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7 Easy Hacks To Do Tonight That Will Make You Healthier by Morning

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health hacks
Source: @setactive
Source: @setactive

You know the TikTok trend of creators with frownies and pimple patches on their faces and masks or oils in their hair, claiming that “the uglier you go to bed, the prettier you wake up?” We’d like to suggest an alternative that’s not about how pretty you wake up but how healthy you wake up. Being your best self does not have to require a lot of energy or time during your waking hours; thanks to a few tricks and tips, you can actually get healthier while you sleep. Think of it as the easiest habit stacking ever. Keep reading for seven overnight health hacks that work their magic while you sleep so you’ll wake up healthier than you fell asleep the night before.

1. Take magnesium

Magnesium may not get the hype that probiotics or colostrum do, but it plays a major role in multiple functions of the body (magnesium plays a part in more than 300 reactions, as Sonya Angelone, RD, told Women’s Health) and can be taken before you go to bed for a variety of benefits. Taking magnesium at night can help ensure you have a regular bowel movement the next morning because magnesium is a smooth muscle relaxant; it helps with the muscular contractions that push stool through the gut. Having a regular bowel movement first thing in the morning can help with gut health symptoms throughout the day and is an important step in the body’s daily detoxification process. “Having a bowel movement first thing in the morning can get rid of those symptoms (feeling bloated, backed up, etc.) so you feel better throughout the day,” explained gastroenterologist Dr. Peyton Berookim MD, to Eat This, Not That!

The mineral can also help you wake up healthier because it can help you have restorative sleep, which means waking up more refreshed the following day. It works to relax more of our muscles than just the digestive system, helping to relax the whole body and decrease cortisol levels, meaning you can wake up feeling restored and refreshed without the grogginess that may come with other sleep-promoting supplements like melatonin.

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2. Tape your mouth

Perhaps the epitome of our take on TikTok’s “the uglier you go to bed” motto is using mouth tape. Taping your mouth closed while you sleep leads to increased energy and reduced anxiety the next day, not to mention better sleep, a more defined jawline, and reduced bad breath. Because mouth taping encourages functional breathing (breathing in and out through the nose into the diaphragm) rather than poor breathing (breathing through the mouth into the chest), you get 10 to 20 percent more oxygen intake and better circulation. That translates to more energy, reduced inflammation, and potentially less stress when you wake up. As for how nasal breathing can change facial structure and enhance dental health, it comes down to poor versus proper tongue posture and working different muscles when you mouth breathe versus nose breathe.

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3. Swap blue light for red light

You already know that blue light at night—be it your phone, laptop, overhead lights, or TV—can make it harder to fall and stay asleep, so you may know that opting for red lights before bed can help you sleep. However, red light therapy before bed can also improve energy the next day, thanks to the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm works as an internal 24-clock; when the body is exposed to “daylight” (or blue light), the body halts melatonin and increases cortisol, but it’s also a sign to begin melatonin production again in about 12 hours. When the body experiences red and orange wavelengths (like a sunset), the body interprets it as a sign to increase melatonin production and then gradually slows down melatonin production in 12 or so hours. The balance of the circadian rhythm is critical for both sleep and energy.

When your body is exposed to blue light at night, not only is that increasing cortisol and halting melatonin production for poor sleep quality at night, but the body may not fully halt melatonin production and increase cortisol for optimal energy and alertness the next day, leaving you groggy, tired, or lethargic. In other words: Red light therapy at night can help you wake up as soon as your alarm goes off and feel more energy throughout the day. So swap to red light bulbs, meditate in front of red light, or reach for a book instead of doom-scrolling or watching your latest period romance obsession.

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4. Set the thermostat to 65°F

Another easy hack that can make you healthier while you sleep? Cooling down the temperature. Cold sleep is essential for the regulation of hormones that play a crucial role in overall well-being. One of the hormones affected by cold sleep is the human growth hormone (HGH), meaning you can actually help build muscle while you sleep. Sleeping in cold temperatures can also affect your metabolism. A 2014 study found that sleeping in a cooler environment (around 66 degrees Fahrenheit) can increase metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity by burning brown adipose tissue (or “brown fat“) so that you can generate heat while you sleep at colder temperatures, which may help with everything from weight management to insulin-related PCOS.

Whether you run hot or cold, experts agree that keeping your sleeping quarters between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 72 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for optimal sleep. That said, if your sleep environment is too cold, it can also cause you to have disrupted sleep. So, if you find 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit too frigid, try adding a light layer to your bedding. But if you’re trying to stay cool during the night, you might consider sleeping in breathable sheets, keeping a cool glass of water on your nightstand, and wearing lightweight cotton pajamas (or sleeping in the nude).

5. Manifest while you sleep

According to neurology experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza and manifestation gurus like Mimi Bouchard, you can actually become the best version of yourself and manifest your dream life while you sleep. The ideal time to manifest is actually as you’re drifting off to sleep because you have better access to your subconscious mind to rewire any limited beliefs holding you back. Author and manifestation expert Roxie Nafousi swears the biggest changes to her life came when she started falling asleep to guided meditations because it rewired her brain faster. Our subconscious mind absorbs information better when we are in a relaxed state, so you can more easily overcome your limiting beliefs and manifest your dream life. Instead of falling asleep rewatching Friends, use a guided meditation meant for sleep (we like the ones from Dr. Joe Dispenza or the Superhuman app, but you can also find many ones for free on YouTube) so you fall asleep tapping into your highest self and rewiring your brain to live your best life.

6. Set a smart alarm clock

Setting up your next day to be your healthiest self is not just about how you sleep, but how you wake up. And it’s time we put the stress-inducing jolting alarm clock to rest. When you use a standard alarm clock, you run the risk of getting woken up when you’re in a deep sleep phase, resulting in grogginess throughout the rest of the day that can cause lower productivity and mood which can affect the rest of your day. When you use a smart alarm clock that monitors your sleep cycles, it determines the best time for your body to wake up. By timing your wake-up call to sync with a lighter sleep cycle, you’re more likely to wake up feeling alert and having better cognitive functioning (think: thinking, reasoning, remembering, and learning) instead of your usual morning sluggishness.

Whether you go with a wearable sleep tracker or a sleep-tracking app, like SleepScore or Sleepwave, you can set a window of time you’d like to be woken up within, such as 7 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. The device or app will detect when you’re in a lighter stage of sleep between the programmed time range. You’ll wake up at your body’s ideal time for less anxiety and grogginess throughout the day—no more hitting the snooze button.

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7. Program your coffee maker

Imagine you’re in bed on a Monday morning after your smart alarm clock (read: above) gently wakes you up. As soon as you open your eyes, you smell coffee brewing—instantly, you’re more energized and excited to start your day before you even leave your bed. You may think that drinking coffee gives you that pep in your step, but the smell of coffee alone has been shown to enhance working memory and stimulate alertness for improved mental and physical performance. An international group of scientists reported that inhaling the aroma may change the activity of some genes in the brain, reducing the effects of sleep deprivation, such as sleepiness, inability to focus, and anxiety—no actual sipping necessary. Opt for a coffee maker with a timer so you can schedule your cup of coffee to be ready before you even get out of bed, giving new meaning to something worth getting out of bed for.

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