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7 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Entire Wellness Routine in One Day

Image Source: @kayla_seah
Image Source: @kayla_seah

Spring is officially springing, making space for more daylight, warmer weather, and spring cleaning. While our homes are top of mind and get all the TLC when it comes to cleaning (if you’re like me, you’ve already purged your closet and deep-cleaned your bathroom), there is another area in our lives that could use a refresh with the change in seasons: our wellness routines. Just like we declutter our space with the transition from winter to spring, we can refresh our routines. Maybe the excitement over New Year’s resolutions has faded, maybe you need some fresh motivation before summer comes, or maybe you’re ready to bloom like the season and become your best self.

With some simple, yet effective tweaks—from how you move your body to how you manage money your schedule–you’ll be well on your way to Marie Kondo status (wellness version). Keep reading for tips on how to spring-clean every category of your wellness for a fresh start in the new season and beyond. 

To spring clean your fitness routine… 

The first thing to upgrade is how you’re working out. No matter your workout preferences, you can always challenge yourself to something new to avoid getting into a rut. Review your current routine and what’s serving you (what workouts do you get excited about, or what helps you stay consistent?) and then what’s not serving you (what workouts are not serving you, or what mindsets are holding you back? The new season is also the perfect time to try something new to avoid fitness boredom (and plateauing). Try a totally new workout, add a new piece of equipment to make your workouts more versatile, or even just take a different route on your hot girl walks.

Also, that overstretched sports bra you’ve been holding on to for way too long? Your best self would never. The outfit you wear to work out can make the difference between a great and not-so-hot workout, so toss or donate any exercise gear that has lost its shape or color and invest in activewear that’s equal parts supportive and stylish. Then, store your go-tos strategically so you can easily grab them when you’re packing your gym bag or in a hurry.

To spring clean your diet… 

When we’re in hibernation mode during winter, our bodies crave comfort food and heartier meals, but now, you’re probably starting to crave something fresher and lighter. Tune out the voices that tell you to go on a cleanse and eat only foods deemed “clean” and instead, eat intuitively and seasonally. The best place to start? Your fridge, freezer, and pantry. Purge any expired goods and foods that don’t make you feel your best. Then restock your kitchen with seasonal foods sound good to you (asparagus, artichokes, peas, fava beans, strawberries, apricots, and rhubarb). Head to the farmers market and reach for vegetables like leafy greens or asparagus and fruits in the form of strawberries and kiwis. When you plan your meals around local, in-season produce, you’ll not only get more nutritional value out of them but also a few extra dollars in your pocket.

To spring clean your self-care… 

Don’t forget the “self” in self-care: Reflect on your self-care practices and ask yourself if they serve you or if you’re doing them just because you saw them on TikTok. If every practice is not truly caring for you, streamline your routine. Start a new morning ritual, try habit stacking, or talk to a therapist. Self-care is personal and doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be a daily practice or something you do occasionally, like bringing a plant into your space, lighting a candle, taking a day off of work, or having a night in and Postmates-ing pizza.

Whatever self-care looks like for you, it will fluctuate every day. Let’s say working out or meditating is your non-negotiable mode of self-care and you carve out time each morning for it. You may wake up some mornings and not feel it–taking a nap or getting together with friends may actually care for you more. Falling into the guilt-trip trap only compromises your wellness. Do what you can in the season you’re in—literally and figuratively.  

To spring clean your tech…

Every time I see my weekly screen time pop up on my iPhone, it feels as if I’m getting the proverbial tsk-tsk. Between Zoom-ing, Instagram scrolling, and exploring your FYP, it’s no surprise that we spend more time on our phones than ever, but spring is the perfect time for a mini digital detox. First things first, delete any unused apps (you’ll be surprised by how many you didn’t realize you had) or those that tempt you into minutes or hours of unproductive distraction. Give the social media accounts you’re following a once-over and hit “unfollow” to each one that doesn’t lift you up. Unsubscribe from emails and newsletters that just eat up your time, and limit the amount of news you take in. The goal is to free up some digital (and head) space. In general, focus more on what’s IRL: the fresh air, the company you’re with, or the work you’re passionate about.

To spring clean your schedule…

For those of you who have FOMO, this one is for you. With warmer days on the horizon, it may be tempting to pack your calendar with social events but think about whether you’re spreading yourself too thin with too many commitments. Are you saying “yes” to engagements when you want to decline? Instead of said engagements, perhaps you could be doing more of what brings you joy. Go through your current schedule or calendar and make note of the things that restore your energy (a workout, an inspiring brainstorm, a movie night with your bestie), and then make note of the things that deplete your energy (happy hour with your gossipy frenemy, that meeting for the project you told your coworker you’d help with but have no time for). Do what you can to limit the things that deplete your energy to make more time for what restores your energy. Bottom line: Use this new season to take a step back and look at your time-sucks versus valuable to-dos. That goes for both your personal life and work.