20 Ways to Style Your Classic Sweater


A classic sweater – we all have one. Whether we reach for it when we’re running out the door or living in it when the cold front comes, it fills our hearts (and bodies) with nothing but that cozy feeling. While the familiarity of this sweater is enough for us to keep throwing it over our black leggings (no shame), it’s also the reason for why we can’t seem to break this habit.

With a busy schedule and a length of a to-do list that proves it, your sweater is an easy option that you know will never disappoint you. To change up your appearance this season (without changing out your sweater), here are 7 ways to elevate your sweater to look chic and stay comfortable this season.


1. With a pencil skirt

Source: Not Your Standard


From going to the office to attending a dinner with friends, this outfit is sophisticated and has a touch of elegance that makes it irreplaceable. Grab the pencil skirt of your choice and remember to tuck in the front of your sweater to emphasize on proportion. Dress this outfit up with a pair of strappy heels (or keep it casual with loafers) and enjoy making this day yours.



2. With a floppy hat

Source: @alyson_haley


Sometimes it’s the details that make an outfit and a floppy hat is just the one you’re looking for. Fun and feminine, a fall hat helps you stay toasty and only worry about the bottom portion of your hair (what can we say, hat hair is a real concept). Choose a neutral colored hat as an addition to this outfit or a bold colored one to make it the entire statement.



3. With a cozy scarf

Source: Hello Fashion Blog


Transition your look this fall with another reason (or excuse) to bring out your favorite scarf. While this might be the 2nd time you’re wearing your sweater this week (it happens), a comfy scarf will do the trick in hiding the fact. Throw on your go-to sunglasses, a pair of skinny jeans, and spend your day in a versatile ensemble that won’t have you wondering if you need an outfit change halfway though it.



4. With the same color bottoms

Source: Fashion Ladscape


There’s no need to worry if your top and bottoms go well together when they’re literally the same color. As a life hack and a time saver, create a monochromatic ensemble to turn the simple concept of a solid colored outfit into a completely trendy one. To accent this look, accessorize with a purse and play with different textures to find your perfect combination of flexible yet flattering.



5. With a layer on top

Source: @rachparcell


Another option for the sophisticated girl, layering your sweater will enhance your outfit and officially place you in respected fashion category that your favorite blogger is in. Best worn in neutral colors, pair with heels, wear some lipstick, and let this ensemble do the rest.



6. With a statement necklace

Source: A Southern Drawl


As a subtle and foolproof way to elevate every attire, a statement necklace works best for anyone who wants an extra touch in her outfit – without actually being the center of attention. Choose a neutral colored necklace to complement your outfit or a contrasting one to emphasize it. The best part? It takes less than 5 seconds to accomplish.



7. With leather leggings

Source: E Online


If you’re someone who lives for her black leggings, swapping them out for leather ones is the type of compromise you’ll agree to. Although changing the material of your leggings may seem like a small detail, it’s one that makes a huge difference in your outfit. Honestly, you can’t lose with a combination that takes you just as much time, but makes you look that much more elegant. Finish this casual look with a clean pair of white sneakers during the day or a pair of black strap heels for a night out.



8. With a metallic pleated skirt

Source: Girl with Curves


Dress up your sweater and make it party-ready with a metallic pleated skirt. It’s one of our favorite items to wear all season. This option is feminine, pretty, and easy to pull off. Depending on your career, a pleated skirt can also be work appropriate. Accessorize with a nice cross-body purse, sunglasses, and chic booties. If metallic isn’t your scene, invest in a simpler color/material and leave your pleated skirt (and worries) in the wind.



9. Over a plaid shirt

Source: @themilleraffect


The fashion trend of layering doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon, so what better way to remain fashion-forward than mastering it? Dive into this iconic look by wearing a solid colored sweater over a plaid shirt. To take the art of layering to the next level, choose a different patterned sweater and play with the combination. Keep the outfit fall trendy with a nice pair of skinny jeans and your beloved brown booties.



10. With ripped denim and sneakers

Source: Somewhere Lately


Whether you love jeans or hate them, the existence of ripped jeans are on an entirely different level of fashion. They’re the staple for your casual outfits and the style you rely on to make your lazy days seem trendy. As a carefree (yet collected) look, pair your loyal sweater with ripped jeans, white sneakers, and a pumpkin spice latte (because it’s fall and you can be festive if you want to).



11. With a blanket scarf

Source: Sequins and Stripes


Bundle up with your sweater this fall by adding on a blanket scarf. Whoever said looks can lie weren’t talking about blanket scarfs, because they’re truly as cozy as they appear. From knitted scarves to crochet patterns, the materials are vast and so are your uses for them. Combine it with a pair of classic riding boots and relax on the couch with this fall-inspired outfit.



12. With a tweed skirt

Source: Extra Petite


Your job is a part of your life and your work attire should be just as successful. While wearing your trusty sweater to the office isn’t uncommon, tucking it into a tweed skirt and under a blazer is how you’ll make it unforgettable. Your skirt will already flatter your silhouette, so put your hair back in a sleek ponytail and keep your jewelry simple. No worries if you’re heading to happy hour with your coworkers after work, this practical outfit doubles as both work-approriate and fun-friendly.



13. With printed loafers

Source: Sincerely Jules


Every fashion blogger has them and every one of us is wondering where we can find them – the trendy printed loafers (preferably in leopard print, you know the ones we’re talking about). Similar to statement jewelry, your printed loafers will set the standard for your outfit and be the perfect touch that makes it current and fashionable.



14. With dainty jewelry & your hair pulled back

Source: @seeannajane


There’s beauty in simplicity and pairing your sweater with elegant jewelry is a trend you should always participate in. While you can’t go wrong with delicate gold jewelry, wearing silver jewelry is just as beautiful – pair the two together to truly set the tone. In order to support this classy look, pull your hair back and finish it with a cool pair of loafers.



15. With mom jeans

Source: Where Did U Get That


With the flood of 90s fashion taking over store clothing racks and our Instagram feeds, the comeback of mom jeans isn’t shocking to any of us. Mom jeans are truly genius – they’re tight in the places they need to be, loose everywhere else, can be worn with a belt, and still look nice when they’re cuffed. Take advantage of this phase by wearing your sweater with a pair of these jeans and enjoy living in the moment while paying tribute to the past.



16. With a neck scarf

Source: See (Anna) Jane


When in doubt, do as the Parisians do. As a fashion-forward staple, the use of a neck scarf is a great way to minimize the lazy look and maximize the layered one. Depending on your sweater, the neck scarf can act as the perfect pop of color to your outfit. On days where you’re feeling bolder, find a patterned neck scarf and pair it with a solid colored sweater to look the way you feel.



17. With OTK Boots

Source: The Real Fashionista


Of course, we couldn’t create a list of our preferred fashion staples without including the one that makes us happiest: our over the knee boots. From suede boots to typical black ones, the look is versatile and it’s up to you to decide which one you’re feeling that day. Whether you’re wearing them out for a date night or for a walk around the neighborhood, these boots are the best combination of fun and flirty.



18. With an ultra-classic layered combo

Source: Camille Calen


The classic 3 piece layer is a simple, yet classic look. Pair your sweater with a chic coat (think classic silhouette) and top it with a scarf and a hat. The key to this seriously simple trio is to go for neutral colors and timeless pieces.



19. With statement earrings

Source: Fashion Jackson


Luckily for us, the popular trend of statement earrings hasn’t slowed down – and we’re all here for it. The key to statement earrings this season is to lean towards darker hues and to remember that sometimes bigger means better. Throw on your simple sweater and a pair of statement earrings makes the look instantly party-ready.



20. With white denim

Source: Stylish Petite


The rule about white denim is that there isn’t any – besides the fact that they’re the key to turning every outfit into a much prettier version of it. As a favorite neutral color for many of us, white matches any piece of wardrobe we find and also adds a classy feel that we strive for. Combine your sweater with white denim, neutral booties, and a statement purse to celebrate this season the right way.