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The Kourtney Kardashian-Approved Health Hacks I Swear By


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We all have a favorite Kardashian, but whether you’re a diehard Kim fan or will fight to the death for Kris Jenner, it’s undeniable that Kourtney is the queen of wellness. From her early days of perfecting the matcha latte to experimenting with all sorts of health practices, diets, and recipes over the years, she has proven that she is willing to try anything to improve her health. And lucky for us, she shares it all on her healthy living website Poosh.

I can’t get on board with every wellness trend she tries. (Making my own aloe vera juice just wasn’t for me.) However, I can vouch for a lot of the health hacks she uses regularly. After all, she’s the one who showed me the value of switching to natural deodorant—read on for why. So after testing out so many different health hacks over the years, I have narrowed down the list to the following seven that are worth the investment and, as a bonus, Kourtney Kardashian-approved.



1. Use a natural deodorant

I started using a natural deodorant a couple of years ago after reading up on the benefits. While there is a lot of debate around whether natural deodorants are worth it, like Kourtney, I’ve always believed that what you put on your body—skincare, makeup, sunscreen, and even deodorant—makes a difference in your health. It took a lot of testing because natural deodorants don’t have the chemicals to block body odor as effectively as other deodorants do, but I eventually found a brand I like: Native. One thing to note: When you switch over to a natural deodorant, it can take a couple of weeks for it to start working, as your armpits are essentially detoxing during this time.


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2. Try Pilates as a workout

Over the past couple of years, Pilates has become all the rage, and there’s good reason: The low-impact workout targets the smallest muscles in your body. It can leave you feeling the effects for many days afterward. Kourtney favors using a reformer machine for her Pilates workouts, and while I’ve never experienced this machine’s benefits, I have experienced the positive effects of doing an at-home Pilates workout. I swear by obé Fitness’ 30-minute Pilates classes that can be done anywhere. (It’s my go-to while traveling.) I finish every class feeling stronger and with an endorphin boost.


3. Opt for matcha instead of coffee

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you’ve probably seen Kourtney lounging in her stunning home, drinking a matcha latte. While many people can’t get through the day without their first cup of coffee, Kourtney swears by her matcha recipe instead, and I couldn’t agree more. While I still love a coffee every once in a while, my regular routine involves a matcha latte or green tea first thing in the morning. Matcha still gives me an energy boost without the jitters that can come from coffee, and as a bonus, it packs major health benefits.



4. Sleep with a silk pillowcase

I’ll admit that my reasoning for buying a silk pillowcase wasn’t exactly health-focused. (The feel of silk is just too good to pass up, especially while sleeping.) But little did I know that opting for a silk pillowcase is beneficial for your skin and hair health. After all, you should spend at least 7-8 hours a day asleep. That’s a long time to rest your body on something. Kourtney shared a similar sentiment with Insider, noting the difference in her hair when she made the transition. I must admit that I feel the same as her. Silk pillowcases are game changers.


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5. Use supplements to help support your immune system

For an article in Poosh, Kourtney gave a peek inside her medicine cabinet. She shared all the different remedies she uses when she’s feeling under the weather. There was one supplement in there that I also happened to love, especially during cold and flu season: the Wellness Formula supplement from Source Naturals. It has a combination of Vitamin C and over 25 different herbs, vitamins, and nutraceuticals. It’s that extra boost of vitamins your body craves when it’s working to fight off an illness. But everybody is different, and we all need different things. Regardless of what works for my or Kourtney’s body, talk to your doctor about how to best support your immune system. 

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6. Make sure you’re getting enough magnesium

Magnesium is a vital mineral to the body, and many of us are not getting enough. One study found that 10 out of 11 apparently healthy women were magnesium-deficient. Kourtney shared in a blog post that she takes magnesium after every workout to help with muscle function, which is something I’m a fan of doing as well. I tend to work out in the evenings, and after every session, I take a magnesium supplement to help with muscle recovery and ensure I get quality sleep. If there’s one supplement I make sure to never miss taking, it’s my magnesium. 

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7. Avoid dairy products for better skin

When I first gave up dairy, it was because my doctor told me I had a slight allergy to dairy—not because Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t eat dairy! All I could think about was how much I would miss cheese or ice cream, but little did I know the amazing benefits that would come from it. A couple of months after giving up all dairy products, my skin became clearer and better than ever.

Kourtney shared a similar experience in an interview with POPSUGAR. “I keep hearing that it’s great for your skin to [give up dairy], and this new doctor who my kids and I have been seeing just said we all have allergies to it,” she said. While changing your diet is never easy, there are so many dairy alternatives that can make the process a lot easier. If you are interested in limiting dairy, talk to your doctor. Ensure you’re still getting essential nutrients like vitamin B12 and calcium in other ways. Also, if you enjoy dairy and it doesn’t make your body feel bad, enjoy it totally guilt-free! After all, the best Kourtney-approved wellness hack is to live authentically and forget the haters.