gut health

Gut health is crucial, regardless of what time of the year you were born or what zodiac sign you are, but, according to Weber, Scorpios can be especially prone to constipation and other gut issues. She suggested prioritizing gut health by loading up on fruits and veggies, talking to your doctor about taking a probiotic, and eating more fiber.


Mind: Find an adventurous hobby

Holbrook said Sagittarians love travel, but they should also find a hobby in their regular life. In between weekend getaways and summer vacations, you can bring that sense of adventure by trying something new. For example, sign up for a course that will blow your mind, get creative by diving into a new art project, or try a fitness class you would never try before like pole dancing. You can try looking up a place you’d like to travel to and bring the travel to your home with a virtual cooking class, foreign film, or learning a new language.


Body: Sweat it out

“Since Sagittarians are fire signs, getting their sweat on in the gym or a hot yoga studio is so important,” Holbrook suggested. Prioritize getting hot this year with heated workouts, tough cardio that makes you sweat, or even by consistently visiting a sauna. However, Sagittarians can push themselves too hard and can be in danger of overworking themselves. Make sure you listen to your body to get the most out of your workouts and avoid injury. 


Mind: Have more fun

Capricorns are already good at pushing themselves, and the practice that will boost their wellness and provide more balance is to have more fun. Holbrook explained it’s important for Capricorns to take pressure off by giving yourself more time to simply enjoy life. “When you thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally with more joy and fun in your life, so do your wallet and your success, so don’t feel guilty about wasting time” she said. Make time for the things that keep you enjoying life, like exercise, laughter, time with friends, and adventures. 


Body: Get deep tissue massages

Capricorns work hard and often undertake tasks that take a high degree of mental and physical effort. “Forget telling a Capricorn to take it easy and rest a while—they won’t listen to you!” Weber said. A Capricorn needs to find time to relax once their work is done, so a deep tissue massage can help ease tired muscles, aches, and pains. Not able to spend $$$ on a deep tissue massage (’cause same)? Try self-massage, which can be just as effective but totally free. For bonus wellness, you can add some aromatherapy to the massage oil, and you have a winning Capricorn wellness hack. 


Mind: Plan vacations and trips

According to Holbrook, there is nothing an Aquarian needs more than to feel free and adventurous—it makes them feel like their truest, happiest, and most present selves. Her advice for 2022 is plan more vacations this year. Whether you have a staycation or travel across the ocean, invite your best friends or go solo, or save up for months or do activities that are totally free, fit in more time this year to explore new places and escape your normal environment.


Body: Detox your sleep routine

Having trouble sleeping, staying up too late watching Netflix, or waking up exhausted? The stars get it. Weber explained that Aquarius’s planetary ruler, Uranus, influences the nervous system, which means Aquarians need to calm their often-frayed nerves. If they’re not, their overstimulated nervous system can lead to insomnia. Upgrade your sleep routine to relax the nervous system before bed by sticking to a schedule, having time to unwind, and providing a calming environment.


Mind: Foster your support system

“Pisces are very sensitive, so they can take on everything, including blame,” Weber explained. Because of their sensitive nature, they usually end up in caretaking roles to help others. Maybe you’re the friend everyone goes to for advice or your family depends on you. But you need to be taken care of too. To ensure you have a support system to help you release pressure and emotion, Weber suggested seeking out consistent therapy or fostering a system of friends, family members, and even colleagues you can go to for advice and support.


Body: Start a health vision board

It’s time to get super clear about your health goals, whether it’s running a marathon or eating a plant-based diet. “2022 is Pisces’ year to dive into their greatest dreams and bring their visions to life,” Holbrook said. She suggested Pisces create a vision board to manifest their greatest health dreams into reality, since getting into a creative state is when Pisces feel most connected and inspired. Either write down your health goals or add pictures that represent what you want, whether it’s more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, or a healthier diet. Every time you look at your vision board, you’ll be inspired to be healthier.


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