What To Wear to Every One of Your Upcoming Fall Events


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Source: Jamie Benjamin Photography for The Everygirl
Source: Jamie Benjamin Photography for The Everygirl

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we love fall around here. The crisp morning air, cozy nights in, pumpkin-infused coffee orders—there’s really nothing about this season we don’t love. But the most universally loved part of the season for us? The fall outfits.

After an endlessly hot summer, swapping tanks for cozy knits and sandals for boots feels like coming home after a long day. While the season always seems to go by in the blink of an eye, the weeks of glorious fall weather come with once-a-year activities, and getting dressed for them is half the joy.

Fall is finally, finally, here. And we have a go-to look for whatever your jam-packed schedule has on it (hello, apple picking!) so you can enjoy every single moment of the season—no outfit stress included.


To the pumpkin patch

denim shirt (plus) | socks | necklace | jeans (plus) | bag | clogs 

Going apple picking is an autumnal rite of passage. It isn’t really fall until you do it. You want to hit a casual-but-cute middle ground that you’ll be excited to feature in the inevitable Instagram content—while still maintaining practicality. A trendy denim-on-denim ensemble screams “coolest girl at the pumpkin patch,” but will keep you comfortable no matter what the weather brings. Opt for walkable, flat Birkenstock clogs to avoid getting any heels stuck in dirt or mud. The finishing touch? A shoulder bag that won’t occupy your hands. (They’re reserved for holding a cup of apple cider.)


To a tailgate or football game

sneakers | sweatshirtjeans (plus)| hatbag

Be it a high school, college, or NFL game, odds are your fall will entail at least one tailgate (which may or may not be followed by actually watching the game). The best rule of thumb? Keep it cool and casual. Relaxed jeans, a sweatshirt with your team’s logo or colors, and a baseball hat will say “I’m a sports girl” even if you’re far from one. Opt for a small bag you can wear crossbody to carry your belongings fuss-free.

(Don’t forget: Many stadiums only allow clear bags inside. Make sure to check the rules of wherever you’re headed so you don’t find yourself stuck with a bag you can’t bring into the game.)


For a spooky movie night

sweatshirt | sweatpants (plus)| slippers | socks | blue-light glasses

There are few things as blissful as cuddling up under a blanket on a Friday night, pouring yourself a drink, lighting a candle, and settling in for a spooky movie night. A cheeky Halloween sweatshirt and ultra-soft sweatpants make the perfect duo to wrap yourself in while getting a good scare. May we recommend Silence of the Lambs and a nice Chianti?


To the office

blazer (plus) | sweater vest | booties | chain necklace | maxi skirt | bucket bag

The only thing that has the potential to make a morning commute exciting? Doing it on a crisp, 60-degree day. Take advantage of the short-lived fall weather with a sweater vest and maxi skirt combo. Take your favorite blazer along with you to layer on if it’s chilly, or let your sweater vest stand on its own if a little warmer than you expected (isn’t it always?).


Out to dinner

bag | dress (plus) | hoopsboots 

Fall temperatures don’t tend to drop until a bit later in the season, which means that we’re taking advantage of a mini dress and knee-high boots combo as much as we can while the weather allows. This minimal, flattering dress combined with heeled boots packs a big punch with little effort, and is an outfit worth repeating all season long.


For a fall foliage road trip

 cardiganUGGs | tee | leggings (plus) | hat

Depending on where you live, a weekend trip away to relish the fall foliage—or leaf peep, as they say—is a mainstay of the season. The goal is to be cozy but quintessentially fall, which a long, cozy cardigan will help you accomplish. Snatch up a pair of the ever-so-popular Ultra Mini Uggs when you still have a chance (they’re currently fully in stock!) for a comfortable shoe option you’ll turn to all fall and winter long.


On a date


heels | toppants (plus)| bag

Some trends were simply made for date night, and that’s what I’d say about the feminine, romantic rosette embellishments that are all the rage right now. With a sexy off-the-shoulder detail, it’s the perfect top to throw on for a night out with your S.O., especially when paired with leather pants and heels.