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What To Spring Clean This Weekend Based on Your Zodiac Sign

written by BETH GILLETTE
Source: Heena Gardner | @homebyheena
Source: Heena Gardner | @homebyheena

“Spring cleaning” has been a different beast the last few years. It wasn’t about lightening up your life and getting ready for spring and summer; it was just something to do in the chaos that was spending most of your time at home. You likely cleaned and purged every single thing in your home—but it’s been quite a bit of time since then, and your home might be in need of a deep spring clean this year.

I hate to break it to you, but that first bout of the organizing bug was… two years ago. We’ve all accumulated a sweatpants collection our former selves would gawk at, one-too-many TikTok recommendations, and a load of new hobbies. To say that our homes are as pristine as they were in April 2020 would be a massive overstatement. But you don’t have to go all-in on a week-long purge again this year. Instead, opt for one space in your home that you can really dive deep in to clean, declutter, and organize every weekend.

Wondering where to start? According to your zodiac sign, here’s what needs the most work:


Camera Roll

You can’t expect an Aries to not be the one snapping videos and photos everywhere you go; they love to hold onto memories, especially with the fun-filled lives they tend to lead. Add in the hundreds of useless screenshots they don’t even remember saving, the memes they sent to their friends, and the old photos they share any time the topic of “cute baby pictures” comes up, and an Aries camera roll is a wild place to be. Make this chore a little easier by sorting your photos into different folders, or saving photos you don’t need to come back to in a Google Drive folder.



Taurus is a sign of indulgence and comfort, so they likely have a fridge and pantry full of their favorite foods. But that doesn’t mean it’s organized, and if items you don’t love or won’t use have entered your space, it’s time to part ways. Plus, an organized fridge to start your week on Monday will be the absolute bliss a Taurus craves.


A Gemini enjoys all the notifications, all the texts, and all the apps. But when it becomes too cluttered with apps they’ve tried once and moved on from or texts they’ve saved since 2017, a little declutter is in order. Go through your apps and decide which can stay on your home screen and which you can delete (or add to the app library if you’re on an iPhone). And please, I’m begging you: finally check all of your notification badges.



Cancers are so loyal and loving that they want to be there for everyone in their lives, often meaning they fill their calendar with events, Zoom calls, and reminders for everyone in their life—even if they don’t really want to go. Look over your calendar for the next six months and make sure everything you’re doing actually brings you joy, or if you’re attending some random wedding for your boyfriends’ cousins’ best friend that you’d rather just not. Plus, this is a great time to add in the things you do want to do: road trips, wine nights, Zoom happy hours, and more. 

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Beauty stash

Abundance is a major trait for Leos. They’re maximalists in every sense of the word. It manifests in their closets, their bank accounts, their friends, and so often, their beauty routines. If your beauty cabinet or makeup bag is simply overflowing (admit it, Leos!), sift through what you actually use on a daily basis and put the rest in a cute storage bin. I’m not saying you have to get rid of all of your beloved products, but curating a small set of things you’ll use every day might even make you more excited to dive into them in the morning!


Along the way, Virgos have likely lost a little sight of their ideal work-from-home situation. The dream desk for a Virgo is one that’s clean, organized, and efficient. Go through your drawers and storage, following up with a solid dusting of everything on the surface of your desk. Then, reorganize in a way that feels the most productive for you.


The sign of indecision likely has their favorites in every color. Libras love the expressive nature of fashion and love using it as a facet of their personality, so their closets are potentially overflowing. This might be a big undertaking for you, but make it easier by taking it section by section, especially focusing on the clothes for the next season. It’ll feel like a whole new wardrobe!

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Drawer Organizers


Instead of focusing on the micro-level aspects of your home, go bigger. Do you really love your coffee table, or would you prefer something more functional? Do you want to move around your furniture (perhaps putting your desk near a window to soak in all that daytime sunlight!)? Through this, you can also go in on making sure all of your furniture is spic and span: vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, dusting, treating, and more. 

All your junk drawers

Sagittarians have no problem saying goodbye to things, so their lives aren’t typically made up of too much stuff. But there is one place they could use some help, and it’s the junk drawers. Sag isn’t the most organized sign, so they could stand to add some extra storage with bins, dividers, and more to their spaces.


I know it hurts, but Caps, it’s time to unhaul some books. Capricorns are the learners of the Zodiac; they love growth and development, so their spaces are often filled with books and tools for knowledge. But do you really need every college textbook still? Will you ever go back and reread that two-star book you read two summers ago? Clear out your bookshelves to make space for new and exciting reads. 

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Aquarians are big dreamers, which doesn’t always lend itself to a zen space. They’re more about creativity and innovation than curating a space for winding down. Look over your nightstand: do you really need three candles, a diffuser, two journals, no pens, a stack of books you haven’t read, and a bunch of loose random items floating around? I don’t think so. This is also a great time to tackle your bedding. Do a full wash and reset on your bedding. Welcome to a good night’s sleep!


Through all of their creative outbursts and “in the zone” moments, Pisces probably haven’t organized their files in eons. Empty your trash. Organize your desktop. Finally go through all the “inspo” screenshots you have saved in 10 different folders on your laptop. Trust us: you’ll be even more inspired once you know exactly where it all is