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This post is sponsored by Seavees, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

Our Editors Spill: The One Fashion Essential They Can’t Live Without


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Source: @liztong_
Source: @liztong_

If you were hanging out around our office for a day, a few things would come to light. You’d realize how much we collectively love snacks (Goldfish and Chex Mix in particular), how into pop culture we are, and how many products we all collectively try. A day doesn’t go by without someone giving an unsolicited, rave review on a new fashion essential or beauty product they tried and now simply cannot live without. And with how much we all consistently try out? Well, we’re left with no choice but to believe them.

From the newest beauty drops to the trendiest new fashion brand, our editors are out experiencing it all—and aren’t afraid to give their honest reviews. So when one thing comes along that we truly can’t live without, it means that it beat out a whole lot of other products to really stand out. And today, we’re spilling what that one product currently is for each of us.

From fashion classics we turn to time and time again to new brands who have solidified a permanent spot on our radar, these are our editors’ absolute holy grails of the moment.

White Sneaker

One thing about me? I’m a white sneakers girl through and through. My fashion vibe is definitely cool and casual, and I love pairing white sneaks with just about anything I can—from baggy jeans to dainty dresses and beyond. I love these platform ones from Seavees because they’re super on trend, comfortable, easy to clean, and breathable which makes these the summer shoe of my dreams.

Use code EVERYGIRL for 20% off of your first purchase at SeaVees + enter our giveaway HERE to enter to win two pairs of SeaVees shoes of your choice, free!

—Ashley, Branded Content Editor

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Classic Jean Jacket

I refuse to live a life without jean jackets. Is that dramatic? Absolutely. Do I mean it? You bet I do. There has never been a single time when I have thought to myself “I shouldn’t have worn my jean jacket”. In the spring and summer months, I always have one either on or in the backseat of my car just incase it gets chilly, and in the cooler months, you can find me layering a hoodie underneath. Since I don’t usually like cardigans, I get a lot of use out of jean jackets (which is why I own multiple), so I pray that they never go out of style.

—Hailey, Editorial Assistant

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17 Mile
Gold Hoops

The #1 most worn item I own? My gold hoops. Date night? Gold hoops. Office day? Gold hoops. Evening stroll? Running errands? GNO? GOLD HOOPS. These earrings are an absolute staple and can work with literally any outfit you put on and make it 10x cuter. These are the key to looking put together and are truly my best purchase to date.

—Jessica, Social Media Editor

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Shoulder Bag

If I could, I would shout from the rooftops how much I’ve been obsessed with Coach since their rebrand. When I scroll their website, I can always find at least 10 things that I want to add to my closet. At the beginning of last summer, I bought myself a neutral Coach shoulder bag, and it has been my go-to bag for every occasion since then—it works for going out, brunch, and a nice dinner, but it’s also roomy enough for everyday wear. And although Coach prices are great for the quality, I always check the outlet first and usually find some great pieces. I especially love that this one is convertible to a crossbody as well.

—Jess, Associate Editor

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Dad Jeans

Denim is like dating: Something new is fun and exciting, but when you find the perfect match, you’ll never want anything else again. So sorry to all the low-rise trends that have (unfortunately) resurfaced from the early aughts and skinny jeans that I loved and got rid of in 2017–no matter what’s in style, I’m never straying from my perfect pair of Dad Jeans. This pair is relaxed, but tight and contouring in all the right places (read: the butt), and it goes with anything for any occasion (dressed up with heels and a silky blouse, or dressed down with a tee are equally as alluring). I also love the trendy detail of the cross-waist that happens to cinch my silhouette for a flattering shape. Consider this your Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants pair–utter perfection, no matter your style or size.

—Josie, Wellness Editor

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Anna Beck
Gold Necklace

If there’s one thing I never leave the house without, it’s my jewelry. I prefer to never take my jewelry off, which means I like to invest in higher-quality pieces that can withstand sweat and showers without me needing to worry about them. I love finding a cool piece that serves as a base to layer and stack with the rest of my pieces, and lately, that’s this necklace. I love the interest the heart provides and that the thicker chain looks good both on its own and stacked with my other necklaces. I love the little collection I’ve created and that no matter how trendy my clothes are, my jewelry serves as a timeless base that reminds me of different points in my life and why I chose to get each piece.

—Maddie, Fashion Editor

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Graphic Tee

Not to be that girl, but the most prized item in my wardrobe is a Beatles graphic tee I picked up in London several years ago. This one is similar, it just won’t provide you with the opportunity to say, “Oh, I got it in London,” the way mine does. But if the Beatles aren’t your thing, I am a strong believer in Graphic Tee supremacy. Whichever ones you choose, they’re the perfect item to take your outfit from basic and simple (always a good thing, but sometimes just not the vibe) to slightly edgy and cool. Throw on some relaxed jeans and heeled booties and you’ve got yourself a certified Look for wherever the day takes you.

—Garri, Managing Editor

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If you live in a sunny area, then you know no piece of clothing will ever be as essential to your wardrobe as a cute pair of sunglasses. These Ray-Bans are my current favorite style as they aren’t super popular yet, but they are just as cute as the Hexagonal Flat Lenses everyone seems to have at the moment. They also offer a stronger frame, so if you are looking for an option that can support a prescription lens, look no further! Plus, they offer a timeless style that I have loved for years and can dress up or down to match any occasion.

—Kirra, Graphic Designer

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This post is sponsored by Seavees, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.