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30 Netflix Hidden Gems That Will Save Your Weekend

Source: Madeline Galassi
Source: Madeline Galassi

I must admit: I love movies, I love TV shows, and I probably spend too much time watching them. I often find myself getting texts from friends asking for recommendations on what to watch, because I’ve seen so much of the content on Netflix and other streaming services that I’m always ready to tell someone about what I think will be their new favorite show. 

We’ve provided recommendations from feel-good movies to documentaries to nostalgic movies and TV shows to TV shows similar to You (as well as my personal new favorite show, we can’t forget that!). In times like these, we need fresh new content more than ever—so if you’ve already exhausted all of those options, this article is for you.

It’s much too easy to find yourself scrolling through Netflix for far too long, never knowing what to watch, and then lose interest in watching anything new at all and put New Girl on for the 38th time (just me?!). The sheer volume of options can be overwhelming, so I’m here to help a gal out.

Here are 30 TV shows and movies on Netflix that you might not have seen yet:


TV Shows


1. Atypical 

For fans of: Parenthood


2. The Society

For fans of: Riverdale


3. The 100

For fans of: Game of Thrones


4. Imposters

For fans of: You


5. Reign 

For fans of: The Crown


6. Virgin River

For fans of: Hart Of Dixie


7. The Good Place

For fans of: Schitt’s Creek


8. Master of None

For fans of: New Girl


9. Dynasty

For fans of: Gossip Girl


10. Good Girls

For fans of: Ozark


11. The Originals

For fans of: Vampire Diaries


12. Girl Boss

For fans of: Younger


13. Queen of the South

For fans of: Breaking Bad 


14. The Disappearance of Madeline McCann

For fans of: Making A Murderer


15. Selling Sunset

For fans of: Vanderpump Rules





For fans of To All The Boys and The Kissing Booth … If you’re a sucker for YA romance, these five are for you: 

16. After 


17. The Last Summer


18. SPF-18


19. Rip Tide


20. The Edge of Seventeen


21. Ibiza: Love Drunk

For fans of: Someone Great


23. Molly’s Game

For fans of: 21 and Hustlers


24. Secret Obsession

For fans of: Lifetime movies


25. The Spectacular Now

For fans of: The Perks of Being a Wallflower


26. The Invitation 

For fans of: Get Out


27. About Time

For fans of: Love Actually


28. To The Bone

For fans of: The Fault in Our Stars


29. When We First Met

For fans of: Set It Up


30. How It Ends

For fans of: Bird Box


What other Netflix hidden gems have you seen? Let your fellow readers know in the comments!