The Everygirl’s 2017 Fall Bucket List

The time for falling leaves and apple cider has finally come upon us and we couldn’t be more excited. Whether you’re a fan of carving pumpkins or creating your own Halloween costume, there’s something about fall that makes it a favorite for all of us. To help you celebrate, here’s our bucket list of fall activities that’ll have you enjoying all this season has to offer.

1. Attend a football game (and tailgate)

Nothing says the beginning of fall like the return of football season. Our teams may be different, but we’re all coming together for the same reason — to witness America’s beloved sport with our go-to drink in hand. Get your game day outfit ready and perfect your tailgate recipe for this classic fall event. Not into the NFL? High school or college games are just as fun — if not more so. It’s all about getting into that “go team” spirit.


2. Actually decorate for fall (i.e., more than just a few pumpkins)

Source: @bsbackyard

What better way to get in the spirit of the season than surrounding ourselves with reminders of it? Craft your own fall wreath or go on a mission to find your next fall centerpiece — the choices are as endless as our obsession with pumpkin spice lattes (no judging, please). If you love the fall, your house might as well look like it does too. Pumpkins are encouraged, but so is thinking outside the box — mums, fall foliage arrangements, felt leaf bunting… get creative!


3. Go to a pumpkin patch

As another traditional fall activity, pumpkin patches are the reason to live for October and the ultimate reminder of our childhoods. Take your candid picture in the field of pumpkins, pick the pumpkin you want to carve, and top it off with a hayride — you’ve been waiting all summer for this feeling.


4. Make your Halloween costume

Source: Studio DIY

Some people buy their costumes on the day of Halloween, while others begin planning theirs in the middle of July. Regardless of which category you fall under, challenge yourself this fall by creating your own costume. Search the web and find inspiration — this is about to be your best costume yet.


5. Go apple picking

Source: @jeanwang

Similar to a pumpkin pitch, going to an apple orchard and picking apples is another activity fall is known for — and one we continue to look forward to. Once you’re done choosing your apples, make the day even more memorable by dripping the apples in caramel and dousing them with your go-to toppings.


6. Host a bonfire with s’mores

Source: @tifforelie

If you’re looking for a fool-proof way to enjoy this season, you’ve just found it — a nice bonfire in your backyard with s’mores and best friends. Start the bonfire as the sun goes down to appreciate the way the sky turns colors, and continue the night with heartwarming conversation and company.


7. Bake a pie from scratch

The only thing better than dessert is dessert that’s home-made. Whether it’s apple or pumpkin, choose the pie of your choice and get to baking — your house is about to smell as delicious as the pie tastes. Prepare your plate (and appetite) for this satisfying activity and eat a second slice for us.


8. Update your fall fashion

Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for — being able to wear leggings in replacement of jeans. Enjoy this sweater weather with the essentials of scarves, booties, flannel tops, knee-high boots, etc. Fall is on our side when it comes to dressing comfortably, and nothing is about to stop us from drinking hot chocolate in our favorite cardigan.


9. Take a scenic drive for some ‘leaf peeping’

There’s nothing like the leaves changing in the fall — the burst of warm colors (deep umber, burnt orange, fiery burgundy) against the crisp air is soul-cleansing. Grab your keys, hit up Starbucks for a PSL (you know you want it), find a winding, scenic route, and get lost in the beauty of fall.


10. Pass out candy to *adorable* trick-or-treaters

Source: @shopwiksten

Little kid costumes are the absolute best — and complimenting them makes them SO proud. Grab some really good candy — don’t be that person with pennies or Welch’s fruit snacks — and hunker down for a scary movie in which frequent interruptions will be appreciated.


11. Attend a harvest festival

Source: @a_ced

Bobbing for apples, going for hay bale rides, and feeding intrepid goats are just some of the pleasures that await you at a local harvest festival. Embrace the small town charm, the cute outfit (hunter boots + plaid button down = harvest chic), and the hot apple cider.


12. Try hiking in a forest preserve or state park

Source: @megan_zink

More ~leaf peeping~ plus there’s nothing like the brisk fall air on your cheeks as you hike through one of nature’s most beautiful chapters.


13. Host a scary movie night or watch a back-to-school classic

Source: See Jane Blog

Watching a scary movie with all the lights off is so uniquely fall — remember ABC Family’s (I refuse to call it “Freeform”) 13 Nights of Halloween? THE BEST. If scary movies aren’t your thing, try an essential back-to-school movie that will make you long for Ticonderoga pencils and shiny binders. I highly recommend She’s All That.


14. Learn to cook a new hearty soup, stew, or chili recipe

Source: Pinch of Yum

Ah, fall means cozy soups are back! If you’ve never done any, now’s a great time to start — and trial and error in the kitchen can be seriously fun. If you already have a favorite, learn a tackle a new one! Look at you, practically Ina Garten already.


15. Send notes to friends and family for Thanksgiving telling them why you are thankful for them

Snail mail is still one of the best things in the world — getting a hand written note can make someone’s day, especially if it’s a card reminding them they are appreciated and loved.


What’s on your fall bucket list this year?