Goodbye Skinny Jeans: These Are 2020’s New Pants to Wear

The first time I wore a pair of skinny jeans, I was in sixth grade. They were a low-rise, extra-skinny pair from Abercrombie Kids that I had begged my mom for enough that she bought them just to shut me up. But who could blame me? My bootcut Levi’s had been deemed unacceptable by every pre-pubescent girl at my middle school, and instead, braces-clad faces were accompanied by some very, very tight jeans. (I, unfortunately, didn’t have braces yet—just “the worst case” my future orthodontist would tell me he had ever seen. DM me for photographic evidence).

My point? That was over a decade ago. 

Skinny jeans have had their day, and while the gods have done the bare minimum of blessing us with high-rise versions—the mere thought of low-rise skinny jeans is enough to send me over the edge—they still are a bit … dated. Don’t get me wrong, they have a time and a place—like when you need to tuck them into booties in the winter. But other versions of pants are now gracing our lower-halves, and we have to admit, they’re a lot more flattering.

Give your skinnies a nice, cozy place at the back of your closet, and try out these 2020-approved pants—so you can walk into the beginning of a new decade in something other than what you started the last one in.


Leather Pants

A few years ago, you probably wouldn’t have considered a pair of leather pants unless it was October 30 at Spirit Halloween while you were settling on being Sandy from Grease as a last-minute Halloween costume. But alas, the fashion gods have a way of making us eat our words, as they’ve done with the leather pants of seasons past (and future). We’ve sung the praises of the Spanx leather leggings for months now, and while they’re still a permanent part of our rotation, straighter, trouser-like versions have popped up that we’ve fallen for too. 



Our Favorites


Cropped Boot-Cut

When it’s anything but blustery cold outside, cropped jeans are almost always the way to go. This retro cut is super flattering and makes any outfit look more modern and fun than skinny jeans—especially paired with a patterned top.



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If you’ve been sticking exclusively to skinny jeans as of late, put on a flared pair and see what they do to your legs and how many times you’re caught looking at your butt in the mirror throughout the day. A flared pair of jeans hugs your body in all the right places and enhances your figure in ways that a skinny pair simply can’t. With a heeled pair of booties or sandals, you’ll be the chicest girl in any room.



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It’s easy to get stuck in the mindset that trousers are a workwear-only piece of clothing—after all, that’s what they were meant for. But it’s 2020, and it’s time for trousers to make their way into your casual wardrobe too. Styling them in a monochromatic look is a seamless option, but this season graced us with pairs in patterns and colors that scream “wear me with a T-shirt on a Saturday.”



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Straight Jeans

If I had to pick one style of jean that was the clear replacement of skinny jeans, it’s a straight-leg pair. They’re nothing out of the ordinary, but are more flattering on the body and give off an effortless, cool-girl vibe (especially with a distressed hem). You’d have to pull our editors’ straight jeans out of our cold, dead hands before we went back to skinnies.



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