20 Easy Couples Costume Ideas To Copy This Halloween

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Trick-or-treating is no longer a viable option for most of us. (Age restrictions, be damned—I will never not want those king-size Kit-Kat bars from a random neighbor.) So, costume parties are where it’s at now. But as much as we love dressing up, Halloween often comes with a lot of stress. Choosing the perfect costume—especially if you’re coordinating with someone else—is a high-stakes venture due to all the decision-making and creative efforts that typically go into it. But when you finally land on that just-right couples costume, you’ll be able to stroll into that party with confidence and your partner-in-crime by your side. 

Need some inspiration? We’ve come up with 20 fun and easy couples costumes that you can replicate with your significant other, best friend, child, or any other favorite person in your life. The options range from low-key makeup looks to iconic character duos and everything in between. Scroll through the options to find the couples costume that best speaks to your relationship!


1. Jack and Rose from Titanic

Could any couples costume be more classic than Jack and Rose from Titanic? Absolutely not. This old-school costume is pretty easy to put together for you and your significant other. A brown or tan button-up shirt and suspenders are must-haves for Jack. For Rose, you’ll need a long dress, a red wig with curls (if you don’t already have gorgeous locks like hers), and a heart-shaped purple necklace. Bonus points will be granted if you show up to the Halloween party with a door!


2. Elvis and Priscilla

Did you love Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis? Throw it back to May of 1967 and dress like Elvis and Priscilla on their wedding day in Vegas. Think big hair, a white veil, a white dress, and matching wedding rings. Your significant other shouldn’t have to prepare too much for this costume—all there is to do is put a suit on—but if you can find a paisley suit coat as Elvis wore, you two will definitely win the costume competition.


3. Frankenstein and his bride

In the original movie, Frankenstein’s bride wears a dirty, tunic-style white dress with bandages all over her arms. You can totally go with her classic look, but we love adding a sexy spin (it’s Halloween, after all) with a leather jacket and knee-high boots. For Frankenstein, black pants, a black sports coat or blazer, black shoes, and a dirty white tee are all your significant other will need. And of course, don’t forget the face paint!


4. Roy Kent and Keeley Jones from Ted Lasso

Roy Kent and Keeley Jones make the perfect couple, so we had to add this no-brainer couples costume to this list. With an all-black ensemble and pink power suit, you’re bound to be the best-dressed couple at the party. Sexy accents are optional but encouraged.


5. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo

You can wear this costume as a couple, with friends, with your pooch—the list goes on. For Shaggy, you just need a solid green T-shirt with brown pants. For Scooby, you could go all-out with a whole Scooby-Doo suit, but if you want to keep it more low-key, we recommend a brown sweater with matching pants or a skirt. Then add some socks, a dog-ear headband, a green choker necklace, and some simple face paint!


6. The Flintstones

Another easy-to-replicate and iconic couples costume: Fred and Wilma Flintstone. Ironically, this stone-age couple ended up being quite timeless, and the same is true for this costume. To achieve Wilma’s look, you could opt for a red wig to match the cartoon or, as seen above, just toss your hair up in a top knot. Then wear a solid white skirt that can be cut into zig-zags at the bottom and paired with a matching crop top. For Fred, you can easily find a branded costume or go a slightly more voguish route (as pictured) with a faux fur getup!


7. Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

Get ready to wholeheartedly dance the night away with your S.O. or bestie in scrubs (with possibly some tequila involved—IYKYK). A super inexpensive option is to go to your local thrift shop to find some matching blue scrubs. But they are also easily available online and at your favorite big-box stores. Have fun accessorizing with fake beepers, name tags, stethoscopes, or some surgical masks, and you’re good to go!


8. Retro pilot and flight attendant

When I first saw the photo of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber in their chic retro airline ensembles, my jaw literally dropped. This couple does absolutely no wrong with any of their looks, and Halloween is no exception. It makes me want to drink all the Casamigos while listening to The Supremes as I stare out at sparkly city views through the plane window, but I digress. For a Cindy-inspired look, opt for an A-line minidress with patent leather tall boots, a name tag, and a lovely little pillbox hat. Dig up your favorite dark-colored suit with a tie, pilot’s hat, and some classic aviators for Rande’s look.


9. Gomez and Morticia Addams

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner might be the most adorable celeb couple. In this Halloween look, they show their darker side by emulating the best creepy-chic pair ever to grace our screens. Also, all-black looks are so fun to play with, so the pieces you find could certainly be used for many other looks later on—Halloween or not! For Gomez, you’ll need a pinstripe blazer and pants, a fake mustache, and a fake “Thing” hand. For Morticia, find a long-sleeved black maxi dress with a slit (that you could also add in yourself), a long black wig, some bold eyeshadow, and bright red lipstick. There are endless ways to play around with her character by adding various props as well.


10. Joyce and Hopper from Stranger Things

We love this will-they-or-won’t-they pair, and this is one of those couples costumes that can easily be achieved with stuff you already have hidden in your wardrobe. To get Joyce’s look, all you need is an orange tee with a flannel shirt tied around your waist, and for Hopper, you’ll need some light-wash denim and a Hawaiian shirt—and, of course, a big ol’ fake mustache. 


11. Wizard of Oz

Pick any of the iconic characters from The Wizard of Oz, and dress up with your significant other, friend group, or dog! Of course, you can totally dress as Dorothy in a cute blue gingham dress and sparkly red shoes, but we also love the idea of wearing sparkly silver head-to-toe as the Tin Man. If you’re looking for an easier outfit, dress as Scarecrow by wearing some overalls and a flannel, and finish off your costume with face paint.


12. Toni Topaz and Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale

Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Archie might get all the attention when it comes to common couples costumes, but if you want to step it up and take on the most fun personas from this show, Toni Topaz and Cheryl Blossom are where it’s at. To get Toni’s look, you’ll need a cool black leather jacket with dark jeans, heeled ankle boots, and some pink faux hair extensions. For Cheryl’s look, opt for an all-black or all-red (or a combo of them) look with thigh-high boots and the brightest red lipstick you can find. 


13. John B and Sarah from Outer Banks

If you live somewhere warm and can wear shorts and a crop top at the end of October, this Outer Banks couples costume is for you. You and your significant other should already have everything you need in your closet for this badass couples costume: jean shorts, tank tops, sneakers, and backpacks. Just make sure you dirty everything up a little—including yourself—and add John B’s bandana as the final touch.


14. Mike and Sulley from Monsters, Inc.

Head to the Scare Floor this Halloween and dress like the characters in Monsters, Inc. This light-hearted costume is fun to do with your significant other or with a group of friends. In addition to Mike and Sulley, someone can dress up as Boo, which is a cute idea if you have a little one! Others can dress up as characters from the Scare Team and Monsters University.


15. Andie and Duckie from Pretty in Pink

We’d be remiss not to include the most adorable celeb couple and their even more adorable costume. We love the simple yet iconic embodiment of these BFFs from the cult classic Pretty in Pink. It’s a great couple or friend costume that’s super easy to replicate! For Andie, you just need a short, red-haired wig and a flowy pink dress. You need a simple fedora, bolo tie, and some layered sweaters with a blazer for Duckie.


16. A ’20s couple

A flapper is usually thought of as a last-minute solo costume, but it can easily be turned into a couples costume. Wear a beaded dress and feathered headband, and have your S.O. don a trench and hat for an easy, cute costume.


17. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Get inspired by the faraway place of Neverland and dress up like Tinkerbell and Peter Pan this year. You can find everything you need for this costume online, but we always think a DIY version is better. Peter Pan needs green tights, a long green shirt, a belt, a hat, and brown shoes—all of which you can get together with the help of your local craft store and retailers like Target and Amazon. Tinkerbell’s costume requires a little more magic and sparkle: a wand, sparkly tights, a green leotard and tutu, ballet flats, and wings.


18. Superheroes

If you don’t want to be totally matchy-matchy, choose a theme instead. We love this idea because you can include as many (or as few) people as you want. If you want to dress like a superhero with your significant other, that’s great! But if you want to dress like the cast of The Avengers with your entire friend group, the more, the merrier. We need as many heroes as we can get on these streets!


19. Chik-fil-A employees and cow

This is another unique yet super easy couples costume idea. If you want to do this with only one other person, pick one of you to be the cow, and the other can be a Chik-fil-A employee. But if you want to add more people to the staff, go for it! We would say “you’re welcome” for this idea, but according to a Chik-fil-A employee, the correct phrase would be “my pleasure!”



20. Matching skull makeup

For all the couples who feel the Halloween spirit but don’t want to deal with any of the fuss, this one’s for y’all. To start, just put on your favorite all-black outfit. Now for a dose of creativity, use some white and black face paint and paint opposite halves of your faces as fun skeletons, sugar skulls, or anything similar to create the whole “two parts of a whole” look! People will 100% applaud your innovation and edginess.


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