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17 Ways to Romanticize Your Life This Weekend

written by EMMA GINSBERG
Source: @mylittelbooktique
Source: @mylittelbooktique

Over the past decade of my life, I’ve spent my weekends constantly doing something productive. In high school, I filled my time with intense extracurriculars, and in college, I spent my weekends furiously making my way through classwork until it came time to dance the night away. Now, blessed at long last with a 9-5 job, I’ve realized that I have absolutely no idea how to spend a weekend that doesn’t involve working more than I probably should or numbing my brain with hours of movie marathons because I’m exhausted. Enter: Romanticizing my life on the weekends, the antidote to my Saturday and Sunday boredom.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have our weekends to ourselves, there’s no shortage of amazing things to do and try that will help us live in the moment, romanticize our day-to-day lives, and look back on the weekend Sunday night with no regrets. After all, when you have your weekly Monday meeting, don’t you want to be able to have an answer to “So, what did everyone do this weekend?” Same. Here are 17 ways to romanticize your life this weekend—because we only get 52 of them every year, so we might as well make the most of every single second.

17 Ways to Romanticize Your Life This Weekend

1. Spend some time outside

So many of us spend our weekdays sitting indoors, whether at home or in an office, meaning that the weekends are essential for getting outdoors and into nature. Whether you’re just taking a walk around your neighborhood or going for an actual hike or nature walk, you’ll thank yourself for taking in the sights and sounds during the weekend.

2. Make time for movement

Speaking of sitting at a desk all week, there’s no time quite like the weekend to get moving for a little bit longer than you do on an average weekday. Schedule a workout class, go for an extra long walk, or just take some time to do yoga or stretching at home for some good physical TLC.

3. Don’t set an alarm

If you’re a high-achiever who loves her 6 a.m. morning routine, this can be a tough one. But chances are, if your body really loves waking up at 6 a.m., it will anyway if you don’t set an alarm on a Saturday! Enjoy waking up naturally when you can. Whether you wake up at the crack of dawn or sleep in until noon, enjoy the feeling of waking up whenever your body feels ready to—no annoying alarms are welcome.

4. Read something that inspires you

If I could, I would spend every single weekend day among the stacks of my local bookstore and library. Wander the stacks and pull out titles that interest you to either add to your reading list or to actually take home and curl up with. Even if you feel like snuggling up at home, take time to dive into a book that will inspire you, such as a motivating self-help book or a memoir that helps you tap into your career motivations. No matter what you pick, the idea is to read something that helps you feel your best self.

5. Tap into your playful side

As adults, it can be hard to find time in our lives for play, and play is an important aspect of joy and overall well-being. Luckily, the weekend gives us plenty of time to play our hearts out, in whatever way we want to—from hosting a game night to playing a game of pickleball.

6. Visit your local farmers market

Almost as good as wandering the stacks of a bookstore? Wandering the stalls of your local farmers market. There’s something about seeing the stacks of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables that’s super satisfying. Pick up fresh flowers and some ingredients you never tried, and don’t forget to stop and taste the samples. Bonus: Get fresh, seasonal ingredients to romanticize your meals for the rest of the weekend too.

7. Cook a comforting recipe

Tired of eating out on the weekends or ordering the same takeout food? Get outside of your usual routine to cook a delicious meal you’re excited about. Search your favorite cookbooks or websites for copycat versions of your go-to comfort food or favorite dishes from restaurants, and spend a few hours this weekend learning to create a new dish.

8. Wear your comfiest clothes

This one is especially important for the gals who head into the office every day of the week: Consider this your reminder that you deserve to have some weekend athleisure (or whatever you consider coziest) that brings you joy!

9. Set aside time for self-reflection

My personal favorite Sunday morning activity is to sit in bed with a hot cup of tea or coffee and journal it out—whether it’s my reflections on the week past, goals for the week ahead, or simply musings on life itself. It’s a weekend ritual that is simultaneously peaceful and re-centering.

10. Go somewhere new

No, this doesn’t mean taking a weekend trip, although quick getaways are always fun. Visit a restaurant, hiking trail, shop, nearby neighborhood, or park that you haven’t seen before—you don’t have to go far, you just have to get creative.

11. Get (or make) a fun coffee beverage

Chances are, if you love a cup of coffee, you either reserve the weekend days for getting a ~special~ type of latte or for purchasing your weekly coffee out. I don’t know what your prerogative is, but the point is: treat yourself! If you’re DIYing, froth the milk and add your favorite flavors. If you’re purchasing, get the special drink you wouldn’t normally get on a weekday.

12. Buy yourself flowers

You know that moment when you go on your weekly grocery store trip and stare longingly at the flowers? If that sounds familiar, this is your sign to treat yourself You deserve to romanticize your countertop with a fresh bouquet.

13. Take an extra long shower or bath

This doesn’t have to be one of those showers where you use heaps of every single product on your shelf, or it can be an everything shower if you want. The goal is just to have an extra peaceful chance to slow down and take some time for yourself.

14. Enjoy a meal with family or friends you haven’t seen in a while

In the busyness of life, it can be easy to allow social time to slip to the side and become less of a priority. Whether you opt to head out to eat, decide to cook together at home, or eat potluck-style, sharing a meal with family and friends is an amazing way to get some much-needed together time.

15. Spend time on a hobby you used to love

Remember when we were kids and spent our weekends painting, playing sports, or scrapbooking? For me, getting back into old hobbies on the weekends has been an essential way to stop myself from working through my two days off (which would decidedly not be romanticizing my weekend). Try knitting, painting, tennis, golf, or anything that brought you joy in the past.

16. Go to a live event to be around new people

It’s rare on a weekday to have time to go to a sports game, concert, play, or other live entertainment event. From comedy shows to football games, there’s always something fun happening on a weekend day that you can do with friends or family to spice up your Saturday or Sunday. There’s something about going to a local concert or game that’s outside of your normal routine and around new people that opens you up to new possibilities.

17. Be present

Ultimately, the weekend is about slowing down and looking around us, taking in the moment as best we can. Whatever this looks like for you—putting down your phone, turning off your work notifications, or getting outside of your regular routine—make sure that you take the time to do it. We only get 104 weekend days in a year, so it’s worth making them count.