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6 Things You Need for a Cozy Night In


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Source: @mylittlebooktique
Source: @mylittlebooktique

It’s a Friday afternoon. You’re gearing up to finish work for the week, change into your comfiest clothes, and spend the evening participating in one of life’s greatest joys: a cozy night in.

Sure, going out can be fun. But there’s something about having nowhere to be but your couch and nothing to do but relax that feels like a treat time and time again, especially come fall. However, all nights at home are not equal. When one falls into your lap, you should take the necessary steps to maximize its coziness. These six things are all you need for the cozy night of your dreams.


1. A book you don’t want to put down

When you’re spending a night alone, there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and diving in. Whether you’re into psychological thrillers or warm-and-fuzzy romance novels, find a book you can get lost in. It’ll make your cozy night feel like a journey in itself. If your bookshelf is looking a little stale these days, these are some of the new books we can’t wait to get our hands on this fall.

It Starts with Us

The highly anticipated sequel to Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us is FINALLY here. After Lily and Ryle finally separate and Lily and Atlas reunite after two years, Lily starts to believe time is on their side. But Ryle is against Atlas being in Lily's and his daughter's life and will do anything to keep them apart.

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The Winners

Fans of Fredrik Backman's Beartown will devour this latest installment in the series. The story follows Beartown's residents who are dealing with the aftermath of the events from two years ago they would rather forget. Little do they know, big changes are coming that may just hold the answers to the questions they've long been asking.

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Lucy by the Sea

This novel follows the main character of My Name Is Lucy Barton as she navigates the early days of the pandemic. During lockdown, Lucy leaves Manhattan for a home in small town Maine with her ex-husband and friend, William. Together they deal with the despair and hope that comes with isolation and learn the importance of human connection.

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Fairy Tale

Stephen King fans, buckle up for this spellbinding story. It follows high school student Charlie Reade, who befriends an old man and his dog and is quickly welcomed into their home. After the old man passes, Charlie is left with a cassette tape explaining that within the old man's mysterious shed is a portal to another world. Upon opening the portal, Charlie must join a battle of good and evil with the help of his trusty four-legged companion.

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2. A cozy look

When you’re lounging around for the night, you’ll want to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Now isn’t a time for bras or leggings. It’s full-on loungewear or bust.

We all have those pieces in our wardrobes that are reserved for when we want to feel the most comfortable, and tonight’s the night to wear them. Wrap yourself up in the coziest pieces you have, and bask in the joy of knowing nobody’s going to see you tonight. 

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3. Pampering skincare

Especially as the weather gets colder, the outside world can take a toll on your skin. A cozy night in is the perfect opportunity to give your skin some extra pampering you typically don’t have time for. Whether that means embarking on an elaborate multi-step skincare routine or simply slapping on a face mask, take some time to give your skin the replenishment it deserves.

4. Your favorite hot drink

Whether you want to opt for a homemade decaf pumpkin latte or a piping hot cup of tea, having a warm beverage in hand is vital for optimal coziness. We’re partial to heating up a kettle of water and steeping our favorite tea—preferably for multiple cups’ worth of joy. Pick a flavor that feels like fall to savor the season. We’re looking at you, chai.

If you’re more in the mood for a glass of wine than apple cider, pop the cork on your favorite red to sip on all night long.

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5. A fall-scented candle

There’s nothing quite like a candle that can only be lit for a few nights of the year. You savor it every time you light it. Whether your go-to scent is a sweet pumpkin one or one that smells like a very hot man’s cologne, lighting a candle and keeping the lights low makes any room instantly cozy. 

If you have candlesticks, make use of them and light them next to your scented candle. Not only will the ambiance be immaculate, but it’ll make the night feel like a special treat, just for you.

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6. Mood lighting

The key to making any room feel like it’s begging for you to stay in is low mood lighting—preferably in the form of twinkle lights. Turn off your overhead lighting and lamps. Instead, rely on the light from your candles and twinkle lights to brighten your room all night long. 

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