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7 Easy Ways To Spring Clean Your Entire Wellness Routine in One Day

Image Source: @kayla_seah
Image Source: @kayla_seah

Spring has officially sprung, making space for more daylight, warmer days, and—you guessed it—spring cleaning. If you’re like me, you’re revamping your closet and giving the bathroom a solid scrub-down. While our homes are top of mind and get all the TLC when it comes to cleaning, there is another area in our lives that could use a good sprucing up with the change in seasons: our wellness routines. Just like we organize and declutter our space with the transition from winter to spring, we should refresh our well-being rituals.    

With some simple (yet effective!) tweaks to everything from how you move your body to how you manage money (yes, your finances are a part of your wellness routine because they affect your overall health), you’ll be well on your way to Marie Kondo status. Keep reading for tips on how to spring clean different aspects of your wellness routine for a fresh start in the new season and beyond. 


To spring clean your fitness routine… 

The first thing to upgrade is how you’re working out. Whether your workout space is your living room or an actual gym, spring is the time to switch things up. Sweating it out at home? Take it up a notch and add a new piece of equipment to make your workouts more versatile (think: a set of bands with varying resistance or a TRX). Craving the energy of working out among other people? Boxing sessions or a gym membership may be in your near future. Also, warmer weather means bringing your workout outdoors. Whether you pound the pavement or bring your yoga mat to the park, exercising alfresco can do wonders for your body and mental well-being. However you choose to move, use the onset of spring to try something new.

Lastly, I’m here to tell you it’s time to bid adieu to that overstretched sports bra you’ve been holding on to for way too long. The outfit you wear to work out can make the difference between a great and not-so-hot workout, so toss or donate any exercise gear that has lost its shape or color and invest in activewear that’s equal parts supportive and stylish. Then, store your go-tos strategically so you can easily grab them when you’re packing your gym bag or in a hurry.


To spring clean your diet… 

When we’re in hibernation mode during winter, our bodies crave comfort food (AKA heartier meals), but now, you’re probably starting to crave something fresher and lighter. But tune out the voices that tell you to go on a cleanse and eat only foods deemed “clean” and instead, eat intuitively and seasonally. The best place to start? Your fridge, freezer, and pantry. Purge any expired goods and foods that don’t make you feel your best. Then, restock your kitchen with lighter fare that your body has an appetite for during this change of seasons. Ready to start meal planning? Head to the farmers market and reach for vegetables like leafy greens or asparagus and fruits in the form of strawberries and kiwis. When you plan your meals around local, in-season produce, you’ll not only get more nutritional value out of them but also a few extra dollars in your pocket.


To spring clean your skincare regimen…

A new season calls for a reset in how we care for our skin. The first order of business is clearing out any out-of-date products. Not sure how long you’ve had your moisturizer? If it has a strange smell or color or the oils have separated, it’s a safe bet that it’s past its prime. As for the products we keep, going lighter for spring doesn’t only apply to our eating habits. Switch up your heavy cream or oil cleanser that got you through dry winter nights with a gel-based alternative or lighter lotion. 

But good news: Just because we’re in a new season doesn’t mean you have to completely overhaul your skincare regimen. Keep your serums and sunscreen within reach because they should be a constant in your rotation. But don’t overthink it and feel like you have to add a certain mask just because it’s the newest “it” product on the market. Sometimes, taking the less-is-more approach and sticking with what you know works well for you is best for your skin (and wallet). 


To spring clean your self-care… 

Don’t forget the “self” in self-care: reflect on your self-care practices and ask yourself if they serve you or if you’re doing them because you saw them on TikTok or your BFF swears by them. If every practice is not truly caring for yourself, streamline your routine. Start journaling, try a new morning ritual, or talk to a therapist. Self-care is personal and doesn’t have to be extravagant, and it can be a daily practice or just something you do occasionally, like bringing a plant into your space, lighting a candle, taking a day off of work, or having a night in and Postmates-ing pizza. My form of self-care? Some days, it’s escaping to Stars Hollow (watching Gilmore Girls, ICYMI) and every now and then, it’s indulging in a facial. 

Whatever self-care looks like for you, know that it will fluctuate every day. Let’s say working out or meditating is your non-negotiable mode of self-care and you carve out time each morning for it. You may wake up some mornings and not feel it, and that’s OK. Falling into the guilt-trip trap only compromises your wellness. Do what you can in the season you’re in—literally and figuratively.  


To spring clean your tech…

Every time I see my weekly screen time pop up on my iPhone, it feels as if I’m getting the proverbial tsk-tsk from it. Between Zoom-ing and Instagram scrolling, it’s no surprise that we spend more time on our phones than ever, but it’s time to unplug. First things first, delete any unused apps (you’ll be surprised by how many you didn’t realize you had) or those that tempt you into minutes or hours of unproductive distraction. Next, give the social media accounts you’re following a once-over and hit “unfollow” if they don’t lift you up. In the same token, unsubscribe from emails and newsletters that just eat up your time. Free up some digital (and head) space by fine-tuning the companies you share your email with. 

To take it a step further, take some space from your phone and commit to a mini digital detox. Ditch the phone overnight and replace it with a good ol’ alarm clock. Trust me, your body will thank you for the quality sleep you’ll be getting without your phone. Lastly, limit the amount of news you take in, whether it be from your phone, computer, or TV. To balance staying informed with being mindful of your mental health, set boundaries around the amount of time you allow yourself to consume the news, like a half hour a day. In general, focus on what’s IRL: the fresh air, the company you’re with, the work you’re passionate about.


To spring clean your schedule…

Spoiler alert: For those of you who have FOMO, this one is especially for you. With warmer days on the horizon, it may be tempting to pack your calendar with social events, but think about whether you’re spreading yourself too thin with too many commitments. Are you saying “yes” to engagements when you really want to decline? In lieu of said engagements, perhaps you could be doing more of what brings you joy, like taking time for some self-care or volunteering at your local dog rescue. 

I’ll admit, I sometimes have trouble shutting off work and not checking emails over the weekend. One easy work-life balance hack that has helped me be present when I’m off the clock is setting my phone on airplane mode (distractions be gone!). I’m also guilty of getting into multitasking mode, but I find that when I set a block of time to focus on checking off one task at a time, I end up saving time. Bottom line: Use this new season to take a step back and look at your time-sucks versus valuable to-dos. That goes for both your personal life and work. 


To spring clean your finances… 

Now’s as good a time as any to review your financial goals and reevaluate any expenses that may be keeping you from staying on budget. For example, come up with an updated plan to pay off debt, check your credit card statements for unnecessary costs (remember that one-week free trial to HBO Max that you got to catch up on Euphoria but forgot to cancel?), and check in with your budgetIf you have a few extra dollars lying around (way to go!), think about putting it toward your retirement, like contributing more to your 401(k) or opening an IRA. You can also start that emergency fund you’ve been putting off or save up for an upcoming large expense, like an overdue girls’ trip. 


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