Which Barbie You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

written by LAUREN E. TAYLOR
Barbie movie clips on zodiac background"
Barbie movie clips on zodiac background
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

It’s Barbie’s world, and we’re just living in it. At least that’s how it’s felt in the lead-up to the new Barbie movie. Everywhere you turn, there’s a new collaboration, interview, or press photo (can we talk about Margot Robbie’s iconic outfits?). And the Barbie posters might have you wondering which Barbie you would be: Are you a mermaid, or do you have a Nobel Prize? Well, you’re about to find out—keep reading below to find out which Barbie you are, based on your zodiac sign.


Aries: Weird Barbie

Weird Barbie is the Barbie that gets home haircuts and has makeup (i.e. crayon) all over her face. In other words, she’s the bold Barbie that’s always down to do something spontaneous, just like an Aries. Aries don’t care if their hair is mussed or they’re wearing mismatched socks, as long as there’s somewhere to go and something to do.


Taurus: Judge Barbie

Hard-working, persistent Taurus would make the ideal Judge Barbie. Taureans are reliable and logical, two necessary traits for a judge. While they can be stubborn, that could actually come in handy when making their rulings—they won’t be easily swayed and will stick to their opinion, regardless of what others think. Taureans tend to be very chill, too, so they’d be able to keep their cool during arguments.


Gemini: Writer Barbie

Geminis have a knack for the communications field, so writing comes very naturally to them. As writer Barbie, their passion for reading and learning would help them dream up ideas and stories for their own work. Geminis’ minds are always going a million miles a minute, so they’d never run out of creative concepts or get writer’s block.


Cancer: Doctor Barbie

As a water sign, Cancers are compassionate and caring, and they love helping others. The empathetic sign would have an excellent bedside manner since they’re very in tune with their own and others’ emotions and would want to make their patients feel at ease with them.


Leo: Barbie

As the main character of everyday life, obviously, Leo is our main Barbie. Creative Leos have a flair for personal style, which you can see in Barbie’s many, many outfits. Sequins, neon leotards, and hot pink everything screams Leo.


Virgo: Journalist Barbie

Virgos are experts at diving into details and researching everything about a particular subject, just like a journalist. They are constantly reading and learning new things. Talking is also one of Virgo’s specialties, so they’d excel at asking questions of sources and interview subjects. Their organizational skills would also be super useful in keeping all their information straight, too.


Libra: Diplomat Barbie

Libras are represented by the scales, and they want to pursue justice and make others happy. They’re known for being levelheaded and staying neutral during disagreements, which are essential traits for a diplomat. As an air sign, Libras are also very social and would have no problem chatting with representatives from other countries.


Scorpio: Lawyer Barbie

Scorpios are extremely loyal, so as Lawyer Barbie, they would fight tooth and nail for their clients. The intensity of a Scorpio is ideal for a lawyer questioning witnesses in court and would help them do everything in their power to win their case. They never back down from an argument.


Sagittarius: Ken

Ken is easygoing and happy-go-lucky, just like Sagittarians. Known for their love of adventure and travel, if Sagittarians lived in Barbie World, they would definitely be professional surfers, always down to head on a wild road trip—even if it means leaving the world they’ve always known. Their main concern? Remembering to pack their rollerblades. Plus, Ken has that classic Sagittarius charm.


Capricorn: President Barbie

If anyone has the drive and work ethic to be President Barbie, it’s a Capricorn. This sign is hardworking and ambitious; people born under Capricorn won’t rest until they reach their lofty goals. Plus, Capricorns absolutely love to be in charge.


Aquarius: Physicist Barbie

Aquarians spend much of their time studying and learning, so a career that involves lots of research, like Physicist Barbie, is perfect. The sign is highly logical and is typically skilled at math and scientific subjects. Aquarius’ forward-thinking mind would definitely help them win the Nobel Prize.


Pisces: Mermaid Barbie

Anything magical or mythical, from fairies to mermaids, is right up Pisces’ alley. The creative sign appreciates self-expression and would happily wear the blue hair and shimmery bathing suit top of Mermaid Barbie. Not to mention that Pisces are very artistic, and Dua Lipa is quite an incredible singer.