We Can’t Get Enough of These Black-Created Etsy Finds

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Source: Omi Woods | Etsy

Out of all of my personal strengths, I hold one asset above all others. My refined skill set has allowed me to discover some of my all-time favorite products and has earned me the well-deserved title of “best gift giver” at my family’s holiday parties. You already know that I’m referring to my impressive affinity for (impulsive) online shopping.

Aside from online shopping being a bit of a personality trait and my greatest hobby, it’s my preferred way to contribute to causes and creators that I care about. One of my favorite ways to support independent artists and small-owned businesses is to shop for gadgets and gizmos in the form of jewelry, home decor, books, artwork, clothing, and more on Etsy. Today, we’re sharing 20 finds from Black-owned Etsy shops that deserve a spot in your cart and in your home… and we just can’t get enough of them: