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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Thousand Fell but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

7 Pieces To Buy if Going Through Airport Security Stresses You TF Out

written by HAILEY BOUCHE

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Source: Pexels | Vlada Karpovich
Source: Pexels | Vlada Karpovich

I learned the hard way that spreadable foods (like peanut butter and hummus) cannot be in a carry-on bag unless they are under 3.4 oz. It was a sad moment for my pre-planned airplane snacks, to say the least, but that’s nothing compared to the nonsense that goes down in airport security lines on the regular. Items are constantly being tossed out, travelers have zero clue whether or not they need to take their belts off, and then there’s the person who should have stopped at Coinstar before heading to the airport. It’s always chaos, and it’s stressful for so many people—no matter how often they travel.

While we can’t make your fear of TSA employees throwing out your favorite things go away, we can suggest a few travel essentials that make going through airport security a heck of a lot less stressful. Read on for the items that will act as your saving grace next time you travel.


1. Slip-On Sneakers

You’re going to hold up the line and annoy the absolute hell out of someone if you even dare to tie your shoes in front of where people grab their bags. Do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and wear slip-on shoes to the airport. Not only will it get you in and out of security faster, but they are comfortable to wear during travel. We especially love slip-ons from Thousand Fell. Their cushioned insole can’t be beaten, plus they are breathable and durable. The best part about them? They are made with sustainable materials, and you can send yours back to be recycled when you’re ready for a new pair. Plus, with code EVERYGIRL, you can save 20 percent off of your order over $80 at Thousand Fell, now until September 30!

Thousand Fell
Slip-On Sneakers

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2. Collapsible Water Bottle

No one wants to buy a $9 water bottle in the airport convenience store, but no one wants to get pulled over at TSA for having a full water bottle either. Order a collapsible water bottle and keep it collapsed until you get through security. It will keep you from totally forgetting about the liquid rule and filling it up if it’s collapsed, and it takes up practically no space in your carry-on bag which is always appreciated.

Special Made | Amazon
Collapsible Water Bottle

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Collapsible Water Bottle

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3. Tech Organizer

Keep your devices and chargers all in one place so that when you need to take them out and put them in a bin, you’re not digging around in your bag trying to find them all. Plus, an organizer will help your cords from tangling up, your Airpods from falling to the depths of your bag, and your screens from getting scratched by everything else rattling around in your carry-on.

Bevegekos | Amazon
Tech Organizer

9 colors and 3 sizes available

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4. Carry-on Backpack

As a chronic overpacker, I am always looking for ways to make the most out of every square inch of my bags, but I learned that it’s about having the right bags and not necessarily about how much I can stuff into a backpack I have had since high school. If you too hate going through security with your bag busting at the seams, a good backpack is a game-changer. Look for one that has multiple compartments to keep everything organized, a loop that attaches to a suitcase handle, and an anti-theft pocket so you don’t have to worry about anyone swiping your stuff on the conveyer belt.

Coowoz | Amazon
Carry-On Backpack

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5.  Liquid Containers

I don’t take any chances with my toiletries, and you shouldn’t either. The best way to pack your favorite lotions, serums, and hair products is in TSA-approved containers. Use these when you’re traveling, and rest assured that a mean TSA employee won’t throw out your prized (and expensive) night cream because it was *slightly* too big. Invest in a set that has everything you need: spray bottles, silicone bottles, jars, tools for getting your product in the containers, and more.

Polentat | Amazon
Liquid Containers
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Reusable Travel Container Set
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6. Packing Cubes

The only thing worse than getting pulled over in security is a TSA employee making a mess of your entire bag, only to be left to re-assemble it yourself. The only way to possibly avoid the mess is by using packing cubes. The more organized your bag is, the easier it will be for TSA to find whatever they are looking for, and the faster you will be able to move on with your travel day. Less of a mess and less time at security? Yes, please.

Bagail | Amazon
Packing Cubes

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Packing Cubes

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7. TSA PreCheck

If you invest in nothing else, invest in TSA PreCheck. Honest to god, it’s better than a fast pass at Disney (and that’s hard to beat). Don’t ever worry about taking your shoes or jacket off, taking your devices out of your bag, or waiting in a long line ever again. The process for getting TSA PreCheck is super easy (you apply online and then go to a quick in-person appointment), and then it is good for five years. Having a more streamlined security experience is well worth the $80 it costs.




This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Thousand Fell but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.