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30 Non-Boring Recipes to Make With Black Beans


Beans—especially canned beans—don’t get any of the credit they deserve. Sure, that sounds like an overstatement, but it’s the truth. I don’t make the rules. I talk all the time about the versatility of different ingredients (that’s pretty much the whole premise of this non-boring recipe series), but beans are truly one of the most versatile of the whole bunch. They can be whipped into a dip, cooked down into a creamy mash, stuffed into tortillas, peppers, and sweet potatoes, formed into patties, and more. Not only that, but they’re basically a blank canvas when it comes to flavor. The world is your oyster. They’re just so, so useful. Still don’t believe me? Well, stick with us, because we’ve rounded 30 recipes that’ll prove just that.


1. Sweet Potato, Kale, and Black Bean Enchiladas


2. Black Bean Soup

Source: Isabel Eats


3. BBQ Chicken Salad


4. Black Bean Breakfast Bowls


5. Butternut Squash Instant Pot Chili


6. Vegan Black Bean Tostadas with Mango Salsa


7. Mango Ginger Rice Bowl


8. Black Bean Coconut Stew


9. Sheet Pan Nachos with Chicken and Black Beans


10. Black Bean Dip


11. Jerk Chicken Bowls with Pineapple Black Bean Salsa


12. Sweet Potato Black Bean Quinoa Bowl


13. Chicken Enchilada Soup

Source: Isabel Eats


14. Black Bean Avocado Tuna Salad Sandwiches


15. Tamale Pie


16. Spicy Black Bean and Butternut Squash Jar Salad with Sriracha Lime Vinaigrette


17. Black Bean Veggie Burger


18. Flourless Black Bean Brownies


19. Sweet Potato and Black Bean Freezer Burritos


20. Avocado Black Bean Quesadillas


21. Plant-Powered Balance Bowls


22. Steak Huevos Rancheros

Source: Brown Sugar


23. Farmers Market Pasta Salad


24. Double Chocolate Black Bean Cookies


25. Cucumber and Black Bean Salad

Source: Budget Bytes


26. Stuffed Acorn Squash


27. Brazilian Steak and Grilled Sweet Potato Fry Quinoa Bowl with Spicy Coconut Tomato Sauce


28. Chocolate Black Bean Blender Muffins


29. Kale Couscous Salad


30. Cuban Quinoa Bowls with Pineapple Salsa