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11 Little Ways to Feel Like You Have Your Shit Together


Listen up, ladies: none of us actually have our shit together. It’s all a facade.

You know those girls who just look like they have everything. They meal prep every week, their hair is never in a messy bun (unless they’re just trying to look effortless — no greasy, dry shampoo-filled knots here!), and they never seem to crack under pressure. Nothing gets them down, and they take life as it comes.

We all want to be that girl, but the secret is that it’s all about confidence. And with these tips, it’s easy AF!


1. Make your bed

Walking home after a long day at work all to find a jumbled comforter falling off the foot of the bed and your pillows sprawled across the room is less than enticing. However, we all know the feeling of walking in and seeing a bed made at the end of the day. Before heading off for work, take the time in the morning to make your bed. It’ll take two minutes to make your entire bedroom look put together.


2. Go through your bank statements

At the end of the day (or first thing in the morning!), go through your bank account or statement transaction by transaction. Not only does this hold you accountable for all the times you swipe your card for the little things (those $5 charges add up!), but it allows you to fully understand and track everything you’re spending your hard-earned cash on. This also makes sure you catch anything that didn’t go through correctly and manage how long it takes for your transactions to go through on your statement. It’s not about becoming a financial guru overnight; it’s just watching how you make your money moves.


3. Create the perfect 5-minute makeup routine

A polished, classic makeup look doesn’t have to take a lot of time in front of the mirror. Go through your routine and pare it down to the basics. Whether you just need some concealer and mascara to feel put-together or you’re a highlighter die-hard (me me me!), figure out what makes you feel confident and can be done in a sitch.


Source: I Spy DIY


4. Always bring snacks

Snacking isn’t the enemy, people! Along with your weekly meal prep, prep snacks you can eat throughout the day and bring them to work, when you’re running errands (that grocery store hunger is so real), or whenever you know you’ll be gone for a long part of the day. You won’t have to resort to adding a bagel or something sweet to your 2pm Starbucks run, and you’ll be saving money and staying on track with any health goals. We all know those moms who always have snacks, and they are seriously the best. Be like those moms.



5. Find your go-to outfit formula

I call this my power outfit. Mine consists of a white tee, straight-leg jeans, and statement earrings, but yours could be a blazer and slacks, a dress, or a jumpsuit. Find something that always makes you feel sexy, confident, and ready for work. We all know how good it feels to wear our favorite outfit! It’ll make getting ready in the morning 10 times easier, as well as make sure you always have something ready to go when you’re in a rush.


6. Clear out your inbox

Remember that time you had to search through 400 e-mails just to find the one about the meeting next week? Set up different labels for all the different e-mails you receive, and start making it a habit to immediately file away e-mails after opening them. Take this time to also delete anything you don’t actually need. Send those spam e-mails straight to the spam folder too!



7. Master a go-to meal and appetizer

Find a go-to recipe that you can easily make and always know will turn out right in a pinch. These can be made for special events or cookouts, and they make it seem like you’re a master chef even though you spent as little time as possible. We won’t tell anyone your secret!


8. Nail your entryway

This is the first thing people will see when they enter your apartment, as well as the only area the mailman and your Dominos delivery driver will see. If you decorate any area of your place, make it this. The key to getting your entryway right is adding storage and function along with decorative pieces that show off your design style. Also, keep this area clean! When the first place you see in your home is always clean, it makes the rest feel a little more manageable.



9. Ask for help when you need it

Having your shit together doesn’t mean you have it all figured out. It’s all about confidence, and you must have enough confidence to know when you don’t have all the answers. If you’re unsure of anything in life, seek out the answers from friends, family, or even professionals. From mental health to fashion and beauty or home decor and career, there are people who DO have the answers you’re searching for. (If I might suggest a resource, I’d say this cute site called The Everygirl can help! 😉)


10 Organize things into compartments

Using tools such as small containers or folders to separate things can help you feel way more organized and better about yourself in the long run. Whether it’s in your closet, when you’re packing for a trip, or just in your filing cabinets, separate different things to help you find what you’re looking for faster and help you keep these areas clean. This can also go for digital clutter too! I’m a big fan of separating everything into multiple folders to make sure I can find everything easily and efficiently. Who doesn’t want to feel more organized!?



11. Embrace the mess

The girls who truly do have their shit together understand this won’t be the case all the times. Some days, you wake up late, leave your phone charger at your boyfriends, buy a new one only to find it’s for an Android, forget to put on mascara, and trip and spill your Chipotle as soon as you get outside. (Yes, I am speaking from experience here.) Have the confidence to brush it off and know this is just an off day.