Self Care

The Everygirl’s 28-Day Self-Love Challenge

written by JOSIE SANTI

Ah, February: the month of red roses, limitless rom-coms, and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. Maybe you’re a hopeless romantic and look forward to Feb. 14 all year (whether you’re celebrating self-love or a romantic relationship) or maybe Valentine’s Day typically feels sad, lonely, or disappointing. But no matter what your relationship status is on Facebook, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Yes, that might have been a cliché your mom told you growing up, but it’s also a powerful truth. How you feel about and talk to yourself determines the success of other relationships and are key components of physical and mental health. How you love yourself literally impacts every aspect of your life, and therefore, learning to love yourself is the most important skill you can master. 

Since February is the month of love, we’ve put together a challenge focusing on the most worthy kind of relationship: the one you have with yourself. For every day in February, you’ll be challenged to try journaling prompts and activities focusing on getting to know yourself, wooing yourself, caring for yourself, and prioritizing yourself. Follow the challenge, and you’ll have a whole new perspective on self-love by March 1. 

The Everygirl’s 28-Day Self-Love Challenge

Week 1 

1. Make a list of five things that always make you happy and put it on your mirror, desk, or fridge where you’ll see it often
2. Buy yourself flowers
3. Revisit a childhood hobby you loved but haven’t done in years
4. Go for a walk on your lunch break
5. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs
6. Unplug for three hours
7. Journal prompt: Get to know yourself. Take some time to think about what you believe in, value, and like. Make a list of your strengths (particularly the ones that have gone unnoticed).

Week 2

8. Say “no” when you want to say no
9. Eat the rainbow by trying a variety of fruits and vegetables
10. Splurge on the item you’ve been wanting
11. Take yourself on a date or set the table with candles and a fancy tablecloth
12. Do something that would make you proud of yourself: perform a random act of kindness, spend the day getting ahead in your career goals, or do the workout you promised yourself that you would do
13. Listen to The Everygirl Podcast’s new episode with Eli Rallo
14. Journal prompt: Look at a picture of yourself as a baby or young child. How would you talk differently to yourself if you were talking to her? What do you want to tell her?

Week 3

15. Identify your love language and then do one thing to show yourself love in that language
16. Make a promise to yourself and then keep it (work out before work, make a smoothie for breakfast, take a real lunch break, cut off work at 5 p.m., etc.)
17. Unfollow or mute every account that doesn’t make you feel inspired, encouraged, or good about yourself
18. Sit in child’s pose for a minute whenever you’re stressed
19. Dress up in your favorite outfit and put on your favorite lipstick
20. Listen to “How to Catch Lucky Girl Syndrome and Enter Your Villian Era with Payton Sartain
21. Journal prompt: Write down past mistakes you’re still holding on to. Reflect on how you’ve changed since those past mistakes or embarrassing moments. Realize how even the worst moments have made you stronger, kinder, and better, and then forgive yourself. 

Week 4

22. Say “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry”
23. Listen to “How to Fall in Love With Yourself and Heal From Rejection With Denise Francis
24. Write a list of the things you love most about yourself
25. Start an inspirational book
26. Treat yourself to a new vibrator or download an app like Coral
27. Try a workout class you’ve never done before
28. Journal prompt: How can you become more “you?” Self-love happens when our actions align with who we really are. Make a list of your qualities, likes, traits, strengths, and passions. Then, write down how you can become more of each thing. Also, get rid of the activities or traits that don’t feel true to you and fill up the empty space with more you-ness. Every work goal, wellness intention, and daily schedule should support becoming more of who you really are.