Which Main Character You Are, Based on Your Enneagram


If you ask me, the best part of binge-watching TV shows and movies is living vicariously through their multifaceted cast of characters and escaping into their worlds. Maybe you are immediately drawn to certain characters because you identify with them while others remind you of your BFF, sister, or boss. Being the Type One that I am, I had to dig deeper into my favorite fictional personas and determine where they fit in the Enneagram because what better way to understand the nine personality types than through the lens of must-see sitcoms, dramas, and flicks? Read on to find out which character you embody, based on your Enneagram type. Spoiler alert: Finding your Enneagram mate just might give you clues as to why you are the way you are.


Daphne Bridgerton, Bridgerton 

The ever-rational and perfectionist Type One thrives on being perfectly controlled and principled. Always prim and proper, Daphne Bridgerton plays by the rules (with the exception of her and Duke Simon’s “fake” courtship, of course). As the eldest daughter, she is innately responsible and takes matters into her own hands. And in true One fashion, her steadfastness in her plans and decisions serves her well as she dodged Lord Berbrooke and got her Happily Ever After, complete with a baby boy (and the next Duke of Hastings). 


Luisa Madrigal, Encanto 

Though she puts on a tough act, Luisa attributes her worth to being able to use her powers to help others. Like Luisa, a Two is a people-pleaser and the empathetic ride-or-die you want by your side. Because she can take on anything (literally—did you see her muscles?), the Madrigals expect more from her, and she desperately wants to have what it takes to gain her family’s approval. In her solo “Surface Pressure,” she lets down her guard and expresses her fear of not living up to others’ expectations. 


Keeley Jones, Ted Lasso

Success-oriented, driven, and image-conscious are all traits of Type Threes and describes Keeley perfectly. As “the achiever” that she is, she climbs the proverbial ladder and ends up striking out on her own as a PR entrepreneur. There’s no denying Keeley’s MO of eclectic fashion choices (from colorful fuzzy coats to power suits) and high ponytails in true Type Three form—I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Fendi number she donned in Season 2, Episode 7 and 12 (yes, the dress is that cute that it warranted Keeley wearing the same thing twice). 


Rue Bennett, Euphoria 

There’s no mistaking Rue’s Four vibes: She is withdrawn, sensitive, and compassionate. Struggling to find her place in the world, she has a complex relationship with her emotions and yearns to be seen and understood, but she still marches to the beat of her own drum. In the same vein, she has her own sense of fashion (IMHO, Converses are classic) and isn’t afraid to push boundaries. Call her unique or unconventional, but she is who she is. If there’s one thing we can learn from Rue (and all the other Type Fours out there), it’s to be true to yourself.


Vivian Kent, Inventing Anna 

As a journalist, Vivian is perceptive, inquisitive, and tenacious. Intent on getting the true story of Anna Delvey, Vivian works tirelessly and sets her sights on gathering information, no matter what it takes. Like a true Five, she’s a nonconformist through and through and doesn’t take interest in trends (as Val blatantly points out in her fashion choices). But what she lacks in fashion sense, she makes up for in her commitment to her work and strong mindset.


Love Quinn, You

Criminal tendencies and questionable morals aside, there’s a lot to love about you, Love. You’re loyal to the core, protective, and engaging, like a Six. You’ll go to the ends of the Earth to protect your loved ones (AKA Joe and Forty). Building trust in your inner circle is the MVP of your values, so it’s no surprise that keeping secrets is your forte. All you want is to be loved. Is that too much to ask? 


Alexis Rose, Schitt’s Creek 

As the quintessential Seven, Alexis is fun-loving, lively, and optimistic. In other words, she’s the life of the party and the person everyone wants to be around. With various talents and interests and a glass-half-full approach to life, the world is her oyster. Unfazed by taking risks and driven by FOMO, Alexis is always on the go, pursuing new experiences and exciting possibilities. Anyone cry happy tears for her when she focused her energy and ambition on finishing high school and becoming a PR boss babe? Same. 


Molly Carter, Insecure  

Type Eights are confident, determined, and headstrong. Enter: Molly Carter. As a powerful lawyer, she’s direct and tackles challenges head on. She tries to avoid vulnerability at all costs to remain in control and maintain her tough-gal persona. As a friend, Molly can demand a lot from you, but it’s only because she has high expectations for herself. But once you’re in, you’re in for life. Case in point: Molly and Issa’s enduring friendship (even though it was touch and go for a while). 


Lara Jean Covey, To All the Boys Trilogy 

Motivated by keeping the peace, a Type Nine is easygoing and gets along well with many. You could say they’re chameleons who can easily adapt to different social settings, and Lara Jean is no exception. She’s soft-spoken and emanates a major zen-like quality—why wouldn’t all the boys be drawn to her (Team Peter all the way, am I right)? If I could tell Lara Jean one thing as a friend (this is all make-believe, so yes, we’re friends), it would be to be careful not to get lost in your relationships and don’t be afraid to own your voice.